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AESI Corporate Information

Archer Energy Systems, Inc. was incorporated in the state of Nevada on March 11, 2004, and the Company's primary business purpose is to develop, build, test, and promote the manufacture and worldwide distribution of the Electrodynamic Field (EDF) Generator technology of U.S. Patent #6,404,089 which was invented by AESI's President and CEO Mark R. Tomion. While AESI is presently still engaged in early-stage operations relating to EDF Generator product development, Archer Enterprises – the parent company of Archer Energy Systems, Inc. – was founded in 1993 by Mr. Tomion as a specialized electrical engineering design and consultation service, in Geneva, New York.
    This original small business provided the substantial funding required to secure the initial U.S. Patent and to publish the EDF Generator's 441-pg. technical manual, and as a controlled AESI affiliate continues to serve as a partnership advertising, marketing, and public relations firm dedicated to promoting the EDF Generator technology world-wide.
     The EDF Generator, as described in broad detail on this website, is a thermoelectronic device which will produce much more electrical energy in operation than it consumes, being "over-unity" in that the efficiency it can achieve – by eliminating inductive magnetic losses – is over 100% as classically calculated. It may in fact be the world's first self-sustaining power plant which taps the zero point energy on a large scale! And with the revival of Dirac negative energy theory* as an acceptable academic concept that supports the feasibility of demonstrating over-unity power production, there is at the present time tremendous interest in this field and general acknowledgement that advanced concepts in electronic/electromagnetic engineering probably offer the best hope for reducing or eliminating dependence on fossil fuel and nuclear energy in the near term.  *[.pdf, 20 pgs.;
'Dirac's Equation and the Sea of Negative Energy', by D. L. Hotson.
    There appears to be great international interest in this technology, and 10 important international (PCT) patent applications for the EDF Generator were successfully filed one year ago on the inventor's behalf in: Australia, Canada, the People's Republic of China, the European Union (including France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom), Hong Kong, India, Japan, Mexico, the Russian Federation, and South Africa. The securing of these key and essentially worldwide patent filings adds inestimable value to the EDF Generator's intellectual property rights as-granted, given the successful demonstration of the initial 24kW prototype currently under construction, and by action of AESI's Board of Directors those rights inure to the Company's benefit by assignment.

Above is a side view of the primary systems of the EDF Generator's preferred embodiment (ultra-high voltage propulsive variant) in cross section, and this
uspto Fig. 1 Parts Key may be used to identify components which are common to the far-lower-voltage electric power output variant in most cases. Note: The parts key opens in a new window, and is a pdf document.

    The Company will therefore also serve as an intellectual property holding company for all domestic and foreign patent rights in the EDF Generator technology. The Directors of AESI have authorized the initial issuance of 8,000 shares of AESI Series 'B' (non-voting) Common Stock, which is now being sold on a best-efforts basis by Company Officers via a "Limited Private Placement Offering" at the fixed purchase price of $125.00 per share. Proceeds from this initial AESI Series 'B' offering will be used to ensure completion of the Company's 24kW EDF Generator Prototype Project and to ensure to the extent possible that patent rights for the EDF Generator are obtained in every jurisdiction listed above.
    At the present time, the Company has secured the services of ALGO Machine Shop Ltd. of Echo Bay, Ontario, Canada by joint venture agreement as the 24kW Prototype Project's primary development and assembly facility, has developed the requisite Project specification blueprints, matériel vendor sourcing arrangements, and assembly manual, and stands ready to continue the on-site construction and testing of a 30"-DIA. 24kW EDF Generator system once AESI has received payment for Series 'B' stock** purchases totaling $75,000 or more from all sources.

    **At present, the authorized stock of the Company consists of (a) a total of 1,000 shares of Series 'A' (voting) common stock, no par value per share, of which five hundred fifty-five (555) are issued and outstanding; and (b) a total of 24,000 shares of Series 'B' (non-voting) common stock, no par value per share, of which three hundred (300) are issued and outstanding.
      [All of the Company's Series 'B' (non-voting) Common Stock issued and outstanding shall in the aggregate receive 70% (seventy percent) of all declared AESI dividends, if any, and all of the Company's Series A (voting) Common Stock issued and outstanding shall in the aggregate receive the remaining balance of all declared AESI dividends, or 30% (thirty percent) thereof (if any). Neither Series of the Company's Common Stock has priority or precedence over the other with respect to the payment of dividends.]
       In the absence of extended operating history and demonstrated earnings capability, there is no assurance that the Company will be able to meet its business goals and objectives or that its investors will realize a return on their investment in its Shares. The viability and success of AESI are heavily contingent upon the completion and successful demonstration of its as-yet unproven 24kW EDF Generator prototype. If its "Prototype Project" is unsuccessful, the Company's investors could lose all or a major portion of their investment. The Company cannot guarantee future results, levels of activity, performance, or achievements.

   While the Company's air-cooled 24kW commercial EDF Generator units would provide a workable means of moving into the electric power generation industry, and an admirable consumer benefit as well, the main source of future sales revenue would (of course) be from selling much larger multi-megawatt liquid-cooled plants to existing utility companies. Considering their current cost of producing electricity is at least 2.5 times higher than it would be using the EDF Generator technology, and that they would likely be rather slow to pass the resultant savings along to their customers upon implementing it, an obvious and huge incentive exists for utilities to invest in this exotic new technology – given the unveiling of a working prototype. This points up the crucial importance of completing the 24kW prototype unit and demonstrating it as soon as possible, to promote interest in joint venture arrangements for developing the Company's planned 10 MW utility plant pilot project.
   Ultimately, Archer Energy Systems, Inc. will endeavor to be the key participant in a government-funded program to develop the world's first real light-speed starship. Such an historic undertaking would give society real hope that our burgeoning population won't one day – in the not-so-distant future – outstrip the ability of the Earth to adequately support it, in that we could successfully reach out into space to find new colonizable worlds. Most world citizens are informed and intelligent enough to realize that Man will never inherit the stars without transcending rocketry. Much of the recent criticism that the space program draws from the general public would thus very likely be replaced with renewed enthusiasm should a viable starship program arise. And the EDF Generator would be the very heart of such a program, since there is no other feasible starship design ever developed that would truly provide adequate electromagnetic shielding from interstellar radiation and microparticles at relativistic velocities.
   In the meantime, AESI will seek to provide revolutionary self-sustaining electric power generation systems which alleviate America's dependency on fossil fuels for that purpose, and obviate any need for expanding the production of nuclear energy as well. Since this country's need for clean and inexpensive electrical power is reflected worldwide – and in many countries that need is drastically more severe – AESI would at the same time be able to make a huge contribution to the general quality of life on this planet.


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Key Personnel:
Chief Executive Officer:  Mark Tomion is an alumnus of Ithaca College in Ithaca, NY, having studied liberal arts including logic, philosophy, and advanced mathematics, and has since acquired extensive experience in sales, computer operations, and business management in several fields. He has been trained and licensed at state and federal levels in investment securities, but has been self-employed since 1990 in the electrical engineering field. Mark wrote StarDrive Engineering, the EDF Generator's 441-pg. technical manual, in his spare time over the course of nearly four years, and developed all its comprehensive mathematical and engineering substantiation of the device's design. During this time he also wrote virtually the entire Patent Application for the EDF Generator, which was granted essentially as-filed, and created all of the accompanying drawings. He is looking forward to a long, exciting, and rewarding future as the driving force behind Archer Energy Systems, Inc., for which he works full-time.
Corporate Sponsor:  By action of AESI's Board of Directors, Dr. Robert W. Langgons of Corinth, MS has been designated and recognized as the Company's sole "Corporate Sponsor", for crucial services he rendered during the initial formation and organization of AESI and for whom the Company has now executed an exclusive 'Corporate Sponsor Option'. Dr. Langgons, 79, is a retired career Navy officer (Capt.) and former Chief of SEALS, who provided Archer Enterprises with initial funding necessary for key pre-prototype experimentation.

Chief Engineer:  Frank Ivan is the president of ALGO Machine Shop Ltd.
, a large and modern facility for the custom machining and fabrication of mechanical equipment and components, having taken over the business from his father in 1992. He and ALGO Machine will be providing AESI with a very suitable and inexpensively leased primary prototype and product development facility, and will therefore be able to provide on-site services to the Company for: the grinding and polishing of both metals and ceramics; tool, die, and gear manufacturing; and blank component stamping. By joint venture agreement, ALGO will moreover accept payment for services rendered to AESI at a substantial discount from normal rates and costs or in the form of the latter's Series 'B' stock. In addition to making this great opportunity and Prototype Project advantage available to the Company, Frank has not only contributed key AutoCAD imaging and drafting services to the Project but is also AESI's Project Manager in charge of the current prototyping and development of a potential secondary 5 kW magnetic induction dynamo product.

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