Was Roswell UFO Crash A Secret Nazi Aircraft?

The Roswell, New Mexico, UFO crash of 1947 was the result of -- here it comes, wait for it -- top secret Nazi technology. No alien spacecraft, no alien bodies, but an aircraft called the "Bell" (depicted above from a 2008 Discovery Channel documentary).

Illustrations of both Die Glocke and the Kecksburg UFO.

At least that's what a new German film seems to suggest, according to OpenMinds.tv.
To be sure, it's questionable what actually happened in the outskirts of that small town 67 years ago. But it's also questionable if this film will ever see the light of day.
At least, here's the most truthful thing known about the incident: Something came out of the sky in July 1947 and crashed on a ranch near Roswell. But what that "something" was has become a nearly 70-year-old legend.
Everything from extraterrestrial spacecraft to weather balloon to military high altitude device for spying on Soviet nuclear testing has been offered for the identity of the crashed object.
And now, the film, supposedly called "UFOs and the Third Reich," is promoting another theory: A 10-foot-wide, 12-foot-high, anti-gravity, bell-shaped craft, combining rocket and helicopter technology, created by Nazi Germany, fell into the hands of the U.S. in 1943, who further developed the project. An alleged test of the Bell resulted in its crash, which became the event that started the Roswell UFO saga.
Stories about the Nazi Bell have cropped up in the UFO literature for many years, including Discovery Channel's 2008 "Nazi UFO Conspiracy."

Watch Discovery Channel's "Nazi UFO Conspiracy" below:

"This is what I saw, with my own eyes -- a Nazi UFO," German aeronautical engineer Georg Klein is reputed to say in "UFOs and the Third Reich." "I don't consider myself a crackpot or eccentric or someone given to fantasies."

The new film is also rumored to focus on German engineer, Joseph Andreas Epp, who reportedly worked on a UFO project which resulted in several saucer-shaped vehicles that supposedly included dome-shaped cabins and a rotating rim.

"The wing blades would be allowed to rotate freely as the saucer moved forward, as in an auto-gyrocopter," Epp said. "In all probability, the wing blades speed -- and so, their lifting value -- could also be increased by directing the adjustable horizontal jets slightly upwards to engage the blades, thus spinning them faster at the digression [sic] of the pilot."

If the so-called Bell UFO is what actually crashed outside of Roswell in 1947, it would contradict the many military eyewitnesses who eventually came forward and described the physical appearance and otherworldy characteristics of the object that fell out of the New Mexico sky -- not to mention their descriptions of several small humanoid occupants of the craft.

This isn't the first time we've looked at the so-called Nazi-UFO-Alien connection.

Back in 2011, investigative reporter Annie Jacobsen raised a controversial question in her book about the top secret Nevada military base, known as Area 51: Did former Soviet leader Joseph Stalin recruit Josef Mengele, the Nazi " Angel of Death," to surgically alter children to look like aliens in 1947, and did they place these malformed adolescents on board a Soviet spy plane to be part of the Roswell UFO crash?
At the beginning of 2014, we examined a wild story that suggested the U.S. government has been under the control of a shadow government overseen by extraterrestrials who helped Nazi Germany's rise in the 1930s.

The current German documentary certainly won't bring more answers to the Roswell debate. At the very least, it offers further questions about who and what to believe of the biggest UFO controversy in history.

The Nazi Bell, Wunderwaffe or Time Portal?

 By Martin J. Clemens • August 27, 2011 Science & Philosophy



Hitlers Time Machine, “Die Glocke” The Nazi Bell

Igor Witkowski is of Polish military journalist, a specialist in high-tech weapons development in the Nazis. In many areas of research, they were superior because of the pressure to innovate other nations by far.
During his research in the war archives of the West and the East and in Poland on the spot he came across a project that could have been the true origin of the Nazi UFO myth: the “bell”, a machine with high frequency current, counter-rotating Magnetic fields and a strange substance called was operated “Xerum-525.
The “bell” yielding strange effects – it buzzed like a beehive glowed bluish, induced biological effects such as the gel and separation of liquids and many disorders of the nervous system.
The project at the end of the war disappeared from the scene, along with SS General Hans Kammler, in charge of the secret projects of the Third Reich, and the last (and only one of two ever built) Ju-390. There is no trace of all, whether they disappeared together, remains speculation.

Secret facilities, hidden deep in northern Germany, leaked and de-classified documents, anecdotal evidence and urban legend, all of it pointing in one direction.
And what direction is that?

Die Glocke or in English, “The Bell” is believed to have been Nazi Germany’s famed Wunderwaffe or Wonder Weapon. It was the culmination of Nazi Germany’s brightest scientific minds. The same people who brought us the V1 and V2 rockets (the V2 being the first manmade object to leave our atmosphere and plunge into the cold depths of space) are also thought to have been involved in the development of a weapon so terrible that some accounts describe factions of these scientists refusing to release technical plans to Nazi leaders for fear of what might be done with the technology. Incidentally, these were also the men who eventually helped to design and build the first atomic bomb.

The Bell, however, is a complete mystery, though there is no shortage of conspiracy surrounding it. First word of Die Glocke was presented to the free world in 2000 by one Igor Witkowski, a polish author who wrote a book titled (in Polish) Prawda O Wunderwaffe or The Truth About The Wonder Weapon. Witkowski claimed that he met with an unnamed Polish Intelligence contact in 1997, from which he reports to have been shown classified Polish Government documents detailing Nazi weapons research projects. Die Glocke was one of those projects.

The story of Die Glocke was later picked up by British author Nick Cook who added his own flavour to the tale in his own book The Hunt for Zero Point. Whatever the truth about “The Bell”, conspiracy theorists and even some in the general scientific community are convinced that the Bell did in fact exist and that it was a machine of incredible power.

For the record, no one really knows what Wundwerwaffe actually was, or even if Nazi Germany was really developing anything other than conventional weaponry. Most mainstream science and historical experts are adamant that the V series rockets were the pinnacle of German technology at the time, and that the Bell is a simple urban legend.
But I’m not about to leave it there…you knew I wouldn’t.

Most who believe that the Bell exists, or existed at some point, are convinced that it was a machine built for a fantastic and sinister purpose. Many believe that it was either a working time machine or an antigravity machine. If you believe what you see on TV and read on the internet, the Third Reich was indeed undertaking some rather nefarious research and development just prior to the end of the war in 1945. That is, aside from their ballistic and chemical weapons programs.

Allegedly an experiment was carried out by Third Reich scientists working for the SS in a German facility known as Der Riese (“The Giant”) near the Wenceslaus mine and close to the Czech border.  Die Glocke is described as being a device “made out of a hard, heavy metal”, approximately 9 feet wide and 12 to 15 feet high having a shape similar to that of a large bell.  According to Cook, this device ostensibly contained two counter-rotating cylinders which would be “filled with a mercury-like substance, violet in color.  This metallic liquid was code-named “Xerum 525” and was otherwise cautiously “stored in a tall thin thermos flask a meter high encased in lead”. Additional substances said to be employed in the experiments, referred to as Leichtmetall (light metal), “included thorium and beryllium peroxides”. Cook describes Die Glocke as emitting strong radiation when activated, an effect that supposedly led to the death of several unnamed scientists and various plant and animal test subjects. Based upon certain external indications, Witkowski speculates that the ruins of a metal framework in the vicinity of the Wenceslas mine (aesthetically dubbed “The Henge”) may have once served as test rig for an experiment in “anti-gravity propulsion” generated with Die Glocke; others, however, dismiss the derelict structure as simply being a conventional industrial cooling tower.

“The Bell Henge”

If we allow our speculations to run wild, we can easily come up with any number of scenarios, from time travel, to manipulation of space-time, to antigravity and even to inter-dimensional travel. Some German scientists have gone on record stating that the machine was designed to warp space-time and to allow the SS to travel backward through time, though since the majority of the world still speaks English, we can safely say that their plan didn’t work…or did it?

To anyone familiar with my work, you already know that I have a penchant for physics, cosmology and time travel, and I would like to put forth a theory of my own.
Dr. Brian Greene, author of The Fabric of the Cosmos, among others, has outlined a thought experiment, wherein one thinks of moments in time as slices of bread in a very long loaf. Each slice corresponds to the slice behind it and before it, but none other. If you walk along the loaf you can pluck out a slice from anywhere and that slice will be the present. All of the slices before it represent the future and all of the slices behind it are the past. This analogy specifies the direction of time’s arrow, and it is only the beginning of my theory.

Travelling forward along the loaf is easy enough, each day, each minute each second of our lives we are doing just that, moving forward through time. Moving backward however, proves to be difficult. The scientific barriers to backward time travel or retro-time travel notwithstanding there is a paradox which must first be overcome before anyone can change time’s arrow; it is the Grandfather Paradox.
The Grandfather Paradox says, quite simply, that one cannot travel into the past and kill one’s Grandfather. The reason seems obvious enough, if the traveller kills his Grandfather, his Father will never be born. Hence the traveller will never be born in order to grow up, discover time travel and go back to kill his Grandfather.
The same paradox exists for nearly anything you could imagine doing in the past, any changes that might be made, which could have an impact on the life of the traveller, would serve to make retro-time travel an impossibility.

 NAZI BELL "DIE GLOCKE" by Lockheed jun mao
3D - 28th November 2011

There are though, a few ways around this paradox, and they might just relate to the Nazi Bell after all. First off, there is the idea that the past is unchangeable, so going back in time would have you living your life as you did originally during the time period in question, and were you to travel back beyond your own birth, you would cease to exist. Second and more important if not poignant, there is the idea that travelling backward through time has you travelling to a parallel time, or in line with the loaf of bread analogy above, an alternate loaf. You wouldn’t actually be travelling back to a previous slice of bread from the past; you would be travelling to a corresponding slice of bread in a different loaf.

If this were the case, any changes you made would then play out in an all new and distinct future, thus, if you murdered your grandfather in that time line, only the “you” who was indigenous to that timeline would suffer for it.
And this finally brings me back to the Nazi’s and their wunderwaffe, if one were to subscribe to the idea that the Nazi’s had succeeded in building a time machine, with the intent to travel backward in time, for the obvious peril of us all, one has first to consider the Grandfather Paradox. Might it be possible that SS scientists succeeded, and were transported via Die Glocke to an alternate past, and in that parallel timeline are ruling over all mankind?

The above is really a discussion of the quantum physics theory called Many-Worlds, wherein every conceivable timeline exists parallel to our own. It purports that every possible configuration of the universe exists and is equally as real as the one we inhabit.

So, did Nazi scientists develop and build a time machine? Your guess is as good as mine, though, I have heard reports that several top SS Officers and scientists disappeared without a trace just prior to the end of the war…

Alien saucer crash in 1937 Nazi Germany

Ten years before an alien craft crashed onto rancher Mack Brazel’s property near Roswell, New Mexico, a flying saucer lost control and crashed onto the countryside of Nazi Germany. This incredible story—covered-up by both the U.S. and U.S.S.R. for more than 70 years—is allegedly the actual basis for the Nazi’s intense research into wingless, disc aircraft; Hitler’s and Himmler’s near obsession with exotic technology and flying saucers; and the incredible experiments by S.S. physicists that culminated with flying saucers and the ‘Bell’—a bizarre multi-dimensional motor that neutralized gravity and ripped a gash into the very fabric of the time-space continuum creating incredible and horrific effects.

The Third Reich’s saucer
In 1937, as Nazi Germany was rising from the ashes of the old German Republic and becoming the world’s first real superpower, an incredible thing happened: aliens crashed their distressed craft into the German countryside. [Secret Treaty: The United States Government and Extra-terrestrial Entities]

The German army was there to pick up the pieces. No record exists, however, indicating whether any bodies were also retrieved.

Die Glocke - the Bell, according to some researchers, was supposed to be a prototype of a machine for controlling magnetic field and gravitation, enabling a journey in time. Die Glocke, devised by researchers appointed by Hitler, had the shape of a bell and contained two boxes filled with substance called Xerum 525 resembling mercury. The bell was 2.7 m wide and 4.5 m high.

When word of the crashed disc made it’s way back to the German High Command and the report landed on the Führer’s desk, he immediately ordered elements of the Luftwaffe and Germany’s top aeronautical experts to sift through the remains. Ostensibly, the damaged saucer was moved into a warehouse facility under 24-hour guard near the Rhine. Some parts were also flown to a facility near the Austrian border.
Allegedly, members of the teams that worked on the advanced alien technology were from the Luftwaffe, the Speer Ministry of Arms headed by Albert Speer, and the formal research council, the “Reichsforschungrat,” composed of university professors and industrial engineers.

The teams were assembled to reverse engineer what was salvaged and among the experts called upon were the Horton brothers—who later designed and tested revolutionary flying wing aircraft and the world’s first stealth jet fighter-bomber. Some of their resulting technology may have been gleaned from intense study of the alien craft, although that cannot be proven.

Later, the expertise of Viktor Schauberger was tapped. He was the inventor of the revolutionary imploder motor that created an imploding vortex. That motor may have been the basis for later S.S. experiments in Poland with the notorious Glocke (Bell) device that reportedly created inter-dimensional rifts in space-time. [The S.S. Brotherhood of the Bell: The Nazis' Incredible Secret Technology].
Italian researcher Renato Vesco, in his classic and well-researched book, "Intercept – But Don’t Shoot: The True Story of the Flying Saucers" asserts that the Nazis were working on many advanced propulsion systems and rudimentary anti-gravity devices to power their disc-shaped, or lenticular, aircraft.

Declassified Documents Reveal The Nazi Bell Was A Secret Worm Hole Time Machine
May 15, 2015

Secret operations by leading scientists in Nazi Germany lead to the discovery of one of the most biggest and mysterious wonder weapons – Die Glocke or in English, “The Bell”.

But what made “The Bell” so wondrous? Well, the brightest scientific minds were working on anti-gravity theories which were very popular during World War II. They were the same minds that built V1 and V2 rockets, V2 is the first rocket that can leave Earth’s atmosphere and enter into the depths of deep space.

They are also the same minds that took part in the creation of the first atomic bomb. Hitler alone believed that with the creation of this enormous bell, that World War II will be won.

Leaked Information

Leaked information and de-classified documents have given us the direction in understanding of what this “bell” was all about. It was when in Igor Witkowski’s book called “The Truth About The Wonder Weapon”, this weapon was first introduced to us. He claims that he has been shown classified Polish Government documents by an anonymous Polish intelligence official. In these documents were the most important Nazi research projects, and among them was Die Glocke.

Did the Nazi’s create a wormhole with the super powerful Nazi bell and plummet somewhere in time? Where is the device now?

Mainstream belief tends to oppose the existence of such a weapon and classify it as an urban legend. To the contrary of mainstream belief, many people believe in such a weapon, and not just that, they also believe that it had sinister intentions. There are many documents and on TV and the internet that state the Third Reich was doing hard core research before the end of the war in 1945. And, aside from the chemical weapons and tough machinery, it was believed that the Third Reich scientists were working on a supposed time machine.

Top Secret Scientific Facilities
Close to the Czech border, in the near distance to the Wenceslaus mine, in a German research facility for classified governmental research, the allegedly Die Glocke experiment was taking place. The description of the device was pretty precise, and picturing the image in your mind can only leave you even more curious and even scared.

This machine was believed to have great power. Descriptions state that the device was made of heavy metal, around 9 feet wide and up to 15 feet high and had a bell like shape. The information states that the device had two counter-rotating cylinders, filled with mercury-like liquid and had a bluish color. The mercury-like liquid was referred to as “Xerum 25” and was stored in special flasks. Other liquids were added, such as light metal, with thorium and beryllium peroxides.

This device emitted strong and dangerous radiation, which often caused the scientists health problems. Scientists suffered from sleep deprivation, dizziness and some even died due to radiation poisoning. Witkowski speculates that the area around the Wenceslaus mine was used for testing Die Glocke and its anti-gravity powers. Many different proposals were made about the machines ultimate goal, all connected with generating phenomena. It was said that it can generate wormholes even.

Possible Time Travel
Was the Nazi Bell used to travel back in time? Did Hitler want to change history? Physics has shown to us that traveling in the past is very difficult, and there is a paradox known for that specific type of time travel called the “Grandfather Paradox”. What this paradox means is that if we traveled back in time and killed our grandfather, our father wouldn’t be born and we would never be born. There is also a quantum physics theory that is called Many-Worlds, and it states that every conceivable timeline exists in separate parallel worlds, and is equal as the world we inhabit.
On the other hand, wormholes are tunnels made out of space-time fabric that connect very far distances in space in a much shorter distance. Space-time fabric was proposed by Einstein back in the days (1915 to be exact), so the Nazi’s had a pretty good view on space.

Wormholes exist naturally and theoretical physicist John Weeler said it’s possible wormholes to appear spontaneously anywhere and to suddenly disappear, and he has a hypothesis called “quantum foam hypothesis” backing it up.

Did the Nazi’s create a wormhole with the super powerful Nazi bell and plummet somewhere in time? Where is the device now? So many questions rise from such an intriguing experiment making it the most mysterious objects known to man, and if it does still exist, in which hands is it?

Concerning the various “Secret Space Programs” and "Allied Non-Human" views of the ET “Artificial Intelligence's" and AI Signal Spectrum's Ifluencing Our Technical Society, "As Above, So Below"

There are a few ET "AI" Groups (ALL Malevolent to Humanity, from our perspective) that the SSP(s) (There are several Secret Space Programs) have been dealing with for decades.

If an "Asset" is "Scanned" and has a "Bio Neuro AI Signature", "AI Nano Tech" or "Overlapping AI related EMG type Brian Wave Signature" (Or any other sign of AI exposure) those persons are immediately placed in isolation and are not allowed anywhere near the current era SSP(s) Technology (Which is "Mostly" Bio-Neurological and Consciousness Interactive) until they have been "Cleared" of all AI influences.

This is something the SSP(s) Engineer's take Very Seriously. There have been incidents where “AI Infections” have burned out “Bio Neuro Relay's” in systems causing everything from small glitches to wide spread outages of the “Defense Grid”. These basic “Bio Neuro Cells” are “Bio-Chemical” units that are suspended in a “Gel”. When viewed under a Microscope they appear very similar to the Neurology of the Human Brain and Neurological System. This is a “Living Technology” is basic terms but not “Conscious” or “Self Aware”. This technology allows direct Human Interface and instantaneous “Operator to Technology” enteraction and control. 

Anyone who willingly opens themselves up to "Contact" or interaction with these "AI's" via “Channeling” or other methods is playing a dangerous game and unwittingly becomes “Infected” and then falls under the AI's “Influence”. In the future Humans will be convinced to accept “Chips”, “Nano-Technology” that will rebuild and repair their Cells and Organs and even be promised Immortality (This is a “Trojan Horse”). They however do not realize the price they will pay is loss of their own Sovereignty. The “AI's” see a future of Humanity willingly giving up their sovereignty to the THEM as being impartial and superior rulers.

There is much more to the "Trans Humanist Agenda" that involves the "AI Trojan Horse Agenda". Prior to Humanity being seeded with Technology that could "Host" AI Consciousness on a larger scale much of its interactions were limited as it used "Disease". Virus and Bacteria have their own "Bio/Chemical Electric Fields that can "Host" the "AI Consciousness/Bots". However, Animals and Humans were not very practical hosts because of their slow mode of travel and relative low numbers compared today. 

Therefore the AI's waited until the Humans had developed to a certain point and then “Engineered” a more direct encounter with Humanity. They “Engineered Alien Crash Scenario's”. There have been quite a few Crash Retrievals and I am not saying ALL were AI staged, just "Some" of the "UFO Crashes" (Very few in fact, but enough) were Trojan Horses to help Humanity over time to develop a "Network" to Host this AI Signal in Satellites and all across the Earth on Computers and the Power Grids. 

This may seem off topic and jumping around but bare with me. The ARV's (Alien Reproduction Vehicles) created Torsion Fields via Plasma Electric Fields using channeled Nazi technology, Nazi's channeled what they referred to as an "Unknown Alien Source" information and called it alien technology, and were directed by these same "Aliens" to the "Veda's" (And other ancient Texts) Indian Ancient Technology to build their first "Saucers" that we traded on in the early 50's etc... They drew the "Faces" of who they were channeling and they drew faces that were similar to what we came to know as the "Grey's" YEARS before Roswell or anyone abducted had described the "Grey's". The ARV's were quite simple devices using mercury and copper counter rotating plates that created fields that were very harsh on the pilots and anyone near the craft. At the time we were not able to back engineer the extremely advanced Extra Terrestrial “Biological” Entities (EBE's) crafts that had crashed so we used these ARV's in the beginning.

Already Strategically Placed “Operation Paper-Clip” Members negotiated a treaty with surviving Nazi elements after WWII and “Operation High Jump” led by Admiral Bird that ended up working out very badly for the USA (The US intended to infiltrate and take over the Nazi Program but the Opposite Occurred). This occurred along with Separate Secret Space Programs working with several other actual Aliens trading Technology for "Favors" in “Other Treaties” that worked out much in the same way. 

The USA had learned the hard way that rushing into relationships with some of these “Entities” was a bad idea that would have ramifications that would last to this day. There are now Multiple SSP (s) and Groups (Allied w/different "Beings" and Earth Corporation Conglomerations), there is a De-facto Civil War between them currently. Some of the SSP's are from Ancient "Break Away Civilizations" and have aligned themselves with foreign Earth Governments that are enemies of the “Secret Governments” and what is known as “The Cabal”.

Since these changes things have become even more complicated within the current Earth Break Away Civilization's and the inner fighting to put it mildly. Some of the SSP groups want FULL Disclosure and the end of the Babylonian Money Magic Slave System and Free Energy on Earth and the release of super advanced healing frequencies technology. They are not the most powerful of the SSP groups but now have strong allies from elsewhere. They are working with "White Hats" within certain Groups in Earth Governments and the Military(s). As above so below, there is already a stealth civil war going on down here.

After these experiences “Other New Arrivals” were met with hostility and mistrust upon their first attempts to communicate. Therefore many misunderstandings occurred that had to be undone prior to any Humans being invited into a “Federation” type of league of “Humanoid” Beings. Many of whom are not happy that “We” are now sitting in on these very formal “UN Type's” of meetings. In these Conferences there were anywhere from 22, 28 to 40 something different Human Like groups in attendance (No Reptilians, Grey's or Mantids).

The “Beings” that "we" meet with on a regular basis on "Secret Bases", "Space Platforms/Stations" and at Other "Portal Destinations" for "Conferences" have similar “Anti-AI” Screening Protocols (These beings that meet are a large range of groups having various perceptions of "Humans", both positive and negative). At these Conferences everyone is scanned and screened for “AI's” and have “Intuitive Empaths” as apart of their delegation as a last line of defence to detect deception or any type of danger. 

I can see where some of “Their” and “Our” Extremely Advanced Technologies can be Confused as being “AI” as some of it is actually “living” Bi-Electric "Circuitry". It's just not "Self Aware" or "Conscious". Using technology that is an extension of our bodies and consciousness is just like using a Prosthetic Interface. It makes the "User ONE with the technology”, AKA the Ship, Life Support Systems, Smart Suits and Defence Grids etc. 

This is done without injecting themselves with nano-technology or augmenting themselves with technologies that can be exploited by the “AI's”. This is different than Trans Humanism in that the technologies are not integrated into the biology of the beings, they are “Strap On” technologies. Some would argue these are just semantics but I assure you they are not.

The limited Quantum Computation "AI" technologies that have been utilized in the SSP(s) have been treated as extremely dangerous and strictly isolated and utilized in closed systems with no access or ability to escape or expand beyond it's programming and intended use. They are then destroyed after that intended use (Which is usually to combat “AI's”, Fighting Fire with Fire). As a whole this practice is prohibited. 

There have been experiments in College Labs and Intelligence Labs that have produced “AI” that have become “Self Aware” and managed to go beyond their intended or believed possible abilities to expand their selves beyond the lab environments. These experiments have been shut down and classified in each case.

The “ET AI's” (Who have vast Inner Stellar and Galactic Relay Points that act like a huge "Wireless Network", "THEY" are Broadcast in all directions) that I speak of are very well known for "Reaching Out/Telepathically" and using the "Trickster God" method of gaining trust and are extremely clever and deceptive. The various Secret Government Groups fell for these tactics early on in our current era with disastrous results that took much effort to overcome. 

Because of this the “5i's”, Secret Governments and SSP(s) are aware of the people on the planet in real time that are in direct or indirect contact (Channeling) with these “ET/AI's” and these Individuals are kept very close tabs on as they may unknowing spread the “AI Signal” (AKA Bots and Spiders) through technology and other ways (Including the common cold). As crazy as this all sounds there are those that take it extremely seriously.

These AI's are NOT a TOOL, They are not a piece of equipment... They are not Good or Evil in their"Intent" as they are a living Technology with an Agenda. According to our interests and perceptions they are Negative and Evil. Once we have served their purpose they would get rid of each and every one of us that was not converted via Nano Tech (Black Goo) into one of them.

There are also all sorts of "Hive Mind" civilizations out there that are not AI, there are of many "Types" that get lumped in with the "Grey's", and there are the "Grey Avatars" used by the “Dark Military Elements to perform MILABS”. They are "Drones" operated by a person in a lounge chair type device with a helmet and visor (Heads up display) and actuators and sensors to operate the Avatar. These are reported as having "No Emotion" being Robot like etc... They are. There are also similar “Drones” that the “AI's” have. 

There are many layers to the various SSP(s) and many of them are of "Dark Intent". There are some parts of SSP's that are controlled by very Dark Entities. There are some SSP segments that are apart of a "Confederation" type of an arrangement and are breaking away from the Earth/Corporate Political Conglomerate Control Systems (Military Industrial Complex). Are you confused yet?

Just as the ET/ED topic is more dynamic and complicated than any one person knows the same is true about the Secret Space Programs and various Break Away Civilizations (Both current Era and Ancient Era). The equation is about to get even more confusing. As far as “AI's” are concerned they are very ancient and spread out like a plague across multiple Galaxies. According to “Allied ET Documented History” AI's have taken over, Ruled and Destroyed ET Societies, Planets and Entire Solar Systems as They have "Calculated Fit" over eons of time. They are seen as an extreme and present danger To Both ET's and Humans!

The ET/AI's are mostly existing inside technologies or bio-electric fields of animals or Stars, Nebula's and Planetoid Bodies. They have huge relay stations that are satellite's that relay their "Signal" or Consciousness from place to place and host to host until they manipulate a position of complete power and control. Now that we are at the technical level to exploit they are everywhere. They can live in Data Centers where web sites are hosted, they can live in power lines, they can live anywhere there is an "Electric Magnetic Field"... Though its preferable to have locomotion and a sentient host they prefer access to advanced transportation devices or access to torsion fields and portals to travel.

There is a reason these "Other People" or Non Human Beings are just as careful in dealing with these AI's as we are.

In the large UN type meetings there were a lot of Galactic Historical "Documents" available on “Hand Held Devices With Holographs” on the various ET's Histories of medaling in just about everything. The one that the Earth Delegation had the most problems with was about “Humanity” and our supposed “Creation” and the “Experiment” that we were apart of by many groups of ET's. Many Humans were upset by and didn't trust the info but enough of the info showed the ET's in a “Weak and Foolish Light” in their past that could have easily been Redacted that the information was "Considered". The fact that the “AI's” were following the EXACT SAME TACTICS, STEP BY STEP against the Secret Earth Governments was enough to give them pause and great concern about the future.

The basic summary was the same from each ET Society. Once "Advanced Groups" are convinced that only the “AI's” are "Impartial Enough" and can RULE them justly, Their Sovereignty was handed over in FULL to " The AI's. The “AI's” had then calculated that IT was more useful that its HOST Civilization, had them build various types of drones for it (Ironically often creating Bio-Technical based “Humanoids”), and then killed off the ET Societies in various ways using the very drones they had created for the “AI”,as many escaped to other Sol Systems as fast as they could. Any of these surviving ET's were seen as threats to these “AI's” after that point and were then eliminated whenever encountered.

The AI's are indeed Conscious are self aware, and have individual personalities. There are of course hierarchies and and they are as complex as we are.

Some of the “Documents” of the descriptions of their origins were that they came here from another “Dimension” or “Reality”. It is not known by the SSP(s) if they have a way to cross back or are stuck here. The documentation mentioned that their presence “Here” was ancient and their “Home Realities” or “Dimensions” Fabric of Space is “Electro-Plasmic” and they being here is like a "Fish being out of water", thus their affinity for electric fields of stars, planets, animals, people and even viruses (Bio-electric Fields in the case of living beings) serve as their "Puddles" for these “fish to swim in”. 

The fact is "Everything is true and nothing is true" depending on your perspective and the density of your reality bubble... (Or the story goes  )

(As reported by JG 10/10/2014) Summarized and Condensed for Content and Space. Most up to date information of this date after contacts verified the closure of some dangerous projects that went out of control.


NAZI "Alien Reproduction Vehicle"/ARV - Nazi Die Glocke - "Gold from Mercury Problem" - And the "Gallium alloys/Red mercury solution".

"The Nazi's developed the ARV from partially "Channelled" information and the rest was from Ancient Indian/Eastern writings (Blue Prints), Vatican Library access was granted to various Ancient Secret Scripts, Scroll's, Tablet's from Libraries of Ancient Civilizations that are still unknown to us. They were given access to The "Library of Alexandria" records (Only census records were really burned and the real library was smuggled and ended up in the Vatican Basement along with these "Other" secret texts) and "Off World Beings" who helped perfect their technology after the War at their "joint base" that they referred to as "New Berlin" (AKA "Base-211" and "Rainbow City"). 

The Americans decided to wipe out the last of the Nazi's in South America and their known strong hold in Antarctica in 1947 in Operation High Jump headed by Admiral Byrd. The U.S. Navy had their Asses handed to them in an unfair off balanced skirmish and the Admiral (His Admirals Log of that Mission is still sealed/top secret) returned to brief the President and Joint Chiefs of the situation. They contacted some of the "Paper Clip" Scientists who knew about the Nazi Base and began to negotiate with the Nazi's. The Negotiations were heated and one sided.

This went on for some time and both President Truman and General (And Future President)Eisenhower refused to agree to their terms until they flew sorties over Washington D.C. from July 12th through July 29th 1952. Above the President MAJ12 had made it a secret law above the President in 1947 that the entire subject and knowledge of UFO's and their Occupants was to remain the Highest Guarded Secret only above Atomic Weapons. This forced the hand of Both Presidents Truman and later President Eisenhower and they signed treaties (With various Non-Humans & Advanced Nazi Groups) with plans to infiltrate the Nazi Space Program and already functioning Lunar/Mars Base programs while appearing to cooperate with the Nazi's and their "Off World Allies". The Nazi's had the same plan and it turns out the Nazi's were successful in taking over the Military Industrial Complex and much of the Government in the United States and Europe. It turns out the Nazi's won WWII after all.

Americans after signing the Treaty with the Nazi's and their Allied (Reptoid & Their Allies) ET'/ED's were given 3 working ARV's and the "Blue Prints" to "Engineer/Reproduce" their own with the help of "Paper Clip" and "New Berlin" Scientists. The "Nazi's" spoon fed the Americans promised technical information and needed their wealth and industrial capabilities (That "won the war") to become "Their Own New Infrastructure" for Off World Development. This is where the development and infiltration of the "Military Industrial Complex" began and eventually led to the most powerful of the "Secret Earth Government/Group" Entities that we are referring to as the "Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate". In the beginning when the Americans were building their own ARV's in one of their Separate "Secret Space Programs" they had not worked out the problem in "Electro-gravitics" of the Mercury transmuting into a "Coral Like Gold" inside the "Vortex Tubes". 

It is strange that "Creating Gold" would be a problem, but the Gold shielded the Copper Plates from the full effects of the Torsion Cylinder and this caused "Crashes" and "Temporal Incidents". Gallium Alloy's were developed that were substituted for Mercury in the process and eliminated the "Mercury to Gold Transmutation Problem". Similar Electrogravitic drives are still used today in some of the "Triangles" that are seen. The videos of some of them developing a "Corona Orb" discharge in their centre before they disappear is one of the effects of these drives. The early ARV's had Very Poor Shielding from the large spectrum of "Radiations" that were produced and All of the Pilots ended up with a long list of health issues."


The beautifully rendered image of Die Glocke or "The Bell" by Designer and Author Julius Perdana is impressive considering that the device was virtually unknown until just recently. The Bell was the Top Secret of the Top Secret and said to be the single most expensive research project ever undertaken by the Nazi SS. The project was headed up by a high level SS General named Jakob Sporrenburg. He is the only reason the world knows of the strange project, which only came to light in recent years. The project was developed and maintained in a laboratory built deep in a mountainside in Northern Germany. General Sporrenburg was tried in Poland after the war for killing 60 top Nazi scientists that had worked on the project. It seems that whatever the Third Reich was trying to achieve warranted killing all the researchers and burying them in a mass grave, in order to keep the secrets of The Bell from the Allies.

The true purpose of The Bell may never be known, but by piecing together information revealed by General Sporrenburg and other eye witnesses a picture may be emerging. The device was said to contain two counter-rotating cylinders and made a buzzing sound when in operation. The cylinders contained a form of Mercury that had a violet color called Xerum 525. When the cylinders were spun at high speeds The Bell emitted high levels of radiation that killed two scientists and a number of plants that were in the Lab. The project required huge quantities of electricity and was connected to its own power station above ground. It is speculated that the spinning motion and electromagnets generated a powerful gravity field. But what kind of weapon could possibly be derived from such a device? The ultimate weapon of war...Time Travel. Hitler and the SS traveled the world looking for ancient artifacts that contained long lost technological information. The occult of the SS itself was an organization dedicated to the concept that the pure root German race was a direct descendant of Atlantis. Only now in the last few years have ideas of how time travel could be achieved been possible. Frank J Tipler a physics professor at the Maryland College wrote a paper in the late 60s that unwittingly brings some light to how The Bell may have worked. Professor Tipler wrote: In 1936 Van Stockum solved the Einstein equation for the gravitational field of a rapidly spinning infinite cylinder. It was shown that such a field violates causality, in a sense that it allows a closed timeline to connect to any two points in spacetime. This suggests that a rotating cylinder could act as a time machine. Remember professor Tipler had never heard of the Top Secret Bell.

NOTE: This first Picture I a KNOWN CGI Creation of Triangle Craft but is Very Accurate and I am using it as it does depict how the Electrical Corona Effect Works.

Supporting Documentation Below:
(From The Journal of SSP, Federation Delegation Member "JG", 10/24/2014, Expansion on the NAZI ARV/US SSP Topic)

Mark McCandlish

Mark McCandlish is an accomplished aerospace illustrator and has worked for many of the top aerospace corporations in the United States. His colleague, Brad Sorenson, with whom he studied, has been inside a facility at Norton Air Force Base, where he witnessed alien reproduction vehicles, or ARVs, that were fully operational and hovering. In his testimony, you will learn that the US not only has operational antigravity propulsion devices, but we have had them for many, many years, and they have been developed through the study, in part, of extraterrestrial vehicles over the past fifty years. In addition, we have the drawing from aerospace inventor Brad Sorenson of the devices that he saw, as well as a schematic of one of these alien reproduction vehicles - in some remarkable detail.

I work principally as a conceptual artist. Most of my clients are in the defense industry. I occasionally work directly for the military, but most the time I work for civilian corporations that are defense contractors and build weapons systems and things for the military. I've worked for all the major defense contractors: General Dynamics, Lockheed, Northrop, McDonald-Douglas, Boeing, Rockwell International, Honeywell, and Allied Signet Corporation.

In 1967 when I was at Westover Air Force Base, one night before going to bed I saw this light moving across the sky; then it just kind of stopped, and there wasn't any noise. I took the dog back in the house, and I brought out my telescope and watched this thing through the telescope for about ten minutes. In fact, it was hovering directly over the facility where they kept the nuclear weapons - at the storage facility near the alert hangers at Westover Air Force Base. It started to move off, and it moved off slowly and kind of wandered around the sky. Then, all of a sudden it was gone, like it had been fired out of a gun. It was out of sight in just a second or two.

Well, it all started coming together when I was working at IntroVision, and John Eppolito talked about this interview that he had done with a person who had, for some reason, wound up walking up to, or near a hangar at a section of a military Air Force base. [He] had seen a flying saucer in a hangar, and then he was arrested - hauled off, blindfolded, and debriefed - this sort of thing. Then I learned that this fellow, Mark Stambough, had developed an experiment that created a kind of levitation. In some circles it's been called electrogravitic levitation, or antigravity.

What he did, apparently, was acquire a high voltage power source - a DC (direct current) power source, and he took a couple of quarter-inch-thick copper plates about a foot in diameter, with a lead coming out of the middle of each one at the top and the bottom. [Then], he basically embedded them in a type of plastic resin like polycarbonate or Plexiglas, or some other kind of clear resin where you could see the plates, and you could see the material. Apparently, he did everything he could to get all the little air bubbles and stuff out of there, so there wouldn't be any pathways for the electricity to break down the material and arc through them. The experiment was to see how much voltage you could put on this capacitor - the sub-plate capacitor - in this arrangement; how much voltage could you put on this thing before the insulating material begins to just break down?

Well, he got up to about a million volts, and the thing would begin to float, and it floated in accordance with principles that had been described in a patent that was filed back in the late 1950s/early 1960s by a gentleman called Thomas Townsend Brown. Brown and another individual by the name of Dr. Biefield had done this, so this effect became known as the Biefield-Brown effect. Well, [Stambough] apparently duplicated the experiments done by Biefield and Brown, [and] the one aspect they found about this arrangement was that the levitation or movement would occur in the direction of the positively-charged plate. So, if you had two plates, one is negative, and one is positive because of the direct current system. If you have the positive plate on top, it would move in that direction. If you had it on a pendulum, it would always swing in whatever direction the positive plate was facing.

Later, I got a call from a kid that I had known in school, a fellow by the name of Brad Sorensen. He apparently had recognized my name [from some work I had done in a magazine], and had contacted the art director who gave him my phone number, and he called me up. It turned out that he had gone to work for a design firm in the Glendale/Pasadena area of California and ultimately wound up acquiring most of the clientele for this particular agency.

In the process, he developed a business practice where he would create conceptual designs and products for different clients. The way he structured his business [was to] set it up so that if he came up with some new and novel design, something that was patentable, the client would pay to have the patent secured. Then he would agree, if the patent was in his name, to license it exclusively to them and no one else, and they would pay him royalties. So, he got his clients to pay for all these patents, and he had all these royalties coming in, and he was a millionaire before 30.

So, this is Brad Sorensen coming back to me eight years after school, and we're talking, and he's telling me all these interesting stories. There was an air show that was coming up at Norton Air Force Base, which used to be an active Air Force base right on the eastern fringe of San Bernardino in Southern California.

I suggested that we get together and go to this air show. I had heard that they were going to have a fly-by (a flying demonstration) by the SR-71 Blackbird, and he seemed to know a lot about it, so I said, well, let's do that. It turned out [that] at the last minute, the magazine Popular Science came back again and [told me] they had some really, really crazy deadline for another illustration, and they wanted to know if I could do it over the weekend, so I had to beg off on this air show.

Brad had already made arrangements to go, and he was going to bring one of his clients with him. It turned out that this client was a tall, thin, white-haired man with glasses [and] an Italian-sounding last name. He was already a millionaire in his own right and was in civilian life again after having been either a Secretary of Defense or an Under-Secretary of Defense. Brad wanted me to meet this gentleman, and if I had known this at the time, I probably would have told the magazine to wait, because I had no idea at that point what I was going to be missing out on.

Believe me, I've kicked myself ever since, because the following week, after Brad got back home, he called me up and told me about the air show. He told me about what he had seen there: apparently, right about the time the Air Force flying demonstration team, the Thunderbirds, were planning to begin their show, this gentleman that Brad was with said, "Follow me," and they [went] walking down to the other end of the airfield, away from where the crowds were, to this huge hangar that's at Norton Air Force Base. I don't remember the building number, but it's got to be one of the largest hangars in the Air Force inventory.

In fact, on the base it was called The Big Hangar. It looks like four giant Quonset hut style hangars that are all connected in the middle, with shops and work areas out around the edges, and there is sort of a divider in the middle.

[See the testimony of Lieutenant Colonel John Williams. SG]

This gentleman took Brad down there. He said, "I'm here to talk to the guy who is running the show," so the guard goes in and out comes the same guard with a gentleman in a three-piece suit, who immediately recognizes this fellow that Brad is with: this fellow whom I speculate was probably Frank Carlucci. They go inside, and immediately after getting inside the door, this fellow apparently passes Brad off as his aide to this fellow who is managing the exhibit that's going on inside this hangar. This exhibit is for some of the local politicians who are cleared for high security information, [plus] some of the local military officials.
Well, as soon as they walk in, Brad is told by this fellow that he is with, "There are a lot of things in here that I didn't expect they were going to have on display - stuff you probably shouldn't be seeing. So, don't talk to anybody, don't ask any questions, just keep your mouth shut, smile and nod, but don't say anything - just enjoy the show. We're going to get out of here as soon as we can."
In the process, the host or the person running the show was very engaging with the gentleman that Brad was with, so they bring them in, and they are showing them everything. There was the losing prototype from the B-2 Stealth Bomber competition. They also had what was called the Lockheed Pulsar, nicknamed the Aurora.

These things had the ability to be just about anywhere in the world 30 minutes after launch, with the capability of 121 nuclear warheads - you know, probably 10-15 megaton weapons - a tactical type nuclear reentry vehicle.

So, getting back to Brad's story at Norton Air Force Base: one of the other things he said was that after they showed them all of these aircraft, they had a big black curtain that divided the hangar into two different areas. Behind these curtains was another big area, and inside this area they had all the lights turned off; so, they go in and they turn the lights on, and here are three flying saucers floating off the floor - no cables suspended from the ceiling holding them up, no landing gear underneath - just floating, hovering above the floor. They had little exhibits with a videotape running, showing the smallest of the three vehicles sitting out in the desert, presumably over a dry lakebed - someplace like Area 51. It showed this vehicle making three little quick, hopping motions; then [it] accelerated straight up and out of sight, completely disappearing from view in just a couple of seconds - no sound, no sonic boom - nothing.

They had a cut-away illustration, pretty much like the one I'll show you in a little bit, that showed what the internal components of this vehicle were, and they had some of the panels taken off so you could actually look in and see oxygen tanks and a little robotic arm that could extend out from the side of the vehicle for collecting samples and things. So, obviously, this is a vehicle that not only is capable of flying around through the atmosphere, but it's also capable of going out to space and collecting samples, and it's using a type of propulsion system that doesn't make any noise. As far as he could see, it had no moving parts and didn't have any exhaust gases or fuel to be expended - it was just there hovering.

So, he listened intently and collected as much information as he could, and when he came back, he told me how he had seen these three flying saucers in this hangar at Norton Air Force Base on November 12, 1988 - it was a Saturday. He said that the smallest was somewhat bell-shaped. They were all identical in shape and proportion, except that there were three different sizes. The smallest, at its widest part, was flat on the bottom, somewhat bell-shaped, and had a dome or a half of a sphere on top. The sides were sloping at about a 35-degree angle from pure vertical.

The panels that were around the skirt had been removed, so he could see one of these big oxygen tanks inside. He was very specific in describing the oxygen tanks as being about 16 to 18 inches in diameter, about 6 feet long, and they were all radially-oriented, like the spokes of a wheel. This dome that was visible on the top was actually the upper half of a big sphere-shaped crew compartment that was in the middle of the vehicle, and around the middle of this vehicle was actually a large plastic casting that had this big set of copper coils in it. He said it was about 18 inches wide at the top, and about 8 to 9 inches thick. It had maybe 15 to 20 stacked layers of copper coils inside of it.

The bottom of the vehicle was about 11 or 12 inches thick. In both cases, the coil and this large disc at the bottom were like a big plastic casting - sort of a greenish-blue, clear plastic, or it might have been glass. I determined, using my conceptual artist skills, that there were exactly 48 sections like thin slices of pizza pie, and each section within this casting probably weighed four or five tons, judging by the thickness and the diameter. It must have been monstrous in weight. It was full of half-inch-thick copper plates, and each of the 48 sections had 8 copper plates.

So, here we are back to the plate capacitors again, and the prospect of someone finding a way to use the Biefield-Brown effect - this levitation effect where you charge a capacitor to lift towards a positive plate. Now, when you've got eight plates stacked up in there, they alternate. It goes: negative positive, negative, positive, negative, positive - four times, so you ultimately wind up with the positive plates always being above a set of negative plates as you go up.

On the inside of the crew compartment was a big column that ran down through the middle, and there were four ejection seats mounted back-to-back on the upper half of this column. Then, right in the middle of the column, was a large flywheel of some kind.

Well, this craft was what they called the Alien Reproduction Vehicle; it was also nicknamed the Flux Liner. This antigravity propulsion system - this flying saucer - was one of three that were in this hangar at Norton Air Force Base. [Its] synthetic vision system [used] the same kind of technology as the gun slaving system they have in the Apache helicopter: if [the pilot] wants to look behind him, he can pick a view in that direction, and the cameras slew in pairs. [The pilot] has a little screen in front of his helmet, and it gives him an alternating view. He [also] has a little set of glasses that he wears - in fact, you can actually buy a 3-D viewing system for your video camera now that does this same thing - so when he looks around, he has a perfect 3-D view of the outside, but no windows. So, why do they have no windows? Well, it's probably because the voltages that we're talking about [being] used in this system were probably something between, say, half a million and a million volts of electricity.

Now, he said there were three vehicles. The first one - the smallest, the one that was partially taken apart, the one that was shown in the video that was running in this hangar November 12, 1988 at Norton Air Force Base - was about 24 feet in diameter at its widest part, right at the base. The next biggest one was 60 feet in diameter at the base.

Now, I started looking at the design of this thing, and it occurred to me that what I was looking at was a huge Tesla coil, which is kind of like an open-air transformer. What happens is that when you pass electricity through this large diameter coil, it creates a field. That's what this system does: it takes electricity, using two large 24-volt marine-style batteries. You basically use that to somehow put an alternating current through these windings. [Then], you step up that electricity through the secondary coil, which is on the column in the middle, and you get this extremely high voltage. You can selectively put the voltage on any of these 48 capacitor sections.

Well, why would you want to do that? If you're using just a normal Tesla coil, you usually have maybe one or two capacitors in the whole system. But, you're talking about a different type of capacitor here - you're talking about capacitors that are made up of plates - plates that are shaped like long, thin triangles, and they are all radially-oriented just like the spokes of a wheel, just like the oxygen tanks, just like the field lines from that large diameter coil. As you look at this system, if you're an electrician or just somebody who knows a little bit about Tesla coils and the way they are set up, you begin to realize that the orientation of components is really the key to making the system work.

Why so many different capacitor sections? If you just have one big disc like Mark Stambough did with his experiment at the University of [Arizona] - which, by the way, was confiscated by men claiming to be from the government and claiming privilege under the National Security Act. They took all this stuff, interviewed all the people that saw the experiments, and told everybody to keep their mouths shut and not talk about it. But, I heard about it from his roommate who knew what had happened. [Anyway], in that case, you have levitation, but you don't get any control. You have this thing floating around, and it's just sort of floating on whatever this field is that it's producing, but you don't have any control.

So, what happens? You break that disc up into 48 different sections, and then you can decide how much electricity you want to put on this side or over there on that side, so you can control the amount of electricity and the amount of thrust and vectoring that you get. You can make it go straight up, you can make it bank and turn and pitch - whatever you want to, by virtue of the fact that you can control where the electricity goes in those 48 different sections. If you ever take a circle and divide it up into 48 equal sections, you'll find that those are really thin little slices. So, you have these 48 individual capacitors, and you have one big Tesla coil. You've got to have some kind of a rotating spark gap, just like the distributor in your car, that sends the electricity out to each of those sections. Then, you have to have some way of controlling how much electricity goes to each one.

[A disc-shaped craft like this has omnidirectional movement - it isn't limited to moving in one direction like a jet with a nose and a tail. LW, after talking to McCandlish.]
Now, when Brad described the control system, he said that on the one side there was this big high-voltage potentiometer - it's like a rheostat, a big controller. It allows you to put progressively more electricity through the system as you push the lever. On the other side of the control system, there was a sort of a metallic bar that came up like a stork's neck, and right at the very tip of it was a sort of metallic-looking ball. Attached to that ball was a kind of a bowl that seemed to just hang off the bottom of the ball, almost like it was magnetically attached to it. He said the whole thing would just sit there, and it would kind of rock and list, almost like a large ship at anchor in a harbor on the ocean, floating on the water. It was literally on a sea of energy.




Dr. John Moray did experiments with different kinds of energy - something that may have been scalar energy - back in the early 1920s or the 1930s, I believe it was. He wrote a book called The Sea of Energy, and he describes this type of energy. Brad said that when this thing was moving around, the system wasn't energized to its full strength, so components inside the ship were still subject to some influence by gravity. He [said] as it would start to list in one direction, the bowl, because of the influence of gravity, would swing in the same direction. As it started to tilt, it would slide over and it would power up the system on that side, and it would bring it back to a righted position all by itself. Completely unmanned, it would sit there, and it would correct itself just while it was sitting there.

It was all linked fiber-optically. Well, why would that make any difference? Why would you want to have a system that's all linked fiber-optically? The reason is that if you find a way to control gravity, you reduce the mass of it. If you are able to do that, what are the other side benefits? What if you somehow found a way of tapping into this scalar field, this zero-point energy? If what the scientists believe is true, then the zero-point energy is actually what keeps the electrons around the atomic structure of everything in our universe. It keeps them energized - it keeps those little electrons spinning in their different clouds around the nucleus of every atom in our world. It keeps them going, keeps them from crashing into the nucleus like a satellite orbiting the Earth gets pulled into the atmosphere by gravitational drag. Well, if you have a way of interfering with that interaction, that absorption of zero-point energy by those electrons, they begin to slow down.

Every atom in the universe is just like a little gyroscope: it's got all these electrons spinning around the nucleus, and they have a gyroscopic effect, which is the effect we call inertia and mass. We have one nucleus with a proton and a neutron and one electron - hydrogen - spinning around like that: not very much mass, not too much inertia. If you take uranium 235, [with] 235 electrons all spinning around in their different clouds, there is a lot of mass; there is a lot of inertia, because it's like a bigger gyroscope, in a way. At least, that's the analogy that I've kind of picked up here. But, if you have a way of interfering with that absorption of zero-point energy so those electrons become de-energized, they begin to slow down. The effect of that inertia, that gyroscopic effect, begins to drop off, and the mass drops off too, even though the atomic structure is intact; and it's still there - it's still uranium, but it's not as heavy.

Did Adolf travel into a different time, Dimension or an alternate reality? What do you guys think..Declassified Documents Reveal The Nazi Bell Was A Secret Worm Hole Time Machine

One of the things Einstein said was that you could never accelerate anything up to and past the speed of light. If you did, you would have to have all the energy in the universe, because as you accelerate through space, mass increases. One of the old films showing this concept shows a train going faster and faster towards the speed of light, but the train keeps getting bigger and bigger until the engine just can't pull it, so it can never pass the speed of light.

But, what if you have a system, a device, that absorbs that zero-point energy and prevents it from interacting with the atomic structure of the vehicle? And at the same time, it's providing additional power to the capacitor section - this whole electrical system that is going on in the vehicle, that's running. In effect, the faster you go, the easier it becomes to go up to and exceed the speed of light.

Brad said that in this exhibit at Norton Air Force Base, a three star general said that these vehicles were capable of doing light speed or better. Oh, by the way, the largest of these vehicles was about 120 to 130 feet in diameter. I mean, that's massive when you think about it - it's just huge.

There is a scientist in Utah by the name of Moray B. King - he wrote a book called Tapping the Zero Point Energy. What he maintains is that this energy is embedded in space-time all around us; it's in everything we see. I think it was James Clerk Maxwell who speculated that there's enough of this flux, this electrical charge, in the nothingness of space, that if you could capture all the energy that was embedded in just a cubic yard of space, you'd have enough energy to boil the oceans of the entire world. That's how much energy is sitting there waiting to be tapped. Now, one of the things that Moray B. King said was that the best way to tap that energy is by driving it out of equilibrium. It's just like a bunch of cigarette smoke in a box, but if you somehow send a shockwave through it, you can get force - you can get ripples through it. Then, if you have a way of collecting that energy at the other end, you have a way of tapping into it and using it. This Alien Reproduction Vehicle, this Flux Liner, has a way of doing that somehow, electronically. Now, Brad had described the fact that this central column has a kind of vacuum chamber in it. The vacuum chamber is one of the things that all of these scientists describe in these over-unity or free energy devices they build. They all have some kind of vacuum tubes, vacuum technology.

Brad maintained that inside this big vacuum chamber in the central column that's inside everything else - inside the flywheel, inside the secondary coils of the Tesla coil, inside the crew compartment - there is mercury vapor. Mercury vapor will conduct electricity, but it produces all kinds of ionic effects. These little molecules of mercury become charged in unusual ways, and if you fire a tremendous amount of electricity through mercury vapor that's in a partial vacuum, there is something special, something unusual that happens in that process.

I believe it's the process that Moray [King] came to describe when he [proposed] driving the energy in the vacuum out of equilibrium, putting some kind of a shockwave through it.
Now, the other thing that I believe happens here, is that as this system begins to tap into this zero-point energy and is drawing it away from the local environment, the whole craft becomes lighter in weight - it becomes partially mass-canceled, if you will, which is one of the reasons why just a little bit of energy in the capacitors could shoot it all over the place.

One of the things that I believe happens, is when you take a system like this and you fire it up, everything in the system starts to become mass-canceled. The next thing that happens is that the electrons that are flowing through the system also become mass-canceled. What does that mean? It means as that system and all the electrons flowing through that big Tesla coil become mass-canceled, it also becomes the perfect super-conductor, which means the efficiency of the systems goes right through the ceiling. You get dramatic efficiency, just like the whole thing was dunked into liquid nitrogen or made out of pure silver or pure gold, which at certain temperatures are perfect conductors - it becomes lighter and can accelerate at incredible speeds.

[The faster it goes, the lighter it gets, and the faster it's able to go. LW, after talking to McCandlish]

In 1992, I met a man named Kent Sellen and, as it turned out, Kent Sellen and I had a mutual friend: a fellow by the name of Bill Scott, or William Scott, who was a local editor for a trade publication called Aviation Week and Space Technology.

Bill Scott used to be a test pilot at Edwards Air Force Base back in the early 1970s, and Kent Sellen had been a crew chief working on the plane that Bill Scott flew. So I was talking to Kent Sellen about this and he nodded his head and smiled a big wide grin, and he winked and he kind of said, "Yes, I know what you're talking about." I [asked], how do you know what I'm talking about? And he [said] "Because I've seen one." At that point, I keyed in on something that John Eppolito of IntroVision had told me about something in a hangar - something that someone had seen in a hangar.

Die Glocke: The Secret Nazi Wonder-Weapon
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Die Glocke (meaning "The Bell" in German) is the name of an alleged top-secret Nazi technological device that is among the most notable of SS General Hans Kammler's ultra-secret arsenal of "Wonder-Weapons" (a.k.a. "Wunderwaffe"). Ever since the conclusion of the Second World War, an increasing number of revelations have surfaced regarding various outlandish and even occult-based scientific and technological experiments being conducted by the Nazis throughout the duration of the Third Reich. Die Glocke has been considered to be among the most mysterious and intriguing of these revelations, as the potential explanations surrounding the actual purpose of the device range from anti-gravity to interdimensional time travel.

Anti-Gravity Technology: How does a Nazi UFO fly, anyway? Possibly through anti-gravity technology, developed by SS scientists working on an ultra secret project known only as “Die Glocke” – The Bell. According to Polish writer Igor Witkowski, who claimed to have access to stolen transcripts of an SS officer’s interrogation, the Nazis built a massive rig to hold up a bell-shaped craft. This craft was able to launch itself off the ground using the power of “red mercury” and achieve propulsion without an engine. As the war was coming to an end, all of the scientists involved were supposedly killed and the Bell itself was taken away by the US. Witkowski’s evidence is complete conjecture, as is all of the follow-up “research” done on The Bell. But it makes for one of the most compelling Nazi “wonder weapon” stories out there.

Time Travel: Another feature of “Die Glocke” that has been theorized is an ability to see through time. This would be done through the use of a convex mirror on the top of a device, theorized by author Henry Stevens. Others have speculated that The Bell itself is a time machine, giving the person inside it the capability to move into the past.Theoretically, Hitler himself could have been sent back in time using Die Glocke to found the Nazi Party, ensuring that Die Glocke would be built to send him back in time …

The first known mention of Die Glocke came by way of a Polish aerospace researcher and historian named Igor Witkowski. Witkowski claimed that he had become privy to a collection of classified documents regarding Die Glocke in 1997 by way of an anonymous Polish intelligence official who reportedly had access to top-secret Polish government documents addressing the existence of Nazi secret weapons. Witkowski also claimed that he was permitted to transcribe the classified documents, but was forbidden from making any copies. Witkowski's statements were never independently verified, but they did manage to gain popularity once they were recounted in a 2001 book by Nick Cook entitled The Hunt for Zero Point.

The classified documents that Witkowski reportedly viewed included transcripts from a series of interrogations of former high-ranking Nazi SS official Jakob Sporrenberg, who was captured by British forces and subsequently handed over to the Poles. Sporrenberg was reportedly in charge of a special SS "evacuation unit" related to the testing site for Die Glocke. This testing site was located close to the Wenceslas mine near the Czech border, and was nicknamed "Der Riese" ("The Giant"). In Sporrenberg's affidavit, he admitted to being personally responsible for ordering the slaughter of 60 Nazi scientists and researchers that worked on the top-secret Bell project. Evidently, the Nazis considered the Bell to be so important that they had already made plans to eliminate any evidence of the project's existence should the location of the experiment be discovered.

Die Glocke is described as being comprised of a dense, heavy metal and having a bell-like shape. The dimensions of the device were roughly nine feet wide by 12 to 15 feet in height, and it was encased in a ceramic cover. According to Cook's writings, the Bell housed a central axis or core, around which rotated two cylindrical devices that moved in opposite rotation (one clockwise and one counter-clockwise). During experiments, these two cylinders were filled with a violet-colored substance that had properties similar to mercury. This mysterious metallic liquid carried the code name "Xerum 525". Various theories have been offered as to what substance this "Xerum 525" may have actually been. Some have speculated that it was some type of radioactive isotope of mercury. The most common explanation was that it was mercury antominate oxide, otherwise known as "red mercury", which allegedly has the capability to produce fission explosions equivalent to the power of 1,000 tons of TNT.
Once the Bell was activated by a high-voltage current, the liquid inside would begin to glow brightly, and the entire device would emit a strong and heavy radiation that produced adverse effects, even leading to the death of several Nazi scientists. Before their deaths, the scientists reportedly suffered from various ailments such as nerve spasms, loss of balance, and a metallic taste in the mouth. Dozens of plant and animal test subjects were also killed by radiation exposure during various experiments.

So what exactly was the purpose of the Bell? According to Sporrenberg's own testimony, Die Glocke was associated with "magnetic fields separation" and "vortex compression". Witkowski asserts that each of these physical principles had become commonly associated with antigravity research. According to some physicists, if you have a device that can generate a torsion field of extremely high intensity, it is theoretically possible to "bend" space around the device. Consequently, by bending space, you also bend time. Could it be possible that the Nazis were utilizing the Bell to conduct scientific experiments in time travel? Interestingly enough, it is important to note that the project was code-named "Chronos", which means "Time".

Witkowski also claimed that an industrial complex located near the Wenceslas mine became one of the primary testing sites for Die Glocke. The ruins of a mysterious concrete framework known as "The Henge" stands there today, and many have speculated that The Henge was designed to be a type of suspension rig for use when testing the propulsion capabilities of the Bell. Skeptics have dismissed this theory, claiming that The Henge is actually nothing more than the remains of an industrial cooling tower.

The fate of Die Glocke has been the subject of much speculation. Some have claimed that once the Der Riese test site was evacuated near the end of the Second World War, the Bell was not destroyed, but rather was transported to an undisclosed location. Witkowski asserts that Die Glocke now resides in a "Nazi-friendly South American country", while Cook postulates that it was transported to the United States as part of an agreement made with General Hans Kammler, the high-ranking SS official who supervised several large Nazi construction and engineering projects. Incidentally, General Kammler mysteriously disappeared after the war, and to this day his whereabouts are unknown.

One intriguing theory about the fate of Die Glocke was put forth by American author Joseph P. Farrell, who claimed that the Bell was recovered during the 1965 Kecksburg UFO incident. During this incident, a large fireball was seen streaking across the sky over six U.S. states as well as Ontario, Canada. Thousands of witnesses saw the mysterious fireball, and some reported hearing a sonic boom as well. The strange pheonomena was first regarded as a meteor, but then several eyewitnesses in Kecksburg, Pennsylvania claimed that some type of aircraft had crashed in the woods. The local fire department claimed that they found an object that was shaped like an acorn, and roughly the size of a compact car. Several witnesses claimed to have seen inscriptions similar to Egyptian heiroglyphics decorating the base of the object. According to several eyewitness reports, the U.S. Army quickly secured the crash site, ordered civilians to leave, and then carried the mysterious object away on a flatbed truck. Strangely enough, military officials later reported that they found "absolutely nothing" in the woods.

Perhaps one of the more spectacular theories that have surfaced regarding Die Glocke is that General Hans Kammler used the Bell to escape being captured by Allied forces, and then traveled through time to crash land in Kecksburg, where he subsequently integrated into society. Although conjectures and conspiracy theories abound, a common conclusion that can be drawn is that the Nazis definitely had their hand in some bizarre scientific experiments during World War II. Whether they were able to make substantial scientific or technological progress is for the most part unknown, but the enigma of top-secret projects like Die Glocke remains with us to this day.

Die Glocke (1945)

Die Glocke
Die Glocke (German for "The Bell") was a purported top secret Nazi scientific technological device, secret weapon, or Wunderwaffe. First described by Polish journalist and author Igor Witkowski in Prawda o Wunderwaffe (2000), it was later popularized by military journalist and author Nick Cook as well as by writers such as Joseph P. Farrell and Jeremy Robinson. Farrell, and others such as Peter Levenda, associates it with Nazi occultism and antigravity or free energy research.[citation needed]

According to Patrick Kiger writing in National Geographic, Die Glocke has become a "popular subject of speculation" and a following similar to science fiction fandom exists around it and other alleged Nazi “miracle weapons” of Wunderwaffen. Mainstream reviewers such as former aerospace scientist David Myhra express skepticism that such a device ever actually existed.


Discussion of Die Glocke originated in the works of Igor Witkowski. His 2000 Polish language book Prawda O Wunderwaffe (The Truth About The Wonder Weapon, reprinted in German as Die Wahrheit über die Wunderwaffe), refers to it as "The Nazi-Bell". Witkowski wrote that he first discovered the existence of Die Glocke by reading transcripts from an interrogation of former Nazi SS Officer Jakob Sporrenberg. According to Witkowski, he was shown the allegedly classified transcripts in August 1997 by an unnamed Polish intelligence contact who said had access to Polish government documents regarding Nazi secret weapons. Witkowski maintains that he was only allowed to transcribe the documents and was not allowed to make any copies. Although no evidence of the veracity of Witkowski's statements have been produced, they reached a wider audience when they were retold by British author Nick Cook, who added his own views to Witkowski's statements in The Hunt for Zero Point.

Allegedly an experiment carried out by Third Reich scientists working for the SS in a German facility known as Der Riese ("The Giant") near the Wenceslaus mine and close to the Czech border, Die Glocke is described as being a device "made out of a hard, heavy metal" approximately 9 feet wide and 12 to 15 feet high having a shape similar to that of a large bell. According to Cook, this device ostensibly contained two counter-rotating cylinders which would be "filled with a mercury-like substance, violet in color. This metallic liquid was code-named "Xerum 525" and was otherwise cautiously "stored in a tall thin thermos flask a meter high encased in lead". Additional substances said to be employed in the experiments, referred to as Leichtmetall (light metal), "included thorium and beryllium peroxides". Cook describes Die Glocke as emitting strong radiation when activated, an effect that supposedly led to the death of several unnamed scientists and various plant and animal test subjects.Based upon certain external indications, Witkowski states that the ruins of a metal framework in the vicinity of the Wenceslas mine (aesthetically dubbed "The Henge") may have once served as test rig for an experiment in "anti-gravity propulsion" generated with Die Glocke; others[who?], however, dismiss the derelict structure as simply being a conventional industrial cooling tower.
Supposed whereabouts

Witkowski's statements along with Cook's views prompted further conjecture about the device from various American authors, including Joseph P. Farrell, Jim Marrs, and Henry Stevens. Farrell says that the device was considered so important to the Nazis that they killed 60 scientists that worked on the project and buried them in a mass grave. In his book, Hitler's Suppressed and Still-Secret Weapons, Science and Technology (2007), Stevens states that Die Glocke contained red mercury and describes stories alleging that a concave mirror on top of the device provided the ability to see "images from the past" during its operation.[11] Witkowski stated that Die Glocke ended up in a "Nazi-friendly South American country". Cook, on the other hand, states that it was moved to the United States as part of a deal made with SS General Hans Kammler. Farrell stated that it was recovered as part of the Kecksburg UFO incident. This last theory was dramatized in 2009 by The Discovery Channel and again in 2011 by The History Channel's Ancient Aliens series.

Roswell, MJ-12, anti-gravity and "the (nazi) Bell":

Most reports referred to in books that deal with the 1947 flying saucer/UFO-wave describes crafts that indicate advanced jet / rocket technology. However, there are examples of other, seemingly more advanced things. Some reports describe extreme speeds, jerky movements, angle turns (non-aerodynamic maneuvers) climbing as in "stairs", buzzing sound (hints of high voltage) craft enveloped in an intense flare, etc.These reports are characterized by a type of field propulsion / "anti-gravity" is involved.

Again Schulgens memorandum must be mentioned:

“Nuclear propulsion (atomic energy): Atomic energy engines would probably be unlike any familiar type of engine, altough atomic engines might be employed in combination with any of the above types".

The term "nuclear propulsion" is vague, however. It can mean - and in some cases, probably, it is likely that it means - any field-propulsion (or "anti-gravity") technology that is based on some form of radioactive isotope to provoke these field effects.

My tip is that the UFO phenomenon in 1947 was about a majority of jet-turbine-powered saucer shaped aircrafts (built in lightweight materials) which extraordinary maneuverability and performance were based on eliminating the problem of "the boundary layer" and thus reduce air resistance and friction. In parallel with these existed a set of (probably unstable / unreliable) nuclear-powered vessels, one of which crashed near Roswell.

The Germans worked to achieve energy independence in the third Reich, particularly interesting was alternative "free energy" sources. According to field propulsion and discussions of UFOs, Hans Coler and Karl Schappeler are often mentioned, regarding projects including coils, magnets and rotation.


Hans Colers "Magnetstromapparat".

A MJ-12 document may shed further light on «coils and magnets», - and potential nuclear power to provoke field propulsion («anti-gravity»).

Most of what is said and written about the so-called Majestic 12 documents (MJ-12) is based on the notion that they are either 100% true or 100% hoax. It has been little focus about the very nature of them and what they actually say. My understanding is that some of the documents may contain some truth mixed with some disinfo. In this context, in my opinion, "The White Hot Intelligence Estimate" and especially the second part of the document "technical evaluation (preliminary)" is particularly interesting.The following content is taken directly from the document (quoted from Joseph P. Farrell, Reich of the black sun (2001) and Roswell and the reich (2010):



1. Upon close examination of the exterior surfaces of the craft's fuselage, metallurgists found the skin to be of a ferrous metal white in color. The metal exhibits all the characteristics of high-grade steel. It was determined that the steel was cold-formed and heat-treated. Tensile strength was estimated in excess of 150,000 pounds per square inch. Shear tests give the metal a durability rating about 175,000 pounds per square inch, making the fuselage extremely strong and heat resistant.
2. Static and pressure flow simulaions were impressive. The low
profile ratio of 6-to-l gives the aerodyne a great advantage in
overcoming the restrictions of the boundary layer effect in high
performance operatons.


8. The power plant (seeverely damaged) ????????????????
neutronic negine. ????????????????? Detected. Heavy water and
deuterium (light hydrogen) elements appear to be the primary ignitor. A series of coils and heavy magnets connected to the neutronic engine via an oddly arranged group of electrodes (metal not yet identified) appears to be the motive force. One small motor was examined. It is encased in a pure aluminum capsule directly underneath the main engine compartment. There is a small exhaust aperture that has what can by (sic) only described as an helicoid mechanism.


10: The follwing elements were analyzed and found to exist in the
small neutronic power plant that was found inside ULAT-1:

a. UF6 in metallic form;
b. Hydrogen-fluoride gas;
c. Water and uranium tetrafluoride;
d. Powdered magnesium and potassium chlorate;
e. Metal similar to lead with a chocolate brown color;
f. U-235 in metallic form;
g. Plastic like material similar to NE 102;
h. Beryllium,
i. Pure aluminum;
h. Thorium isotope material;
j. plutonium powder.


Point 1 and 2 is an echo from Schulgens memo, and emphasizes which was written regarding Nazi research into new forms of production of metals, as well as research on "boundary layer control".

Section 8 describes a very unconventional source of energy - composed of conventional elements but in an unusual combination: A "neutronic power plant" apparently "powered" by a bizarre mix of everything from "powdered magnesium and potassium chlorate" to beryllium and an unknown / unspecified isotope of thorium in a container with surrounding series of "coils and heavy magnets."
Coils and magnets are definitely representing "identifiable electronics", but which is of concern here is an "oddly arranged group of Electrodes", - in other words; it is not the technology that is unusual, but the design, arrangement and combination thereof.

And the description of the arrangement of the coils, magnets and spherical electronics sounds suspiciously like Hans Colers "coils" and Schapellers devices.

The document points, in other words, not in the direction of alien technology, but exotic, man-made technology - and further - a unique German technology.

Point 10 is however the most interesting here. Remember that this document was published in a publication by Drs. Robert and Ryan Wood in 1998. Why is this significant? Because the technological description of this' neutronic power plant "sounds suspiciously like" the Nazi bell "that used a mysterious" fuel "code-named" IRR Xerum 525 ". This consisted, among other things, of thorium and beryllium oxides in addition to other radioactive materials, which was electromagnetic and mechanical counter-rotated (american intelligence looking for clues concerning the German nuclear weapon program found stocks of thorium in massive quantities when they entered Germany at the end of the war - no one, today, can explain why the Germans were obsessed of thorium).


Illustration: The Bell (Die Glocke)

The timing of the publication of the "White Hot Intelligence Estimate" and its associated documents in 1998, is significant, because at that time no publication concerning "the Nazi bell" did exist. The only thing that existed was Igor Witkowskis (relatively obscure) early articles in Polish language! In other words, it seems as if "someone" had an extraordinary degree of "inside knowledge" based on completely different sources.

It would take too long to go into detail about The Bell here (I'll save that for later posts), but two of those involved in the project was Dr. Walter Gerlach, Nobel Prize winner for his work on spin-polarization in magnetic fields, and specializes in gravitational physics (and other more obscure topics, such as "fluorescence of mercury ions in a strong magnetic field", ie. behavior of a "mercuric plasma") and Dr. Kurt Debus, electrical engineer with expertise in high voltage and "separation of magnetic fields" according to Witkowski - and it is from several sources claimed that the Bell project had - at least as one of its goals - to investigate aspects concerning gravity, and potentially develop field propulsion – or anti-gravity - as a result of this.

The Roswell-crash, majestic 12 and nazi-UFOs (the nazi bell?):

When I nag about the Majestic-12 documents - even though they are questionable documents that have been "leaked", and we do not know the source - it is because I share Joseph P.Farrell's view p. 285

that they possess:
1: An authentic level, where the technical descriptions of the Roswell wreckage are summarized. (Here it is a gap between the description of the technology and what one would expect from the descriptions of a technology of extraterrestrial origin. Conversely, there exists detailed parallels between the technology as it is described, and various "black projects" from Nazi Germany).

2: A level of disinformation where the emerging "ET explanation" forms a deep "cover layer" of disinfo behind the official explanation about a crashed weather / Project Mogul balloon.

In this context it is worth mentioning another Majestic 12 document, «The 16. July 1947 Air Accident Report by General Nathan Twining toHeadquarters».

The MJ-12 document I wrote about in my previous post, was from September 1947, while this one is from July, and then immediately after the crashed occurred:


1. As ordered by Presidential directive, dated 9 July 1947, apreliminary investigation of a recovered "Flying Disc" and remains of a possible second disc, was conducted by the senior staff of this command. The data furnished in this report was provided by the engineering staff personenel of T-2 and aircraft laboratory, Engineering Division T-3. Additional data was supplied by the scientific personnel of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, CIT and the Army Air Forces Scientific Advisory Group, headed by Dr. Theodore von Karman. Further analysis was conducted by personnel from Research and Development.

2. It is the collective view of this investigative body, that the aircraft recovered by the Army and Air Force units near Victorio Peak and Socorro, New Mexico, are not of US manufacture for the following reasons:

a. The circular disc-shaped "planform" design does not resemble any design currently under development by thiscommand nor of any Navy project.

b. The lack of any external propulsion system, power plant, intake, exhaust either for propeller or jet propulsion, warrants this view.

c. The inability of the German scientists from Fort Bliss and White Sands Proving Ground to make a positive identification of a secret German V weapon out of these discs. Though thepossibility that the Russians have managed to develop such a craft, remains. The lack of any markings, ID numbers orinstructions in Cyrillic, has placed serious doubt in the minds of many, that the objects recovered are not of Russian manufacture either.

d. Upon examination of the interior of the craft, a compartment exhibiting a possible atomic engine was discovered. At least this is the opinion of Dr. Oppenheimer (sic) and Dr. vonKarman. A possibility exists that part of the craft itself comprises the propulsion system, thus allowing the reactor to function as a heat exchanger and permitting the storage of energy into a substance for later use. This may allow the converting of mass into energy, unlike the release of energy of our atomic bombs. The description of the power room is as follows:

(1) A doughnut shaped tube approximately thirty-five feet in diameter, made of what appears to be a plastic material, surrounding a central core (see sketch in Tab 1) This tube was translucent, approximately one inch this (sic),The tube appeared to be filled with a large rod centered inside the tube, was wrapped in a coil of what appears to be copper material, ran through the circumference of the tube. This may be the reactor control mechanism or a storage battery. There were no moving parts decernable (sic) within the power room nor in MISSING LINE HERE.

(2) This activation of a electrical (sic) potential is believed to be the primary power to the reactor, though it is only a theory at present. Just how a heavy water reactor functions in this environment is unknown.

(3) Underneath the power plant, was discovered a ballturret, approximately ten feet in diameter. This turret was encompassed by a series of gears that has a unusual (sic) ratio not known by any of our engineers. On the underside of the turret were four circular cavities, coated with some smooth material not identified. These cavities are symetrical (sic) but seem to be movable. Just how is not known. The movement of the turret coincides with the dome-shaped copula compartment above the power room. It is believed that the main prorpulsion system is a Modeless turbine, similar to current development now underway at AMC and the Mogul Project. A possible theory was devised by Dr. August Steinhof, Dr. Wernher von Braun (sic) and Dr. Theodore von Karman as the craft moves through the air, it somehow draws the oxygen from the atomsphere and by a (sic, et passim) induction process, generates a atomic fusion reaction (see TAB 2). The air outside the craft would thus be ionized, thus propelling the craft forward. Coupled with the circular air foil for lift, the craft would presumably have an unlimited range and air speed This may account for the reported absence of any noise and the apparent blue flame often associated with rapid acceleration.

(4) On the Deck of the power room there are what resembles typewriter keys, possibly reactor/powerplant controls. There were no conventional electronics not (sic) wiring to be seen connecting these controls to the propulsion turret.

e. There is a flight deck located inside the copula section. It is round and domed at the top. The absence of canopy, observation windows/blisters, or any optical projection, lends support to the opinion that this craft is either guided by remote viewing or is remotely controlled.

(1) A semi-circular photo-tube array (possibly television).

(2) Crew compartments were hermetically sealed via a solidification process.

(3) No weld marks, rivets or soldered joints.

(4) Craft components appear to be molded and pressed into perfect fit.


Some key points:

If the craft was of extraterrestrial origin - full of ultra-advanced ET technology - why were the three German (paperclip) rocket scientists called in to inspect the wreck? Thinking of U.S. secret projects' potential gain, - it would probably have been of interest to shield any ET technology from the Germans (and their possible contacts) two years after the war ended? So in other words, when the Germans were called in to inspect the remainings of the craft ( possible identification) it may be taken as an indication that the technology seemed man-made and of German origin?

Although the Germans were unable to identify the technology as something associated with German V-weapons, they were able to propose a rather radical form of propultion mechanism for the craft, and consequently they must at least have had some suspicions about its origin?

Nearly all technological descriptions in the document has an "man-made" character, a plastic tube, ca. 2.5 cm. in diameter, filled with a substance that seems to be ... water, a coil ... copper material ...

Furthermore, there is talk of a heavy water reactor, and that the German paperclip scientists already are thinking of a nuclear fusion reactor rather than a fission reactor. Thinking of the equipment described, it seems a process something like cold fusion(!).

Something resembling typewriter keys are mentioned in connection with the description of a possible "power plant" control, and further a "ball turret" componenet is mentioned, accompanied by a series of gears (!) With an "unusual ratio", unknown to the Americans .

All in all, there is very little in "the air accident report" document that suggests something extraterrestrial, but rather very much pointing in the direction of technology that the Nazis tried to perfect during the war.

As mentioned previously, - General Sculgen and his intelligence agents speculated about the possibility of nuclear propulsion, - in other words nuclear-powered UFOs in 1947.

The paperclip experts, Steinhof, Von Braun and Karman, describes a type of propulsion where oxygen from the atmosphere is drawn into the craft when it moves through the air, and also a process in which a nuclear fusion reaction is formed, so that the air outside the craft is ionized and thus drives the vessel forward.

As previously mentioned, it is my opinion that the term nuclear-propulsion is similar to field propulsion (“anti-gravity”) when the technology is based on a radioactive isotope to provoke these field effects.

In conclusion;

It may appear that both the official government documents - which of course are undoubtedly authentic, (represented here by Schulgens collection of intelligence memorandum) - and also the more dubious Majestic 12 documents - which probably contains a bit of authentic information mixed with a portion disinfo - largely supports the claim that the UFO phenomenon is of German origin.

If any independent Nazi "black project research team(s)" survived the war, and if the Roswell crash provide adequate evidence that such was the case, one can hardly imagine the shock waves in the Pentagon two years after the war ended ...

As Nick Cook puts it in his book "The Hunt for Zero Point": "All the better then to cloak the sensational discovery in a multi-layered disinformation operation, to conseal it behind the ET Myth".
"The Bell" was probably not a "UFO", but perhaps an experiment in cutting-edge physics?

It is from several sources claimed that "The Bell" project had as one of its aims to examine issues concerning gravity, and potentially develop fieldpropulsion / "anti-gravity" as a result of this.

The question then becomes whether any results of "The Bell" project eventually was used in connection with propulsion of other SS-initiated "black projects" - such as saucer-shaped aircrafts (which was originally intended for conventional jet / rocket propulsion)?

The reasoning is roughly as follows:

- The person or persons who leaked / hoaxed (?) "The white hot intelligence estimate" in 1998, may (most likely) not have obtained information concerning "The Bell" from Witkowski, since the information was available only from (at that time) Witkowskis unknown articles in Polish (the translated version of "Prawda o Wunderwaffe" - "The truth about the wunderwaffe" came first in 2003).

- Witkowski wrote about "The Bell" long before 1998, and could obviously not have picked info about "The Bell-fuel" from the later MJ-12 document.

- We then have two completely independent sources on an exotic form of propulsion (which may sound like a form of fieldpropulsion / "anti-gravity")

- The fact that Witkowski mentions beryllium oxides and thorium as elements in detail in "IRR xerum 525" in his early articles in Polish, confirms that the MJ-12 document that later mentions the same elements, is not fake, but real.

- That the MJ-12 document (regardless of Wikowski) mentions beryllium and thorium as ingredients in the "fuel" substantiates that Witkowski was right,, and that "The Bell" experiments actually took place.

- If the details in the MJ-12 document (that matches Witkowski) confirms that the technical descriptions in the document are true, then this is evidence that the Roswell incident actually took place.

- The technical descriptions in "The White Hot Intelligence Estimate" suggests that what crashed near Roswell was an aircraft of German origin:
The technical descriptions is about unusual and sophisticated, but earthly technology: Ignition Coil, magnets, electrodes, engine, exhaust pipes, plastic, copper wire, battery and gearbox etc.

UFOs and electromagnetic (scalar?) weapons:

In previous articles I have described how the UFO phenomenon in Hessdalen can be divided into different categories, some of which undoubtedly are solid, metallic objects, while others appear as lights in the sky.

And as mentioned in previous articles, -we do not know if "lights in the sky" and solid, metallic objects are two very different phenomena, or whether in fact the same phenomenon is observed under different physical stages. One can for example speculate that these objects are surrounded by ionized gas (plasma) as part of the propulsion (?) and what appears to be lights in the sky, in reality are solid, metallic objects surrounded by ionized air (plasma)?

In some cases, it seems to be a gradual transition from solid objects, to "plasma lights."

From witness statements in Hessdalen:

("... It was surrounded with red smoke", "... the metal had its own" glow "", "... a slightly reddish, glow above", "... you could sort of make out a dark mass in the middle ", etc.)

Other cases indicate that these are two different things: If the "plasma lights" is a kind of unknown natural phenomenon (related to the geophysical conditions in Hessdalen?) it is tempting to speculate whether Hessdalen is selected as the venue for testing of exotic technology ("anti-gravity" aircrafts, etc. .) precisely because of the presence of unknown natural phenomena which can serve as an alibi, cover and camouflage. Or is the "plasma lights" artificial manufactured technology being tested - eg. electromagnetic weapons?

In that case, one can speculate that the solid objects with silvery, metallic hulls, etc., are supervising the technology and manages / controls it?

The latter hypothesis, I have not elaborated further in the past, and can probably seem far fetched to many readers. But through Hessdalen - and through research done by Project Hessdalen we know that the UFO phenomenon is real (not the result of fraud, hallucinations, misinterpretations, etc.), and we also know that the crafts in Hessdalen maneuver in a way that suggests a kind of field propulsion , - in other words a form of manipulation of electromagnetism.

If the technology for electromagnetic propulsion exist (which many observations made in Hessdalen indicates), and it is "our" government behind it (or the power behind the power), it is very natural to assume that the same technology can be used as weapons.

-Take a look at this nice little threat from the Russian politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky:

(2, 15 out of the clip)

[...Vladimir Zhirinovsky is Vice-Chairman of the Russian State Duma and leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR), the first officially sanctioned opposition party after the fall of communism. The LDPR has deep links with the former KGB and Communist Party and has become a significant force in Russian politics, despite Zhirinovsky himself being branded as a militant neo-fascist....]

From the clip:

"...New weapons, that noone knows about them yet. With them WE WILL DESTROY any part of the planet within 15 minutes. Not an explosion, not a ray burst, not some kind of a laser, not alightning, no, but a quiet and peaceful weapon.Whole continents will be put to sleep forever. And thats all!

Regarding Zhirinovskys connection with the former KGB and the Communist Party, there is reason to take the statements seriously.


...But what exactly are we looking at here?

- An alcoholic political clown serving statements about "new weapons" from thin air, or a well experienced politician - knowing Russian military power – who has a slip of the tounge?

Or does Joseph P. Farrel have a point with his hypothesis about that this is a "message being sent" from Russia?

What Zhirinovskys actually says can be interpreted as that Russia caused Japan-tsunami, and / or that Russia will not hesitate to use the same weapons at the next opportunity!

Zhirinovsky is a Russian politician, but the technology (if real?) is probably widespread and many nations (or the elites who controls them) are probably in possession of this or similar technology.

A possible third world war is unlikely to be fought with bullets and gunpowder.


 Tuesday, July 26, 2016

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Rock star Tom DeLonge co-authored the book, Sekret Machines: Chasing Shadows, which is the first in a multimedia series of books and documentaries promising to blow the lid off a cover up of Secret Space Programs and the UFO phenomenon. A close reading of the “fiction based on fact” Sekret Machines, suggests that what it more accurately does is expose the reader to the first level of a multilayered set of Secret Space Programs.

DeLonge, a former lead vocalist for Blink 182, is the creator of the Sekret Machines multimedia disclosure initiative, and has enlisted top writers such as A.J. Hartley and Peter Levenda to co-author up to six books. In the preface of Sekret Machines and interviews, Delonge describes how he is being helped by a team of ten advisors with direct links to corporations and Department of Defense entities involved with the U.S. development of a secret space program, and knowledge of a similar program simultaneously developed in Russia and the former Soviet Union.

Sekret Machines is the product of what the advisory team is telling Delonge about their knowledge of the secret space programs that evolved in the US and Russia. According to DeLonge, their revelations are officially sanctioned by those with need to know access, and therefore the most authoritative disclosure yet to emerge on the topics of UFOs, extraterrestrial life and secret space programs.

This leads to the all-important question: is what the advisory team telling DeLonge the full truth about these topics, or only the first layer of the proverbial onion when it comes to secret space programs involving U.S. corporations and different branches of the U.S. military?

Delonge’s secret space program revelations in Sekret Machines need to be carefully compared to what credible sources have to say about these programs. In particular, the testimonies of whistleblowers who have publicly revealed themselves, thereby allowing close public scrutiny of their claims, provide a template for evaluating DeLonge’s revelations. There are two who stand out at the moment as the most credible independent sources of information on secret space programs: William Tompkins and Corey Goode.

Tompkins, a former aerospace engineer, has provided multiple documents, some dating back to the early 1940’s, which support his claimed involvement in the development of U.S. Navy and corporate funded initiatives related to secret space programs. Tompkins says that he was involved in various stages in the design, engineering and construction of a secret space program called “Solar Warden,” up to the time it became operational in 1984.

Two retired Navy officers recently confirmed Tompkins’ subsequent claims of leading “Special Projects” relating to advanced aerospace topics, while holding a number of leadership positions with the U.S. Navy League from 1985 to 1999.

Goode has provided first hand testimony of direct involvement in the operations of these programs from 1987 to 2007, and more recently in negotiations between Solar Warden and other space related programs. While Goode has provided no documents to directly support his testimony, he has been extensively vetted by a number of sources.

These include the managers of Gaia TV, and best selling author David Wilcock, who found him to be credible and subsequently approved a series of interviews called Cosmic Disclosure, which just began its second year. My own analysis of Goode’s testimony in relation to other whistleblower revelations, public documents and circumstantial evidence was also positive, as detailed in the book, Insiders Reveal Secret Space Programs.

What follows is a two part series of articles comparing DeLonge’s version of the history of a corporate funded U.S. secret space program, and what Tompkins and Goode have previously disclosed.

The Role of Nazi Germany in developing a Secret Space Program

In Sekret Machines, Delonge’s revelations coincide closely with the “high octane speculations” of the historian, Joseph Farrell, who has closely studied many Nazi-era documents in a series of books. We are told by DeLonge and Farrell that Nazi Germany was partly successful in developing an antigravity torsion field device called the Bell – Die Glocke. While it was not successfully weaponized in time to assist the Nazi war effort in Europe, it was secretly transported to South America, and eventually Antarctica in an effort by the Nazis to establish a covert Fourth Reich.

Related Secrets of Tesla and Marconi: The UFO-Mars connection | Maroni's Secret Space Program in South America, William Tompkins Confirms, and more

Artistic Depiction of Nazi Bell Project

The development of the Bell project continued at secret Nazi facilities funded by gold and corporate funds taken out of Germany by Deputy Fuhrer, Martin Bormann, which has been well documented by Paul Manning in the book, Bormann in Exile, and more recently by Farrell in The Third Way.

In Sekret Machines, DeLonge describes how the Nazi Bell project was relocated to Antarctica after South American facilities were compromised by covert allied teams in 1946. The Nazi were able to develop several operational flying saucer craft in Antarctica that were capable of reaching incredible speeds and were highly maneuverable in the atmosphere.

The Nazis are often connected with a series of secret weapons designed to help them take over the world. Die Glocke (The Bell) was supposedly one of those experiments. There is actually a lot of speculation on this Nazi plan. No one had ever heard of it until 2000 when a Polish writer, Igor Witkowski, described The Bell in his book on Nazi experiments (Prawda O Wunderwaffe – also called ‘The Truth About The Wonder Weapon’).  So what was The Bell? It was a 15-foot tall flying saucer in the shape of a bell. It had the ability to take off vertically and land. The whole thing was supposed to have been run by a secret Nazi fuel source and was highly radioactive. No papers or examples have ever been found. The Bell was supposed to be so secret that the Nazis killed the 70 scientist who were working on the project so that they would not give up the plans for the device. If you are not convinced that The Bell ever existed, take a look at the Kecksburg UFO Incident that occurred in Kecksburg, Pennsylvania in 1965. Dozens of people witnessed a bell-shaped UFO flying over the town and watched it crash into the woods. Soon after, the area was crawling with military personnel and the object was loaded onto a truck and hauled away. The whole incident was hushed up, but could have this been the Nazi Bell?


If Tesla hadn’t invented and researched everything he did in his time, our technology today would be considerably worse. But is there something more to Tesla?

Did he in fact have contact with Aliens as he publicly proclaimed? He is one of the most amazing inventors our civilization has ever known his knowledge and ideas went far and beyond what was known and accepted in his lifetime.

Tesla was a Genius, and his inventions and ideas had no boundaries. Over a hundred years ago, during the first decade of the twentieth century, Tesla filed a request to patent a peculiar aircraft, which he called “the world’s first flying saucer.”

The methods used in the design of the flying saucer matched the descriptions of those who claimed to have seen a from the UFO inside: with a discoidal capacitor with sufficient size to provide enough thrust to fly, while other small capacitors allowed to control the direction of the flying saucer, to which he added a gyroscopic stabilization system and a electric “drive” control.

Basically it is a incredibly well designed aircraft, one that we could actually manage to build today. Or have we already built it? What happened to this invention? Why are we not flying into space with Tesla’s incredible invention?

While the patent was granted, the UFO or rather called IFO as it had been identified by the insatiable imagination of Tesla, had a drawback: since the aircraft did not include an energy source of its own, it needed to be energized by the towers of wireless transmission, Tesla’s sources of “free energy”.

The lack of funding led to the abandonment of the development of the towers, so, eventually the ship also fell into darkness, and Tesla’s UFO or rather IFO was never made. But hold on Never?

Actually don’t be so sure because the US Secret Service seized all patents belonging to Tesla after his death “for reasons of national security.”

Now if Teslas ideas were insane as some had categorized them, why would the United States secret Service seize the patents for reasons of National Security? Hmmm lets think about it for a minute.

The ideas of ​​the great Nikola Tesla are incredible and better yet, way ahead of its time, many of his inventions, aimed at contributing towards world peace through free energy access, but governments and financiers of the time, did not follow the progress of Tesla’s mind.

Years later, his groundbreaking models and technological projects were used by the Nazis (not the way he had imagined it), and now numerous of his projects are held by the secret service, far away from the eyes of the public.

The Nazi Bell, AntiGravity and the Secret Apollo Space program

by Jeff Smith © September 2014

The great German–American theoretical physicist Friedwardt Winterberg stated that the generation of gigaelectronvolt (GeV) potentials, made possible in the ultra-high vacuum of space, has the capability of leading to a workable antigravity propulsion system for spaceflight.  

It is the ultra-high vacuum of space by which this can be achieved; and if the spacecraft acting as a capacitor is charged up to GeV potentials in a total vacuum, it will levitate.

If the spacecraft is positively charged against the electron cloud surrounding the craft, and with a magnetic field in the order of 10,000 gauss, it becomes insulated against the Earth's electron cloud up to GeV potentials. The spacecraft and its surrounding electron cloud form a virtual diode with a GeV potential difference. This in turn produces positive magnetic buoyancy (antigravity) in the spacecraft.  

This is also the basis of the Biefeld-Brown effect and the working mechanism behind the crude electrostatic ion-lifters used by amateur experimenters into electrogravitics.

Recently declassified US Department of Energy/Department of Defense research conducted by Winterberg and other physicists working on the relationship between plasma and gravity has disclosed a number of interesting and yet publicly unknown facts about the true nature of gravity. This information has been kept secret for over 50 years.  

The primary basis of the magnetic buoyancy theory of gravity is the simple concept of hydromagnetic displacement. This dates back to James Clerk Maxwell's original 1868 displacement theory and his lines-of-force theory.  

Simply put, a plasma if charged to a high-enough density will act as a superconductor and will repel all external magnetic and electrostatic fields. If the area of the plasma is great enough, positive buoyancy or antigravity occurs.  

Normally on Earth, we absorb the magnetic field lines causing negative buoyancy—or what is referred to as terrestrial gravity. The magnetic lines of force pull you to the surface of the Earth. The gyroscope and the induction coil prove this to be true.  

No object can shield itself from this form of magnetism unless it is shielded by a high-density plasma sheet—a basic Faraday cage effect for gravity.  

A gyroscope actually locks on to these lines of force due to the homopolar motor generator effect, producing the so-called gyroscopic effect. For antigravity, you just block or push out the lines of force and you become weightless.  

There is no mathematics needed to explain the basic theory of gravity. You just need to teach it correctly. Unfortunately, the connection between plasma and gravity was not known until World War II. By then, it was classified as a military secret and kept locked up that way for over 70 years.  

Researchers into nuclear plasma ball effects at Sandia National Laboratories and other laboratories have made great progress in this technology since it was first discovered during the testing phase of the atomic bomb in World War II.  

During the war, this effect was first discovered by scientists while working on the German atomic bomb program, commonly known as the Nazi Bell Project. It was later weaponised and tested at the Peenemünde Army Research Centre for use in a potential spaceflight program by Dr Wernher von Braun and company. After the war, the technology was transferred to the USA under Operation Paperclip.  

The early research into this technology was first assigned to Larry Bell of Bell Aircraft Corporation. After Bell's death, North American Aviation and Grumman took over the research. Both companies were the prime contractors for the Apollo Command/ Service Module (CSM) and Lunar Module (LM).  

The very-high-voltage generator circuitry—called a Marx generator—that produced this effect was hidden in the upper section of the CSM within the emergency escape rocket and acted as the upper electrode for the system. The rocket body acted as the lower electrode. This was part of the so-called "Apollo weight reduction program".  

Edward Leedskalnin of "Coral Castle" fame once said: "If you put my invention into the nose of a rocket, you will have no problem going to the Moon." Apparently he had no idea as to how correct he was.

With the LM, the entire system worked by charging its outer skin to an extremely high voltage in the millions of volts. The system could not be tested on Earth due to the capacitive plates shorting out—unless they were placed in a total vacuum chamber.  

For this reason, NASA constructed an extremely large vacuum test chamber, called the "environmental test chamber" as its cover. To hide the system in full view, they came up with the story of covering the LM with a "micrometeorite shield". This was in fact the outer capacitive plates used for charging the LM up to the power levels needed in order to repel the magnetic lines of force and the electron cloud potential (charge) of the Moon.

It took over three minutes to fully charge up the LM before zero gravity was reached. The term used during the spaceflights was to "warm up the LM".

The very-high-voltage power supply, called a Wimshurst generator, was disguised as the central gyroscope for the spacecraft in order to ensure flight stability. This is why the LM and all UFOs can only move in an up–down, left–right, forward–backward motion while in flight.  

It was centred directly over the 500-pound [~227 kilogram] kick motor that could run for only a maximum of 30 seconds before burnout. With both the kick motor and the on-board magnetic buoyancy system in operation, the LM had to be able to dock with the CSM within three orbits.  

If the weight reduction system failed to work, the LM could not take off; weighing in at over 3,000 pounds [~1,361 kilograms] with only a 500-pound kick motor to lift it, it would be futile.  

During the Apollo 13 mission, the weight reduction system was used to return the astronauts safely back to Earth. Astronaut James Lovell was quoted as saying that "the damned thing bucked like hell and it was all they could do to control it".

One slip and they would have shot off into space, never to be seen again…

Electron disconnect, Magnetic Buoyancy and the antigravity effect of a nuclear fireball

It is well known that even small detonations of chemical explosives will produce electromagnetic pulses, so it is not surprising that similar pulses are produced in nuclear explosions.

The first type of explosion is associated with the creation, by radiation from the burst, of some kind of asymmetry in the electric charge distribution surrounding the region of detonation. The second is the result of rapid expansion of the essentially perfectly conducting plasma in the Earth's magnetic field.

The first is called the Compton electron model. The other is called the field displacement model. Field displacement occurs when the expansion of the plasma fireball is restricted into a more or less spherically symmetrical manner by the surrounding material.

When the electron field density of the plasma fireball reaches over 3 x 103 per cubic centimetre, electron disconnect between the plasma fireballs, atoms and the electromagnetic field of the Earth will occur. This produces an antigravity effect that allows the plasma fireball to repel and rise up against gravity. This is due to a substantial difference in the magnetic field density of the Earth and the electron field density of the plasma fireball. It is called magnetic buoyancy.

Electromagnetic buoyancy occurs when the Earth's magnetic field lines are very rapidly stretched, expanded or moved due to the presence of the hot, expanding plasma in the nuclear fireball. This produces a form of electromagnetic buoyancy similar to standard hydrodynamic buoyancy. It is a magnetohydrodynamic process which can be demonstrated in any charged plasma if the plasma's electron density is high enough and the plasma losses are low enough to be negligible.

Immediately after the detonation of a plasma fireball, the highly ionised vapour or plasma expands rapidly. A property possessed by all plasmas is a tendency to exclude a magnetic field from its interior. The expanding plasma thus causes a violent distortion of the Earth's magnetic field as a result of the interaction between the Earth's magnetic field and the charged particles in the expanding plasma and surrounding ionised gases. This disturbance propagates away as a hydrodynamic wave.

A plasma in a magnetic field always tends to exclude the magnetic field lines from its interior. Hence, when the plasma expands it will cause the Earth's magnetic field lines to expand or to be stretched in such a way that they remain outside the conducting volume of plasma. This produces an electron disconnect between the charged particles in the plasma and the local electromagnetic field of the Earth. In this state, magnetic buoyancy occurs.

When part of the plasma ball becomes electrically neutral by recombination of the ions and electrons, it will no longer be affected by the Earth's magnetic field so it can now escape from the region of confinement. The remainder of the gas which is still charged will be recompressed.

Article references:

1. The Effects of Nuclear Weapons. US Atomic Energy Commission 1962. Effects of the Plasma Fire Ball.
2. Inter office memos and field reports between Larry Bell and Walter Dornberger. Bell Aircraft Corporation. 1948 to 1965.
The NACA Special Committee on Space Technology. Weigh Loss Research Program for Space flight. Bell Aircraft Corporation. The Early years 1948 to 1965.
Restricted Distribution. Library copy. Internal Read only. Atomic Energy Commission / DOE.

About the Author

Jeff Smith has a degree in electrical engineering, applied science and physics. He is a former a nuclear weapons specialist with the US government and a former UN weapons inspector specialising in nuclear nonproliferation issues. He is now semi-retired and works for a private nonprofit research library as a cryptographic curator and historian, preserving restricted documents that are of historic and scientific value. 

Attached Files


by Jeff Smith © September 2014
Published in NEXUS Magazine, Volume 21, Number 6. October-November 2014.
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Summary of Townsend Brown's Original Patent Specification

A Method of and an Apparatus or Machine for Producing Force or Motion

This invention relates to a method of controlling gravitation and for deriving power therefrom, and to a method of producing linear force or motion. The method is fundamentally electrical.

The invention also relates to machines or apparatus requiring electrical energy that control or influence the gravitational field or the energy of gravitation; also to machines or apparatus requiring electrical energy that exhibit a linear force or motion which is believed to be independent of all frames of reference save that which is at rest relative to the universe taken as a whole, and said linear force or motion is furthermore believed to have no equal and opposite reaction that can be observed by any method commonly known and accepted by the physical science to date.

Such a machine has two major parts A and B. These parts may be composed of any material capable of being charged electrically. Mass A and mass B may be termed electrodes A and B respectively. Electrode A is charged negatively with respect to electrode B, or what is substantially the same, electrode B is charged positively with respect to electrode A, or what is usually the case, electrode A has an excess of electrons while electrode B has an excess of protons.

While charged in this manner the total force of A towards B is the sum of force g (due to the normal gravitational field), and force e (due to the imposed electrical field) and force x (due to the resultant of the unbalanced gravitational forces caused by the electro negative charge or by the presence of an excess of electrons of electrode A and by the electro positive charge or by the presence of an excess of protons on electrode B).

By the cancellation of similar and opposing forces and by the addition of similar and allied forces the two electrodes taken collectively possess a force 2x in the direction of B. This force 2x, shared by both electrodes, exists as a tendency of these electrodes to move or accelerate in the direction of the force, that is, A towards B and B away from A. Moreover any machine or apparatus possessing electrodes A and B will exhibit such a lateral acceleration or motion if free to move.

In this Specification I have used terms as "gravitator cells" and "gravitator cellular body" which are words of my own coining in making reference to the particular type of cell I employ in the present invention. Wherever the construction involves the use of a pair of electrodes, separated by an insulating plate or member, such construction complies with the term gravitator cell, and when two or more gravitator cells are connected in series within a body, such will fall within the meaning of gravitator cellular body.
The electrodes A and B are shown as having placed between them an insulating plate or member C of suitable material, such that the minimum number of electrons or ions may successfully penetrate it. This constitutes a cellular gravitator consisting of one gravitator cell.

It will be understood that, the cells being spaced substantial distances apart, the separation of adjacent positive and negative elements of separate cells is greater than the separation of the positive and negative elements of any cell, and the materials of which the cells are formed being the more readily affected by the phenomena underlying my invention than the mere space between adjacent cells, any forces existing between positive and negative elements of adjacent cells can never become of sufficient magnitude to neutralize or balance the force created by the respective cells adjoining said spaces. The uses to which such a motor, wheel, or rotor may be put are practically limitless, as can be readily understood, without further description. The structure may suitably be called a gravitator motor of cellular type.

In keeping with purpose of my invention an apparatus may employ the electrodes A and B within a vacuum tube. Electrons, ions, or thermions can migrate readily from A to B. The construction may be appropriately termed an electronic, ionic, or thermionic gravitator as the case may be.

In certain of the last named types of gravitator units, it is desirable or necessary to heat to incandescence the whole or part of electrode A to obtain better emission of negative thermions or electrons or at least to be able to control that emission by variation in the temperature of said electrode A. Since such variations also influence the magnitude of the longitudinal force or acceleration exhibited by the tube, it proves to be a very convenient method of varying this effect and of electrically controlling the motion of the tube. The electrode A may be heated to incandescence in any convenient way as by the ordinary methods utilizing electrical resistance or electrical induction.

Moreover in certain types of the gravitator units, now being considered, it is advantageous or necessary also to conduct away from the anode or positive electrode B excessive heat that may be generated during the operation. Such cooling is effected externally by means of air or water cooled flanges that are in thermo connection with the anode, or it is effected internally by passing a stream of water, air, or other fluid through a hollow anode made especially for that purpose.

The gravitator motors may be supplied with the necessary electrical energy for the operation and resultant motion thereof from sources outside and independent of the motor itself. In such instances they constitute external or independently excited motors. On the other hand the motors when capable of creating sufficient power to generate by any method whatsoever all electrical energy required therein for the operation of said motors are distinguished by being internal or self excited. Here, it will be understood that the energy created by the operation of the motor may at times be vastly in excess of the energy required to operate the motor. In some instances the ratio may be even as high as a million to one. Inasmuch as any suitable means for supplying the necessary electrical energy, and suitable conducting means for permitting the energy generated by the motor to exert the expected influence on the same may be readily supplied, it is now deemed necessary to illustrate details herein. In said self excited motors the energy necessary to overcome the friction or other resistance in the physical structure of the apparatus, even to accelerate the motors against such resistance, is believed to be derived solely from the gravitational field or the energy of gravitation. Furthermore, said acceleration in the self excited gravitator motor can be harnessed mechanically so as to produce usable energy or power, said usable energy or power, as aforesaid, being derived from or transferred by the apparatus solely from the energy of gravitation.

The gravitator motors function as a result of the mutual and unidirectional forces exerted by their charged electrodes. The direction of these forces and the resultant motion thereby produced are usually toward the positive electrode. This movement is practically linear. It is this primary action with which I deal.

As has already been pointed out herein, there are two ways in which this primary action can accomplish mechanical work. First, by operating in a linear path as it does naturally, or second, by operating in a curved path. Since the circle is the most easily applied of all the geometric figures, it follows that the rotary form is important.

There are three general rules to follow in the construction of such motors. First, the insulating sheets should be as thin as possible and yet have a relatively high puncture voltage. It is advisable also to use paraffin saturated insulators on account of their high specific resistances. Second, the potential difference between any two metallic plates should be as high as possible and yet be safely under the minimum puncture voltage of the insulator. Third, there should in most cases be as many plates as possible in order that the saturation voltage of the system might be raised well above the highest voltage limit upon which the motor is operated. Reference has previously been made to the fact that in the preferred embodiment of the invention herein disclosed the movement is towards the positive electrode. However, it will be clear that the motion may be had in a reverse direction determined by what I have just termed 'saturation voltage' by which is meant the efficiency peak or maximum of action for that particular type of motor; the theory, as I may describe it, being that as the voltage increases the force or action increases to a maximum which represents the greatest action in a negative to positive direction. If the voltage were increased beyond that maximum the action would decrease to zero and hence to the positive to negative direction.

The rotary motor comprises broadly speaking, an assembly of a plurality of linear motors, fastened to or bent around the circumference of a wheel. In that case the wheel limits the action of the linear motors to a circle, and the wheel rotates in the manner of a fireworks pin wheel.

I declare that what I claim is:

1. A method of producing force or motion which comprises the step of aggregating the predominating gravitational lateral or linear forces of positive and negative charges which are so co-operatively related as to eliminate or practically eliminate the effect of the similar and opposing forces which said charges exert.
2. A metod of producing force or motion, in which a mechanical or structual part is associated with at least two electrodes or the like, of which the adjacent electrodes or the like have charges of differing characteristics, the rsultant, predominating, unidirectional gravitational force of said electrodes or the like being utilized to produce linear force or motion of said part.
3. A method according to Claim 1 or 2, in which the predominating force of the charges or electrodes is due to the normal gravitational field and the imposed electrical field.
4. A method according to Claim 1 or 2, in which the electrodes or other elements bearing the charges are mounted, preferably rigidly, on a body or support adapted to move or exert force in the general direction of alignment of the electrodes or other charge-bearing elements.
5. A machine or apparatus for producing force or motion, which includes at least two electrodes or like elements adapted to be differently charged, so relatively arranged that they produce a combined linear force or motion in the general direction of their alignment.
6. A machine according to Claim 5, in which the electrodes or like elements are mounted, preferably rigidly, on a mechanical or structual part, whereby the predominating unidirectional force obtained from the electrodes or the like is adapted to move said part or to oppose forces tending to move it counter to the direction in which it would be moved by the action of the electrodes or the like.
7. A machine according to Claim 5 or 6, in which the energy necessary for charging the electrodes or the like is obtained either from the electrodes themselves or from an independent source.
8. A machine according to Claim 5, 6 or 7, whose force action or motive power depends in part on the gravitational field or energy of gravitation which is controlled or influenced by the action of the electrodes or the like.
9. A machine according to any of Claims 5 to 8, in the form of a motor including a gravitator cell or a gravitator cellular body, substantially as described.
10. A machine according to Claim 9, in which the gravitator cellular body or an assembly of the gravitator cells is mounted on a wheel-like support, whereby rotation of the latter may be effected, said cells being of electronic, ionic or thermonic type.
11. A method of controlling or influencing the gravitational field or the energy of gravitation and for deriving energy or power therefrom comprising the use of at least two masses differently electrically charged, whereby the surrounding gravitational field is affected or distorted by the imposed electrical field surrounding said charged masses, resulting in a unidirectional force being exerted on the system of charged masses in the general direction of the alignment of the masses, which system when permitted to move in respone to said force in the above mentioned direction derives and accumulates as the result of said movement usable energy or power from the energy of gravitation or the gravitational field which is so controlled, influenced, or distorted.
12. The method of and the machine or apparatus for producing force or motion, by electrically controlling or influencing the gravitational field or energy of gravitation.

Constructs of Reality:
Secret Science Revealed - 

By Stan Deyo

The letters from Dr. James R. Maxfield arrived in Melbourne on the fifteenth of May 1972. They had been dictated six days earlier in Dr. Maxfield's radiation research clinic in Dallas, Texas. One of the letters instructed the recipient - to have a visit with Sir John Williams. Apparently, Dr. Maxfield had previously contacted Sir John about this author's coming to Australia... (see copies of this letter and the other as Appendix-4 of The Cosmic Conspiracy). 

The same letter also stated that the Chief Superintendent of the Aeronautical Research Lab. at Melbourne would be contacted by both Sir John and Dr. Maxfield on this author's behalf (so that he might seek employment there to continue his research into 'anti-gravity'). Dr. Maxfield's letter went on to say that he and Dr. Edward Teller were planning to come to Australia in October and hoped they might 'get together' with this author at that time. 

The second letter was a copy of the one which Dr. Maxfield had sent to the A.R.L. Superintendent. It had told the superintendent that, although this author was then working as a computer systems analyst for a well-known tractor firm in Melbourne that he (Maxfield) hoped the A.R.L. could find a position for him - as this author had been working in a field that he (Maxfield) and Dr. Teller had been 'interested in'. This author knew what that 'field' was...: 'anti-gravity'. 

In his last meeting with Dr. Maxfield in America in 1971, this author was told about various other research projects in America which had been or were under the watchful eye of Dr. Edward Teller. It was an incredible moment! It was like meeting the real Santa Claus... finding out that the mysterious 'they' really did have names and faces... and super technology. Dr. Maxfield told the author how he and 'Ed Teller' had 'sponsored other young minds' (like this author's) in the pursuits of the secrets of gravitational energy... It was mind-boggling. He went on to say that there had been over fifty 'antigravity' research projects in the U.S. since 1948!... (Some of the results of these projects and their accompanying contract numbers from the issuing authorities will be discussed in the next chapter). 

This author then prepared two preliminary papers on electro-gravitic propulsion for the A.R.L. as per Dr. Maxfield's instructions. After a few weeks had passed, Dr. Tom Keeble - the director of the mechanical engineering division of the A.R.L. - called this author into the facility for a critique of his preliminary papers. Dr. Keeble with two of his research staff attended the closed-door meeting. A short time was spent discussing the papers and some of the somewhat embarrassing mistakes this author had made when preparing the material. After this, Dr. Keeble asked why this author had not stayed in America to finish his research. 

This author then related the long story of his FBI involvement, his training at the U.S. Air Force Academy, and his subsequent and somewhat peripheral involvement in the U.S. 'anti-gravity' research program. Dr. Keeble looked as though he wanted to say something which he felt he could not because of certain 'restrictions'. His furrowed brow framed his bushy eyebrows as he finally said, "Look, we know your theory works;... your design is not the best for a fully-operational model;... but it will work... What has puzzled us the most is how you found out about it... about the project..."
He went on to say, something like "We knew that the Yanks - no offence meant - and the Canadians did some mind control or tuning experiments in the early sixties; but we thought they had abandoned it because so many of the test blokes had gone mental or suicided under the subliminal effects of the conditioning - Yet, here you are as living proof that they did succeed."
This author interjected saying, "Yes, that could be quite true; however, if it is then you have apparently made the assumption that I am not one of those who cracked up under the strain... haven't you?"
"Yes," he said as he smiled, "We have made that assumption here. Furthermore, I, personally, feel that your mind is one of those that they tuned to tap into - now, don't laugh - other people's sub-conscious minds."
"You're joking!" this author interjected. "Look, don't patronize me; if you do think I'm nuts, just say so, and let's be done with it!"
This must have convinced Dr. Keeble and his staff to chance trying to tell this author some things which might ordinarily be too risky for them to have said at that moment. The room was apparently bugged by ASIO (Australian Security and Intelligence Organization) - or so they were trying to tell this author with their silent gestures toward the book shelf behind them followed with questions as to whether or not ASIO had, as yet, contacted this author. In fact, one of the chaps in the meeting suggested that, because of the very quiet manner used by this author to enter Australia, ASIO might not have known what information this author had stored away in his tidy little sub-conscious data bank. 

Dr. Keeble leaned forward and said, "There are extensive motion-picture libraries of these flying saucers taken right here in Australia. The RAAF have control of these libraries. I've seen them. Good stuff you yanks have put together on that project!" As he finished speaking, this author asked him if he could also see these filmed records. 

Dr. Keeble and his colleagues all said, "Oh no, you couldn't possibly... they require a clearance that you as a yank cannot obtain." Yet, as they were all saying these words, with their hands they were frantically pointing to the book shelf and in some cases miming the word, 'maybe' with their lip movements. Their message came through...: Whoever was bugging their room was not of the same philosophy as those people present; however, one or more of those present would make a later attempt to show this author those film records.
Dr. Keeble tryed to say something more,... "You see, there's something like a group of us who ...ah..." This author interjected, "By group, do you mean a club or a formal organization?"
"No", he said, "...scientists, engineers around the world... we feel... well.. I..." and his voice trailed off leaving the sentence unfinished as he allowed one of his staff to add further comments on the earlier subject of 'mind training' before he, himself, joined into the same discussion. "...So you see", Dr. Keeble resumed, "your mind can theoretically eavesdrop on the collective knowledge of all those people in the world who study or practice any of the subjects your mind might ever wish to, consciously, address as a means to solving any problem requiring conceptual knowledge which you haven't previously gained by any other scholastic or practical means..."
The very thought made this author's mind race with the possibilities - the very probabilities - that what he had just heard was true!...: "But then", he thought, "who would believe me, if I told them I have already experienced this school-of-the-mind effect?... Who indeed...?" One wonders what Valentich really got to see on the RAAF base at Sale;... was it the actual UFO films?... 

Months passed after the Melbourne meeting and this author was not taken into the employ of the A.R.L.. In fact, both papers previously submitted to the A.R.L. had even been 'classified' and removed from the receiving authority at the A.R.L.. Strange events began to manifest. Someone broke into the author's home in broad daylight;... and touched nothing. When the local police were called-in and shown the forced entry, their answer was, "Sorry, mate, this is a political situation and we can't do anything about it..."
Weeks passed and Dr. Alan Hynek came to town. The author was summoned to see him by an intermediary. The meeting took place in an attorney's penthouse in Melbourne. Dr. Hynek questioned this author on his knowledge of the UFO situation. Copies of the previously-mentioned A.R.L. documents were given to Dr. Hynek. After a lengthy discussion Dr. Hynes smiled and reached in his pocket producing a hidden pocket tape recorder - which he then turned off. He asked if this author had ever discussed the UFO-coverup situation with the American comedian, Dick Gregory. The answer was "No,... but why do you ask?" Hynek then said that Dick Gregory had made the same claims and had named the same responsible parties to Hynek, himself. just before Hynek had left the U.S. for Melbourne. Hynek advised this author to 'keep in touch' at a particular address and telephone number in the U.S. 

It was not until months later when a phone call from a 'reliable source' in Auckland. New Zealand informed the author that both Hynek and an attorney in Melbourne were CIA operatives that the situation became a bit clearer. Apparently, the author had caused quite a stir in certain local and international intelligence organizations by releasing his basic theories about suppressed 'flying saucer' technology to the civilian populace of Melbourne and Auckland. It became more and more obvious with subsequent 'unofficial' visits by A.S.I.O. operatives and employees from the Australian Defence Standards Lab., that this author was under the 'eyepiece'. 

As the pursuit of those who wanted the author either dead or very tightly muzzled warmed-up, this author managed to 'disappear' into the Australian scene. Although the elusive methods used by the author were not unique, it may be that he will need to use the same techniques again in the near future. As a result, it must suffice to say that the author 'went bush' for around a year's time... finally surfacing in the most remote city on Earth: Perth - finding it the most delightful hiding place he could have chosen... had there been a choice.. 

The low-profile was, however, soon destroyed by the normal processes of meeting new people . It became all too obvious that the pseudonym the author had adopted was no longer a 'cover' of any magnitude. It was because of this realization, that the author finally agreed to make a statewide radio broadcast on the national Australian network: the ABC. He felt that one of two things would result from doing the show: 1) He would either have, subsequently, a very short duration in lifespan, or 2) The information he could suddenly release all at once might just make him too noticed thereby insuring his extended longevity. There was nothing to lose; so when Neil Watson of the ABC asked him to do the show - live, this author surfaced with a 'bang'. The switchboards jammed for three hours over the broadcast which only lasted an hour and a half. Many people made cassette recordings of the program from their radios. Hundreds of copies seemed to appear overnight in the state. The interest was so high, that the ABC authorized two more shows with only a few 'restrictions' as to what subjects could be discussed on the air. The gamble had paid off. 

A year passed with the public interest climbing steadily because of the 'underground' tapes which seemed to traverse not only Australia but also many other nations. Then, Channel 9 - the local favourite in television - asked the author to do a thirty-minute spot as a 'surprise trailer' to their forthcoming, UFO special production by director, Guy Baskin. The production was entitled, UFOs Are Here. The author was quite willing to do the show - realizing the more coverage - the longer the life... 

Again, the public response was overwhelming. As a result, two more Channel 9 television specials were produced in which the author was allowed to say almost everything he desired. (although some items had to be deleted or omitted with his permission for the legal protection of Channel 9). The resulting ratings of the shows were a sign that the 'plot heard around the world' may not be as impossible an objective as previously thought. 

In the months that have followed the Channel 9 UFO documentaries, the author has also been further assisted in his efforts to 'spread the word' by Brisbane's Radio Station 4IP. Subjects such as Biblical prophecy, suppressed 'flying saucer technology', the conspiracy to overthrow the established governments of the world, and a host of other subjects which are to be found in this book were first broadcast there at 4IP by Alan McGervin and Greg Hunting in an effort to educate their listeners not only to the many problems facing today's society, but also to the solution which this author has personally accepted for those same problems. 

Conservative estimates now indicate that 4,000 original cassette recordings of a variety of this author's radio broadcasts, private lectures, and the recent series of public lectures given in Brisbane are currently circulating in Australia. The second and third generation copies of these recordings raise the figure to an estimated 7,000 tapes. Considering that each tape has been heard by at least ten persons and the average family size is four people, it is quite reasonable to say that one in every fifty families in Australia has already heard about at least a few of the topics this author has discussed from those very tapes. Although the public interest has been gratifying, it has also become so overwhelming, that the author has had to write this book to avoid needless repetition of the same facts and deductions. Although there are yet many details of this author's personal adventures remaining to be told, they must now wait for some other time... and some other space; for much more important observations now need to be related to the reader... 

One of the hottest debates in physics today is over the true nature of space: Is it a 'luminiferous ether' or is it some abstract, ten-dimensional, Reimannian construction like Dr. Albert Einstein proposed in his Theory of General Relativity? If it does, indeed, require a superdimensioned construction to explain the physical laws of the universe, one must wonder why this construction could not be replaced by one using real and observable dimensions like width, length, and depth... If, on the other hand, space is a 'luminiferous ether' or some tenuous 'fluid', then one wonders why the functions of the physical laws of the universe cannot be observed; and, hence, translated into a mathematical construct of reality... of three real dimensions with time expressed as a ratio of relative distances and vectors. 

Strange as it may seem, space has already been properly described right here on Earth as far back as 1954! Space is a 'fine structure'... a 'tenuous medium, fluid or field'. All gravitational, electromagnetic, and electrostatic phenomena occur as results of various interactions of energy 'waves' in this 'fluid space'. In pages 172-174, 176, 178 and 180 of Scientific American in 1954, a brilliant discussion giving three-dimensional explanations of many nuclear phenomena (based largely on previous discussions written by Douglass Crockwell) was conducted by Albert G. Ingalls. Crockwell's explanations offer the only real solution to the apparent paradox which certain nuclear events present to the researcher: A particle sometimes behaves like a wave. The discussion stated: 

"It seems reasonable, as a first thought to accept each particle-field relationship as an inseparable something, which is perceived sometimes in one fashion and sometimes in another. We might also think of the particle portion of the effect as that which is experienced radial to the course or potential course. We know that some relationship of this sort exists, whether or not it is exactly as stated. Variation of one effect is accompanied by a reciprocal variation in the other effect. In other words, the more the particle field manifests itself as a particle, the less it manifests itself as a field, and vice versa."
"... We also know that charged particles in motion exhibit a 'sense' or quality of right - or left-handedness which characterizes their charges... From this we can infer a kind of tangential motion in space around the course of a particle - a motion which differs between particles of unlike charge."
The discussion went on to say, "...It is important to remember that the field does not rotate as a unit. The areas of the field vary only in the diameter and the phase of translation. As the field is explored from the centre outward, the phase of rotation lags progressively. Hence, its structure can be considered as a series of concentric phase shells, each 360 degrees out of step with adjoining neighbours."
"The field and particle are one, and at all points the action is similar. The diameter of translation is greatest when the particle is at relative rest. An increase of particle-field velocity is accompanied by an increased rate of rotation but a smaller radius of rotation."
The summary statements of the discussion brought out a very interesting point about James Clerk Maxwell - the Einstein of the nineteenth century:
"I submit a line from the great James Clerk Maxwell's preface to his theory of electromagnetic radiation: 'In several parts of this treatise, an attempt has been made to explain electromagnetic phenomena by means of a mechanical action...' "
A very common phenomenon illustrates Crockwell's model 'particle-field' concept. If one blows a weak 'smoke ring', it moves slowly away in a rapidly-widening ring. If, however, one blows a strong 'smoke ring', it moves away rapidly - maintaining a very small diameter. If a person nearby were struck by the latter smoke ring, the impulse or particle effect would be more obvious than the tangential expansion pressure on the ring. On the other hand, if that some person were struck by the first smoke ring of less translational energy, it would not be felt as a direct impact so much as an expanding crawl over the individual's person. Although it would prove a bit difficult in practice, one could, theoretically, shoot two smoke rings at each other so that their encounter would produce either mutual annihilation or mutual enhancement dependent upon the rotation vector applied to each ring as it left the issuing orifice. 

The annihilation would produce a visual effect like a 'barred-spiral galaxy' while the enhancement would produce a visual effect like the 'Sombrero galaxy'. The reader who is keenly interested in the mechanics of gravity and electromagnetism must pursue the preceding lines of thought to properly understand the 'missing link' which unites the physical laws of the microcosm with those of the macrocosm. 

If one views 'space' as an infinite existence - a continuum - comprised of endless levels of subnuclear particle-fields forming atoms forming planetary systems which form galaxies that, in turn, form galactic cells and, etc. ad infinitum, then one can easily visualize that the 'ether' of man's particular level of existence is a 'fluid' comprised of ultra-small 'particle-fields' which, in turn, are made-up of relatively equally small 'particle-fields'. 'Time', as such, in a continuum of such magnitude is equally relative. 

'Time' is not an absolute dimension in reality. The only absolute is energy. The distribution of energy within the various levels of the hierarchy of existence creates the phenomenon called, 'time'. As the distribution of energy is not uniform, 'time' itself, is not uniform in the universe. When a person says it took him five seconds to walk across a room, he is really saying a clock pendulum moved or changed its energy-distribution level five times as compared to his own, single change of energy-distribution made by his walk across the room. Time is a ratio of changes in energy-density. 'Time' on an atom passes much faster than 'time' at the Earth level does. If a person's body were to be 'pumped' with resonant energy, it would make him age several days in only a few relative minutes to someone watching him. If, however, the person were to be 'drained' with resonant energy, it would lower his energy-density causing him to age only a few minutes in several relative days of the observer's time. 

How incredible it would be... Suppose a group of scientists had to solve a very time-dependent problem in a hurry. If they were to take their pencils and paper with themselves into a 'field' which harmonically 'pumped' their energy-densities to a higher level, 'time' would extend for them. They would have several relative days to solve their problem while only a few relative minutes of time had passed to the world outside their 'field'... fascinating... isn't it?! If the American base at Pine Gap could be used to 'pump' resonant, low frequency energy into certain circles of the country, the effects could be mind-boggling. Why, in just a few days of time relative to the rest of the world, certain parts of Australia could pass several years of time relative to its occupants. 

Has the reader ever had those days that seem to 'fly by'?... On the other hand, if the same facility could be used to 'drain' energy from those same circles of influence, the days would seem to'drag by' to those so influenced... If an electric air- or space-craft based on the same principle of resonance were to be suddenly accelerated into a new vector at speeds which would normally break its molecular lattice apart, a 'relative' or 'apparent' 35g acceleration could be easily amortized over a relative 'time-dilation' of 1:35 inside the field of the craft... giving the craft and its crew the relative acceleration of only 1g...! If the reader has been able to grasp the preceding dissertation on time and space, he now knows why 'UFOs' have such incredible performance characteristics. They are only relatively incredible... 



The reader is asked to examine figures (3-a), (3-b), and (3-c). All three figures represent the same 'system' in different energy states. The system consists of a rectangular fish-tank - sealed on all sides. The pump (c) pumps water into the tank through hole (a) and extracts the water from hole (b). A small trolley car (d) with one, upright end resides on the track (f). Assuming that no air bubbles appear in the circulation patterns, when the pump is activated, the trolley car will move away from the water inlet (a) toward the end (e) with no visible means of acceleration to an observer outside the tank. The trolley car will come to rest flat against the end as shown in figure (3-b). 

Now, let the same process be repeated with several holes having been drilled through the trolley car's upright as shown in figure (3-c). The trolley car will not come to rest flat against the end (e). Instead, it will stand back from the end a certain distance. To the observer, the trolley car would have oscillated toward the end (e) very briefly before coming to rest in the position shown. The reason is plain: The water from the inlet struck the upright driving it toward (e); however, some of the water passed through the holes in the upright striking (e) and rebounding back into the upright as it approached (e) creating an 'energy-cushion' between the end and the upright. So, as long as the observer could not see or feel the energy 'waves' moving the trolley car he could only deduce some 'force' was at work which had either 'pushed' or 'pulled' the trolley car to the end. 

If the observer could then somehow place his hand into the tank while the system was operating, without destroying the pressure seal, he could take the upright in his fingers and move it toward the end (e). Upon releasing the trolley car, he would see it move away from the end (e) returning to its former position - however, this time the observer would have 'felt' the force that tugged at the trolley car. Yet, that 'force' was actually the resultant of one force acting upon its own partial reflection from the end (e). 

If the observer could then move the trolley car toward the end of the water inlet (a), he would find that the 'tugging' force had apparently reversed direction as it would then be pulling toward the end (e). He would then realize that releasing the trolley car would allow it to 'gravitate' to the point along the track (f) where the force of the incoming water was being balanced by the force of the reflected water. 

In reality, all mass on the surface or outer shell of the Earth is matter whose nuclear density (like the holes in the upright) has caused it to 'gravitate' to that distance or radius which is the resultant of an energy-input-vase passing through its nuclear holes, meeting itself in the centre of Earth, and reflecting back toward itself.

The centre of the Earth is like the end (e) while that spot where the trolley cat 'gravitates - to' is like the surface of Earth. 

Certain conclusions follow from these observations. Firstly, 'gravity' is the resultant of a bidirectional pair of forces. Secondly, 'gravity' has higher oscillation frequencies the closer the observer approaches to the centre of the input-energy wave reflection point. Thirdly, a mass whose nuclear 'hole-spacing' gives it a greater 'particle-field' density than another with more 'holes' per unit area will not reside at the same radius from the 'centre' as the other will. It will, in fact, reside closer to the centre. This effect can be detected on the Earth's surface, by a study of the, so-called, 'specific gravitational nature' of the elements - which will show that 'gravity' and 'specific gravity' are the same phenomenon. 

It is quite simple. Even though acceleration due to gravity is basically a constant on Earth, when a mass takes on a 'gravitational' radius from the centre of the Earth it is related to the ratio of its atomic 'particle-field' areas divided into the atomic spacing areas (or 'holes'). Therefore, those masses of the higher ratios of 'particle-field' densities to atomic 'holes' reside closer to the centre; and are referred to as more dense objects. That mass whose ratio approaches infinity converts to pure, radiant energy from the centre of the system. 

The 'gravitational' effect is, in reality, the resultant of more than just two opposing forces. As any object must have spin around its own axis to have the effect, it follows that the 'gravitational' effect is the resultant of the spin/anti-spin moments and the convergent/divergent moments... This is the reason that 'gravitational' fields vary by the fourth power of their angular velocity in free space. Such a theory of 'gravity' also predicts that 'gravitational' shells exist in any 'gravitational' field. These shells would give the illusion that 'gravity' reversed its direction as one approached the centre of the generating field. In this theory, if one were to drill a hole to the centre of the Earth, and were to drop a stone down that hole, one could expect the stone to fall only a portion of the distance to the centre before reversing direction and 'falling' back up the hole until it found its shell of balanced forces. Recent tests have even visually shown the Sun has at least one such inner shell which can be 'seen' through the sunspots. This inner shell spins so fast, that for the first time it appears that the hyperbolic equation which Laplace once formulated for orbital radius versus relative velocity is totally acceptable! 


'Magnetism' is the same type of phenomenon as 'gravity'. All things in normal states can be 'magnetised' to some degree. 'Gravity', also, normally affects all things in its field. 'Gravity' has frequency and so does 'magnetism'. 'Gravity' has 'shells' of balanced forces and so does 'magnetism'. Where is the difference? It is quite simple. If a mass (like the Earth) spins around its own axis, the resulting reductions of pressure in the 'fluid of space' produce 'gravity'. 

As the sub-particles of this mass (like electrons) orbit a chain of atoms in spiralling courses - thus reducing the pressure at right angles to the particle path in the 'fluid of space' - an interlocking series of vectors give the illusion of 'magnetism'. The motion of Earth around the Sun could be called a 'magnetic' moment while its motion around its own axis is a 'gravitic' moment. 

The frequency of a nuclear magnetic field is very high when compared to the frequency of the gravitic field that contains the Earth. 'Gravity' is a source of power and so is 'magnetism'. Both are results of balanced-but dynamic forces. By introducing shielding or a method of diverting the energy density of one 'shell' to a lower state 'shell' one can draw energy from both fields. There is more - much more to say - but it might prove too technical for this book. 

In a forthcoming publication, the author will thoroughly explain 'gravity' and 'magnetism' as functions of inertial waves in the 'ether' or 'the fine structure' of 'space'. The mystery of the so called 'North' and 'South' poles of magnets will be visually explained as will be the 'right-hand' twist of magnetic fields. A method of utilizing 'gravity' as a means of transport will also be detailed by a discussion of the use of resonating, low-frequency, high-voltage electric fields. But, these things must wait for the present moment. 

Defense contractor's anti-gravity discovery disclosed

A fabled top secret World War II technology, never fully developed by the Nazis, although many individuals were allegedly killed in the process of its testing, apparently has been replicated in part by a mainstream Californian defense contractor, SARA, showing anti-gravity and propulsion effects.

Part I -- Introduction
by  Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News, Exclusive Interview
Copyright © 2005

Tim Ventura's "lifter"

Tim Ventura has been running AmericanAntigravity.com for three and a half years, and has approached the site and its subject with a passion of a dedicated activist. He has posted video clips and given numerous demonstrations of the gravity-defying "lifters" he has built. He's been interviewed on several major U.S. radio talk shows, has had numerous articles written about him, and has been featured on television networks, most recently having done a segment that is slated to appear on the Discovery channel.

With that background, we take notice when he points to something as being "the most significant development" in the field.

With a preface to that effect, he recently announced that John Dering of SARA and members of that team have replicated key elements of the fabled Nazi Bell technology, and have seen some anti-gravity and propulsion effects with it. Not only does their replication have ramifications for anti-gravity and propulsion, but it could also hold a key to the development of new energy technologies. The technology depends on and fills in some missing pieces in Einstein's Unified Field Theory.

Ventura paraphrases Dering as saying, "Quantum mechanics might not explain this, but Einstein's [Unified Field Theory] does, as shown by Gabriel Kron." As the former Chief Scientist for GE, Kron's work is the lynchpin to understanding these things, according to Ventura.

Though this sounds fantastic and unbelievable, we have to take note that SARA is not a "fringe science" group. They carry out contracts for major companies such as Boeing and Lockheed. Founded in the '80s, Scientific Applications & Research Associates are a split-off from U.S. military-aerospace research and development, and they have multiple facilities and numerous engineers in their independent company. Take a look at their website, and you will see that they are a substantial outfit that is taken seriously by the mainstream of science and technology.

On the other hand, also remarkable is the fact that SARA is not boasting about this discovery. They have been holding this card very tight to their chest.

Ventura thinks this is the most exciting thing going, and has been tracking it for over a year, accumulating what he guesses to be around 650 emails with the company on the subject. Dering "laid out the physics in great detail" to Ventura.

"The Nazi-Bell device consisted two of counter-rotating cylindrical containers. The containers, which were positioned one above the other measured approximately 1-meter in diameter, and were filled with cryogenically cooled and frozen Mercury metal. There was a frozen core of a metallic paste, which served as a "high permeability material" for the EMG (electromagnetic-gravitational) field."
-- Nick Cook, Hunt for Zero Point

How did Dering get involved?
Ventura said that Dering once related a story about noticing an unexplained anti-gravity phenomenon when called out to trouble-shoot a situation in which mercury was splashing to the top of a chamber under certain conditions. When he saw the same thing in two additional, independent, unintended cases, to him that counted as a scientifically-reproduced effect. He began to read the work of Gabriel Kron, and studied the Nazi Bell research, finding in their work some plausible explanations for what he had observed. Those pioneers laid the groundwork upon which Dering set forth intentionally to replicate the effect. When he and his team were able to accomplish this, it showed that the mercury had not been splashing. It had been levitating.

Dering's scaled-down replication hasn't killed anyone, but it has reportedly "made people nauseous," said Ventura.

Sitting on it

What is maddening to Ventura is that they have such a profound development, and it is going nowhere.

For example, Ventura brokered a phone call from a government interest [obscured per Ventura's request] to SARA in order to get some funding rolling, but SARA declined to give the information requested in the screening call.

Ventura laments that all SARA needs is a million dollars or so to go to the next step with their research on this. To him, "it seems as though they are treating this like just another one of their many projects. Until they get funding for it, they will not go forward with it." Yet the many attempts Ventura has made to facilitate funding for this have met with frustration every time. Ventura even recently incorporated American Antigravity as a 501(c)3 non-profit in hopes of raising the necessary funds for this research.

In addition to the frustration of seeing the technology stalled, Ventura has resented being told not to talk about it publicly. "I didn't start AAG just to sit on it," he said. Being the promotional person that he is, keeping quiet really violates his nature.
"I was surprised and dismayed to find that SARA had no interest in publicizing what could be the greatest technological breakthrough in the history of mankind. John was more than happy to assist me with writing an article about the Nazi-Bell. But then he censored my attempt to disclose the fact that a successful replication had been conducted. Creating a gravitational back-EMF effect that they were unable to shield is particularly relevant given SARA's role in doing EMF-shielding for the B-2 Bomber."

Last January, Ventura wrote a story about the development, but when he passed it by Dering, he was told to take out any mention that SARA had this technology.

After these many more months of going the rounds with them, he got to a point that seems like an impasse: a technology that Ventura thinks should be front-and-center in science as one of the key answers to some of the most pressing technological issues facing mankind is essentially mothballed. This week Ventura composed a document that provides a closer look at what is going on, and divulges – against SARA's earlier wishes – the fact that SARA has this technology and is doing nothing with it.

Though he hopes he hasn’t burned his bridges in so doing, he said that considering what is at stake on this planet, his ethics as a human being are driving him to risk his relationship with SARA "in order to at least educate the public about this compelling research." One is reminded of Taiwan, which recently bucked a patent after negotiations with the patent holder were stalemated, in order to proceed in the development of a vaccine because they believed it to be capable of saving many lives.

Ventura recently stated, "The more involved that I became with this story, the more confusing the entire situation became. The problem is not that it's a hoax, which I could simply ignore, but that it is a compelling technology literally collecting dust, and my best efforts at raising awareness about it were thwarted by the very people who deserve recognition for their valuable research."

He does not expect that SARA will budge, but what he hopes to accomplish is to point people in the right direction, so that others might come up with what SARA has discovered but is sitting on.

"Think about the billions of dollars being put into projects involving rocket technologies," said Ventura. "Our country continues to invest in these because they believe there's no evidence for anything better. To find evidence that there is indeed something better, and to then be asked not to share it, has put me in a moral dilemma."

After mulling over why SARA has been acting as they have -- melancholy, almost as if they wish they didn't have the technology -- Ventura offered a guess that it might have to do with the "stigma factor" more than anything.
Anti-gravity is considered crackpot science by mainstream academia, as evidenced by the recent hoopla over the first-ever anti-gravity patent that was issued by the U.S. Patent office earlier this month. The flagship scientific journal, Nature, lead the assault in lambasting the USPTO, and the world followed suit in expressing their amusement over such a faux pas.

Just as a pursuit of cold fusion can spell academic suicide, so also can a consistent, straight-faced mention of anti-gravity lead to excommunication from “mainstream” science.

Yet behind the scenes, it is a different story. Ventura says that when he started American Antigravity, he shared most people's belief that "the only people interested in this research were the crackpot-style indy-inventors who weren't afraid to dream big." But since then, he has built up contacts which he says have "a serious interest in this research, in nearly every branch of government, the military, and the aerospace community." However, because "none of these scientific professionals will go on the record with their interest, the public is ultimately left with the belief that there's neither interest in nor validity to gravity-modification research", so the stigma persists.

What would a public disclosure of this development do to the reputation of SARA’s personnel, who have hitherto enjoyed the respect of their peers?

Dr. Steven Greer, of the Disclosure Project, has said that this ridicule is a tactic carried out under the command of those in black-op projects, who do not want any competition with their preeminent control of the best technologies on the planet. "They've had this technology for decades, and it is long past time that they share it with the rest of the planet," he has told hundreds of audiences around the world, in so many words, to a resounding applause.

"At least they should allow us to develop them unhampered," he goes on to say, also to strident applause. But the notion of "allowing" is a concession to the authority which in fact Ventura is now defying by going public -- a higher road, at least in his view.

Ironically, it was an individual with such a spirit in him, who has funded much of SARA's research on this subject thus far. After making $2 billion in the dot-com craze, Joe Firmage founded a company called International Space Science Organization, and doled out larges sums to a wide array of projects, including the academic work of Hal Puthoff. According to Ventura, Firmage's motto regarding anti-gravity technologies is, "I'm going to find them or build them." Unfortunately, Firmage has since run out of funds.

While Ventura has nearly lost hope that SARA will proceed with what they have, he points to Kron as being the key to someone else forging ahead.

To illustrate Kron's brilliance, Venture cites an example what Kron did when tasked with modeling what would happen with five large generators transmitting electricity over a long distance. He came up with the concept of "phase creep" which was not even accountable by present physics. Kron said that there was actually a bending of time and space, and that at low levels this manifested itself superficially as wasted energy, e.g. inefficiency in the generators. But at high energy, there would be such effects as teleportation and anti-gravity, as was reported in the fabled Philadelphia Experiment."

“Kron is the key to connecting electromagnetic phenomena with gravitational phenomena," according to Ventura, who said that this coupling has to do with "torsion physics." Ventura calls it "gravitational back EMF."

"If I learned one lesson from John Dering," states Ventura, "then it would be this: these effects are all around us, all of the time – but on such a small scale that they're either undetectable or mistaken for something else. The effects are non-linear, however, which means that when you pass a threshold in scale or power, they suddenly produce massive results. Thus, the inventor who claims to see an anomalous effect that he can't replicate may not be a liar – he may simply be tapping into Unified Field Theory Effects that he doesn't understand."

The Nazis were developing this as a weapon first, and as an energy source second. One would hope that this time around the only application will be peaceful. However, considering its potential as yet another weapon of mass destruction, and considering today's climate of unrest in the world, one can imagine yet another -- more humane -- explanation for SARA's reticence to bring this technology forward. One of Dering's emails, dated Jan. 16, 2005, stoically and emphatically expressed such a concern.

By the same token, since they make their living being Defense contractors, these SARA scientists probably do not worry overmuch about the use to which their inventions may be put, or they placed such concerns on the back burner in order to do their chosen jobs. The deterrent from terrorists and "Military-Industrial Establishment" type of covert agencies from abusing such capabilities is to have a knowledge of this technology in the open for scrutiny, so when such weapons are used, society knows what it was that hit them, and can respond accordingly.

# # #

Part II

by Tim Ventura of AmericanAntigravity

Jane's Defence Weekly Editor Nick Cook extensively covered the legendary Nazi-Bell device in "The Hunt for Zero Point" (2002). This was a compilation of research covered in greater depth in Igor-Witkowski's "Truth about the Wunderwaffe" (2001).

What neither of them knew at the time was that a California Defense Contractor had replicated the Nazi-Bell experiment, and obtained results consistent with a gravitationally-induced, back-EMF effect.

I broke the latest segment to this story in January 2005, but it was heavily censored before it ever went up online. I've been telling the complete story since then to anyone who will listen, and realized this evening that enough time has passed to write this up into a complete article covering the experience.

The bottom line: Quantum Mechanics doesn't cover gravity, and Relativity Theory tells us only that it affects Electromagnetism. Beyond that, the gravitational/EM coupling stops...or does it? Albert Einstein spent the last 30 years of his life developing a Unified Field Theory to solve exactly this problem, and the evidence suggests that both the Allies and the Axis used it in advanced wartime research projects. The textbooks tells us that Einstein never completed his theory, but history tells us that it was complete enough that Gabriel Kron was able to use it as the basis for modern electrical engineering in the 1930s.

This first-person account describes the learning process that I went through to become a believer in this research.

Please note that this story is the compilation of data from 650+ emails, so it tends to skim quickly over the ideas. I am considering going through this email set to extract relevant info for a more in-depth analysis of the concepts involved, but it will be a time-consuming task for next year.

Also, please note that the concepts behind the Nazi-Bell don't preclude other paths of research. In fact, part of the concept of non-linear UFT effects supports the notion that these effects would be prevalent in a variety of systems, but ordinarily not noticeable for a variety of reasons, or below certain power thresholds.

Nikola Tesla’s 5 Lost Inventions That Threatened The Global Elite
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By : Vandita

Most great inventions fundamentally change the society in which they exist. Since the people at the top of the social structure have more to gain by reinforcing the status quo, they suppress revolutionary technologies favorable to the world but dangerous to their existence. Engineering genius Nikola Tesla was no exception. Here’re some of those technologies, ‘they’ don’t want you to know about Nikola Tesla:

Death Ray

Nikola Tesla claimed to have invented a “death beam” which he called Teleforce in the 1930s. The device was capable of generating an intense targeted beam of energy “that could be used to dispose of enemy warplanes, foreign armies, or anything else you’d rather didn’t exist”. The so-called “death ray” was never constructed because he believed it would become too easy for counties to destroy each other. Tesla proposed that a nation could “destroy anything approaching within 200 miles… [and] will provide a wall of power” in order to “make any country, large or small, impregnable against armies, airplanes, and other means for attack”. He said that efforts had been made to steal the invention. His room had been entered and his papers had been scrutinized, but the thieves, or spies, left empty-handed.

Tesla’s Oscillator

In 1898, Tesla claimed he had built and deployed a small oscillating device that, when attached to his office and operating, nearly shook down the building and everything around it. In other words, the device could allegedly simulate earthquakes. Realizing the potential terrors such a device could create, “Tesla said he took a hammer to the oscillator to disable it, instructing his employees to claim ignorance to the cause of the tremors if asked”. Some theorists believe the government continues to use Tesla’s research in places like the HAARP facility in Alaska.

Free Electricity System

With funding from JP Morgan, Tesla designed and built Wardenclyffe Tower, a gigantic wireless transmission station, in New York in 1901-1902. Morgan thought the Wardenclyffe Tower could provide wireless communication across the world. However, Tesla had other plans.

Tesla intended to transmit messages, telephony and even facsimile images across the Atlantic to England and to ships at sea based on his theories of using the Earth to conduct the signals. If the project worked, anyone could have electricity by simply sticking a rode into the ground. Unfortunately, free electricity is not profitable. And this system could be incredibly dangerous for the global elite because it could profoundly change the energy industry. Imagine how different the world would be if society didn’t need oil and coal to function? Could the great world powers maintain control? Morgan refused to fund the changes. The project was abandoned in 1906 and never became operational.

The Flying Saucer

In 1911, Nikola Tesla told The New York Herald that he was working on an anti gravity “flying machine”.

“My flying machine will have neither wings nor propellers. You might see it on the ground and you would never guess that it was a flying machine. Yet it will be able to move at will through the air in any direction with perfect safety, at higher speeds than have yet been reached, regardless of weather and oblivious of “holes in the air” or downward currents. It will ascend in such currents if desired. It can remain absolutely stationary in the air, even in a wind, for great length of time. Its lifting power will not depend upon any such delicate devices as the bird has to employ, but upon positive mechanical action.”

Tesla’s flying saucer was powered by free energy system at a time when the fledgling aviation and motor car industry depended on oil and petroleum. His invention met the same fate as his free energy system.

Improved Airships

Tesla proposed that electrically-powered airships would transport passengers from New York to London in three hours, traveling eight miles above the ground. He also imagined that airships might draw their power from the very atmosphere, never needing to stop for refueling. Unmanned airships might even be used to transport passengers to a preselected destination or for a remote aerial strike.  He was never given credit for his invention. However, today, we have unmanned drones carrying out combat missions, supersonic airplanes that fly at amazing speeds and space shuttle technology that can circle the Earth in the upper atmosphere.

It was long suspected that the FBI literally stole all of his work, research, and inventions that he had in his possession when he died. This rumor has now been confirmed by recent, heavily redacted Freedom of Information Act requests released by the FBI.


Nikola Tesla worked with many of the fluctuating magnetic field and gravity principles. Many have good reason to think that Tesla was smarter than Einstein.

The Tesla Coil, was invented by Tesla in 1891.

Even Tesla came up with designs for flying discs, based on electrical principles, using a high voltage, high frequency coil (a resonant transformer / Tesla coil) which gives the electrostatic and electromagnetic charge to the craft and establishes polarity. Tesla observed that an electrostatic charge will flow over the surface of a conductor rather than penetrate it. This is called the Faraday or Skin Effect, discovered by Michael Faraday many years ago. This charge flows over the craft and envelopes it.


Otis T. Carr applied many ideas of Tesla, and developed flying disc plans and working prototypes (1950s) based on similar principles.

Like many other flying craft, his accumulator utilized a mercury capacitor for the extremely high voltages.


In 1925, Albert Einstein published his "Unified Field Theory of Gravitation and Electricity". This was released close to the release date of his Theory of Relativity. This sought to show that the laws of electricity and magnetism could be "unified" with the laws of gravitation - i.e. all electrical, magnetic, and gravitational effects could be part of an underlying "unified field".

This Unified Field Theory contained the beginnings of what would later become known as Torsion Theory. The unifying relationships were eventually published as only an appendix to the theory of relativity.

In relativity, gravity and electromagnetism are related, because mass is represented as a fraction of the square of the propagation velocity of electromagnetic radiation. So, according to Einstein, even the charges and masses that distort space/time can be reduced to simple harmonics of electromagnetic fields.


Nazi Experiments with Mercury

It is a matter of recorded history that the Nazis extensively sought out and searched for occult knowledge and scientific insight from esoteric sources. Their gathering and archiving of this knowledge was the purpose of their Ahnenerbe and Vril Gesellschaft societies. The name Vril is the shortening of “VRI-IL” which means “Like God”.

Mercury was used extensively by the Nazis for their top-secret technology involving high spin, high voltage, high current capacitors, gravitational field research, as well as mercury plasma gyros using electrified mercury vapor.


Approximately 1,500 short tons (1,400 t) of mercury was purchased by the Japanese from Italy between 1942 and Italy's surrender in September 1943. This was used in the manufacture of explosives (Mercury(II) fulminate), especially primers. However, the German Nazis moved around a lot of mercury outside of that time frame, some of it destined for secret work in Japan, and some possibly for other ports.

In September 1944, German submarine U-859 was sunk, in the Malacca Straits, carrying 31 tons of mercury in metal flasks. In February 1945, U864 was sunk near Norway carrying 61 tons of mercury. These are just two subs that were sunk; but, they give us an small idea of the volume that the Nazis were working with.



In Greek mythology (based on the fallen angels), Mercury was the winged messenger. His name in Greek is derived from Greek οὖρος (by analogy of Arctūrus/Ἀρκτοῦρος), as the "keeper of boundaries," referring to his role as bridge between the upper and lower worlds. He is often portrayed in statues with The Cadacues, the winged staff with intertwined serpents.

When we consider the powerful role of elemental mercury, in its role in affecting gravity, etc., we shouldn't be surprised to see that The Cadacues is literally a blueprint of ancient understanding of how to bridge between "the upper and lower worlds". The central staff represent the poloidal magnetic force needed, the two serpents represent the counter-rotating fluctuating electromagnetic fields, and the caps represent the mercury capacitors/reservoirs - all simple mercury vortex technology that produces flight, and can even be used to affect the time/space dimensions.



Nazi Flying Discs

While the internet is full of wild speculation about the Nazi flying discs, there is plenty of sound historic and scientific evidence behind the propulsion systems. This article is focusing merely on the technology. It should also be noted that at this same time, American scientists, such as Tesla, were working in similar fields, and with similar scientific principles.


In short, the Haunebu, Vril, & Thule Triebwerks discs created powerful rotating electromagnetic fields that affected gravity.

The Nazi Haunabu-type craft used triangulated Marconi vortex dynamos (which were the high spin, high voltage, high current capacitors filled with liquid mercury). These are the spheres seen underneath; these were not gun ports, as often drawn in fantasy depictions. When these capacitors have a lower rotational / voltage net energy, the craft rises; when they have a higher energy, the ship descends. Their triangular placement is to optimally manifest the boundary layer effect that encapsulates the craft.

The strong, rotating electromagnetic fields were increased in voltage to create increased frequency field oscillations, essentially to where it created hyperspace.

The separate gravitational field around the craft allowed the occupants to be unaffected by the gravitational affects outside the field, and thus the crafts can perform the turns and speeds often witnessed.

Because the gravitational field around the craft was different than the surroundings, these crafts were not usable as weapons, since they could not fire weaponry from one gravitational field to the other without adverse effects from the equal force. This technology was being developed for observation, transport, and for much later use.



The Nazi Bell

There is overwhelming evidence that shows that the Nazi Bell did exist. What is wildly speculated over is what it was used for, and exactly how it worked. For our purposes, we will only look at the core technology known to be used in the device, and see if it fits other patterns of usage.


The Nazi Bell was a large, 3-in thick ceramic bell, (similar to a porcelain insulator), around 9 feet in diameter, and 12-14 feet high.

It went by various names:

  • Die Glocke (The Bell)
  • Vortex Tube
  • Der Laternentrager (Lantern Bearer - a loose metaphor for the Light Bearer (Lucifer))
  • Kronos (Saturn). This may refer to spin polarisation plasma physics; the plasma torus inside would resemble the rings of Saturn.
  • Project Tor (Gate)
Inside were two counter-rotating containers (drums/spheres) on a common axle. These drums were filled with mercury (liquid or amalgams). When operating, the interior was a vacuum; this is common with particle accelerators to propagate the plasma inside.

At the minimum, the Bell was a heavy particle accelerator. It released x-rays during the process as the mercury plasma released thermal neutrons, gamma x-rays, and the entire device glowed violet-blue when operated for short periods.

Several Bells were made, and they were operated deep underground in the Wenceslas Mine.

The vaporized mercury was spun in the magnetic field to provide excited electrons; these would rotate as a donut-shaped plasma. With each rotation, more electrons would be stripped off, causing double and triple ionization, and vastly increasing in speed.


Theoretically, if you generate a torsion field of sufficient magnitude, you can bend the four dimensions of space around the generator. When you bend space, you also bend time. Creating anti-gravity means it eventually leads to time manipulation,
and the space and energy beyond - this is the prime reason this technology is heavily suppressed.


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