UFO Type

A giant cigar-shaped "Mothership"
astronef photographed by Georges Adamski.



NOVEMBER 9, 1979
A metallic hemisphere with two autonomous balls,
landed near Livingstone, Scotland (UK)



A rectangular shape sending out lethal rays,
seen in the region of Pamarama (Brazil).




JULY 26, 1959
A disk with 4 passengers seen by 38 witnesses
in Papua, New-Guinea.


SEPTEMBER 22, 1974
A luminous top-shaped cone
seen as it hovered at 25m above a road of Tasmania (Australia).



MARCH 20, 1950
A 30m diameter flying disk
seen during a nightflight by a civil aircrew above Arkansas (USA).



JANUARY 20, 1951 -
A flying cigar spotted by a civil aircrew
and by air controllers near Sioux City, Iowa (USA).



APRIL 18, 1961
Oval-shaped disk along with three humanoids
seen by a farmer in Wisconsin, USA.


JANUARY 16, 1958 -
A planetoid photographed by Almiro Barauna,
from a hydrographic ship near Trinidad Island (Brazil).



APRIL 14, 1957
Small size cone
seen by Ms Garcin and Rami in France.



MAY 11, 1950
A disq with a mast on top of it,
photographed over McMinville, Oregon (USA)


AUGUST 13, 1947
A 6m diameter metallic disc
seen by a farmer and his two sons in Idaho (USA).


OCTOBER 17, 1952
Small sphere-shaped UFO's linked two by two observed by several
people in Oleron (Pyrenean Mountains, France).



NOVEMBER 20, 1952
A flying saucer photographed near Vista,
in the California desert, by controversial writer Georges Adamski.


Large flying saucer
viewed by three policemen near Skipton, Yorkshire (UK).


An oval-shaped device observed in a lavender
field by farmer Maurice Masse
in the Alps of Upper Provence (France).


Cylinder-shaped disk with several passengers
seen over a road in New-Hampshire (USA), by Betty and Barney Hill.



JULY 4, 1947
Luminous disks seen by Captain Emil Smith
and his crew above Emmel city, Idaho (USA).



FEBRUARY 15, 1966
A metallised hemisphere viewed by several witnesses
in the region of Chichester (UK)


APRIL 19, 1992
A flying disk moving erratically,
seen near Sydney (Australia).


SEPTEMBER 21, 1990
A large-sized disk, seen by three milicians
above the region of Frunze (Russia).



MARCH 30, 1995
A metallic disk observed in the Transvaal
(South Africa).




NOVEMBER 5, 1990
A large structure viewed by seven people
in Gretz-Armainvilliers (Seine et Marne, France).


OCTOBER 7, 1989
A sphere observed as it was landing in a Park
in Voronezh (Russia).



JANUARY 21, 1988
A small-sized sphere,
seen at Nullabor (Australia).


NOVEMBER 17, 1986
A giant sphere viewed above Alaska
by a civil Japanese aircrew.


A huge flying disk sending out a green ray,
seen by Denise Bishop above Plymouth (UK).


MARCH 13, 1997
A giant V-shaped UFO observed during 106 minutes by hundreds
of witnesses in Phoenix, Arizona (USA).


MARCH 30, 1990
A UFO seen from ground by Belgian policemen,
and radar chased by two F-16A airfighters.




1988 - 1989
A flaying saucer named "Sport Model", supposedly tried by Pentagone
in the S-4 base of Area-51 (Nevada, USA), according to physicist Robert Lazar.



MARCH 24, 1983
A boomerang-shaped flying wing, as large as "three football fields",
seen by a hundred witnesses in Yorktown, New York (USA).


AUGUST 17, 1980
A noisy flying cone observed above mountains
in Puerto Rico (USA).


MARCH 26, 1981
Ray-vessel "Variation VI"
phtographed in Sekar Durchstolen (Switzerland).



JUNE 1, 1987
A giant barbell-shaped UFO observed
by numerous witnesses in Laguna Cartagena (Puerto Rico).


APRIL 24, 1964
An ovoid-shaped cylinder seen in New-Mexico
by policeman Lonnie Zamora.


NOVEMBER 28, 1980
A diamond-shaped UFO seen by policeman
Alan Godfrey in West Yorkshire (UK).


DECEMBER 31, 1978
A flying object filmed by a TV team
above Kaïkura (New-Zealand).


MAY 20, 1967
An oval-shaped disk observed by prospector
Steeve Michalak at Falcon Lake (Canada).


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