The First Montauk Symposium



For the first time ever, Montauk survivors Al Bielek, Duncan Cameron, Preston Nichols, and Stewart Swerdlow (aka "Stan Campbell") share the same stage along with researcher/publisher/author Peter Moon of Sky Books at the Lightgate Center in Thetford, Vermont, USA, September 14-16, 2001. This show of solidarity and strength is unprecedented in the Montauk Project history.

Every attempt has been made to silence this group of people from revealing the truth about what really happened at the Montauk Project, an outgrowth of the Philadelphia experiment, from discrediting and ridiculing them to personal and financial devastation to prison. Yet, each of these individuals maintains his original story and remains steadfast in his conviction to tell the truth of this heinous and covert secret government experiment.

The Symposium Topics include such controversial subjects such as time travel; genetic manipulation; occult, nazi, and Illuminati connections; sleeper programming; alien manipulation of the Montauk agenda; weapons research; technology; and mind-control.

Al Bielek, Montauk psychic program manager, has lead a life most would not choose to live. While many would think that time travel, meeting aliens, and working on secret projects are exciting ventures, Al paid a big price for the privilege. Because those who set the agenda wish to keep their activities secret, Al was robbed of his family, his memories, and ultimately, his identity. They used advanced technologies to erase what was dear to him. However, their technologies are not perfect. Slowly, the memories came back. Al started meeting others who had been through the same process. Ultimately, a flood of memories returned. For over ten years, Al has been featured on Radio Talk Shows and as a speaker in many conferences. His story has captivated the attention of tens of thousands of people worldwide. Many will question why Al hasnít been silenced. Perhaps, those who set the agenda are allowing brief glimpses of the truth to emerge. Perhaps it is something much bigger.

Duncan Cameron, lead Montauk chair psychic, is best known as the enigmatic and charismatic time traveler of the Montauk Project. He is a real life person who has recall of serving in the military as an Air Force officer in Vietnam and was given one of the most extensive regimens of secret mental training imaginable. He was groomed to be the focal point for the accumulation of decades worth of secret research so that he could penetrate the consciousness of the space/time continuum by sitting in a consciousness amplification device known as the "Montauk Chair." From this experimental role, he was utilized to determine the outcome of various events in time, literally changing time itself.

 Preston Nichols, lead Montauk engineer, is an electrical engineer who graduated from Tampa University. He is one of the foremost experts in the world on electromagnetic phenomena. His expertise has been sought out and used by the industry for four decades. His early career began in the recording industry where he sound-engineered for such well-known celebrities as Chubby Checker and George Lucas.

In the 1970s, Preston worked for one of the top defense contractors on Long Island, NY when he realized that he had been living a complete "other life" with a separate set of memories previously unbeknownst to him. This led to his investigations of telepathy and the electromagnetic phenomena surrounding it which in turn led to his personal discovery of the huge transmitter at the Air Force Station at Montauk Point and a devastating series of experiments that were held there. These have since become popularized in the Montauk Project book series that includes five books authored by Preston telling incredible tales of  time travel, mind control,  and efforts to control the consciousness of human beings. Preston lives on Long Island and consults to private industry, where he also continues his research into time and psychic phenomena.

Stewart Swerdlow, previously written about as "Stan Campbell" in the Montauk Project series (Sky Books) before publicly revealing himself, is a Montauk "boy" survivor, trained to work alongside Duncan Cameron as a Montauk psychic. He was also used for genetic and mind-control experiments.

Stewartís memory flashes of his strange role in the Philadelphia Experiment and Montauk Project culminated when he was mysteriously introduced to Preston Nichols. Together, they unlocked the secret genetic and mind-control experiments that had haunted Stewart all of his life, beginning when doctors discovered at his impending birth that his mother did not have a birth canal! His intriguing family history leads back to the last Czar of Russia, who was executed under the command of his great-uncle, Yakov Sverdlov, who in turn became the first president of the Soviet Union.

Stewartís time travel experiences have become legendary amongst Montauk Project circles, as well as his understanding of the space/time continuum. A gifted mentalist, Stewart was born clairvoyant and has the ability to see auric fields and personal archetypes as well as read DNA sequences and mind-patterns. His natural abilities were further enhanced by the Montauk experiments. Stewart has paid dearly for his abilities and his efforts to disseminate information, including almost three years in prison, the breakup of his first marriage, financial destitution, and a recent attack by  an Illuminati agent  determined to further destroy him. Stewart has written several books, and teaches people how to control their own minds so that no one else will control it for them.

 Peter Moon, researcher/publisher/author, is the co-author of the Montauk Project book series, and has written extensively about his adventures with synchronicity as it relates to space-time projects. He began delving into the principles of the mind and spirit when he studied Scientology and ended up working as a personal confidante to L. Ron Hubbard aboard the mystery ship Apollo. During his twenties, he studied implants and how to clear them, two decades before "implant" became a household word.

Additionally, he studied how to accomplish the complete rehabilitation of the human spirit. An unbiased look at these studies led him to an examination of Hubbardís pre-Scientology life and the latterís association with rocket scientist Jack Parsons and the work of Aleister Crowley.   At this point, Peter found himself trafficking with some of the most interesting occultists in the world, and more importantly, discovered the remnants of a real life implant station at Montauk Point NY.

He found about this remarkable information from Preston Nichols, a scientist who actually worked at the implant station and told fascinating and detailed accounts of time travel experimentation. Their collaborations are now historic. Together, they completed a total of six books. Peter continues to study and write in the New York metropolitan area.

This Symposium promises to be one of the most exciting events presented in this century as they share inside information, tell their personal stories, and participate in cutting edge discussions. There will be individual presentations, panel discussions, as well as time allotted for participant questions and personal interaction.

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