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Anti-matter is the exact counterpart of matter which has a charge and a spin that is in the opposite of all matter.  When  combined with any matter in our universe, anti-matter reacts and completely converts to energy.  This is called a total annihilation reaction. The 100 percent conversion of matter to energy.  Keep in mind that any rapid conversion of matter to energy is what we generally call an explosion.

Do not confuse ANTIMATTER with NEGATIVE MATTER.  They are not the same.  Negative matter is a hypothetical type of matter which requires many variables such as active and passive gravitational forces, and inertial and rest masses to be opposite in sign to normal, positive matter.   Antimatter on the other hand is known so far to have a positive mass.

The bombs the United States detonated over Hiroshima and Nagasaki were called  FISSION bombs.  The immediate area of destruction of such a bomb was 3 to 4 miles.  In this case, only one percent of the nuclear material in this bomb actually reacts.

Since that time, a man named Dr. Edward Teller, the father of the hydrogen bomb, discovered that FUSION bomb was possible which would create a greater reaction using the same amount of nuclear material.

If such a bomb were dropped today on the same target, the immediate area of destruction would be approximately twenty miles.  This would be caused by a nuclear fusion reaction, in which again, less than one percent of the nuclear material actually converts to energy or explodes. The other ninety-nine percent of the nuclear matter in this type of bomb is dispersed, but is not involved in the actual nuclear fusion reaction.

So if a bomb was made with the same amount of nuclear material as one of the bombs dropped on Japan, and that nuclear material was antimatter, (or the total, 100% conversion of matter to energy) when that bomb exploded in, say, Bagdad for instance.   The area of total devastation would include parts of Africa, Europe, and Asia, with the exact area of total devastation being very difficult to calculate. This would be caused by what is called a a total annihilation reaction, which is the complete conversion of matter to energy. One hundred percent of the nuclear material in this bomb would explode or convert to energy.

We currently have no practical way to harness anti-matter into a bomb and can only isolate anti-matter in a particle accelerator and store it for a short time.


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The power source is a reactor. Inside the reactor, element 115 is bombarded with a proton, which plugs into the nucleus of the 115 atom and becomes element 116, which immediately decays and releases or radiates small amounts of anti-matter. The anti-matter is released in a vacuum into a tuned tube, which keeps it from reacting with the matter that surrounds it. It is then directed toward the gaseous matter target at the end of the tube. The matter, which in this case is the gas, and the anti-matter, collide and annihilate totally converting to energy. The heat from this reaction is converted into electrical energy in a near one hundred percent efficient thermoelectric generator. This is a device that converts heat directly into electrical energy. Many of our satellites and space probes use thermoelectric generators, but their efficiency is very, very low.

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