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M2 - Globular Cluster in Aquarius

M2 - Globular Cluster in Aquarius

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The first of the star clusters in Messier's catalog, M2 can be found in an area of the sky that is relatively barren, in the constellation of Aquarius. To resolve the core of stars, a medium sized scope with a fair amount of power is required, from dark sites, of course.  It is about half the size of the most notable globulars visible from Northern skies, namely M13 in Hercules and M22 in Sagittarius.  A nice object.

L/RGB image of globular cluster M2 in Aquarius, made from images taken by Al Kelly with a Starlight Express MX916 and an 8" SCT on 8/30/05 from near La Grange, Texas, using Schuler RGcBc filters. Three 600-second unfiltered exposures, four 240-second subexposures in red, three 240-second subexposures in green, and five 240-second subexposures in blue were self-guided in Astroart and processed in AIP4WIN and Photoshop.

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