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McMinnville, Oregon, USA | 1950

At 7:30 pm on May 11, 1950, Evelyn Trent was walking back to her farmhouse after feeding the rabbits on her farm. Mrs. Trent and her husband Paul lived on a farm approximately nine miles from McMinnville, nearer Sheridan, Oregon. Before reaching the house she claimed to have seen a “slow-moving, metallic disk-shaped object heading in her direction from the northeast. “She yelled for her husband who was inside the house. Upon leaving the house he claimed that he too saw the object. After a short time he went back inside their home to obtain a camera and managed to take two photos of the object before it sped away to the west. Paul Trent’s father claimed that he also viewed the object briefly before it flew away.

Mr. Trent described it as “bright” almost “silvery metallic”, with the top silver or aluminum colored and the bottom more of a bronze. He stated that it was shiny but not as reflective as a car’s polished hub cap but more that it resembled a dull, aluminum painted tank.

Based on a very deep analysis of the only two shots that were taken of this object, it was determined that the craft approached from the north-northwest at a rapid rate of speed. Mr. Trent reported that the object climbed so rapidly during departure and that he didn’t even have time to run around the garage to see it and photograph it again. The photos still remain controversial with many UFO researchers claiming that they show a genuine unidentified flying object in the sky, but then many other UFO skeptics will also claim that the photos are a hoax.

An interesting twist to this story happened in March 1954(1957?), four years before the Trent sighting. It happened in the city of Rouen, France when in order to intercept a mysterious radar reflection, an unknown French Air Force pilot photographed a craft with his gun-sight camera. This object paced the plane for several minutes before speeding off and exceeding the maximum velocity of the pursuing French airplane. This craft appears to be of the same type that was observed in McMinnville, Oregon over the farm of Mr. Paul Trent.

In June 1950, four weeks after they were taken, the photos illustrated below appeared in the local newspaper in McMinnville, Oregon




Left: Blowup of one of the Trent’s UFO photograph | Right: Detail of the picture taken by the French Air Force pilot


On May 11, 1950 in McMinnville, Oregon, Evelyn Trent saw a metallic disc-shaped object heading in her direction while walking back from feeding her livestock. She yelled and called for her husband Paul, who was in the house at that time. They were able to shoot 2 pictures of the strange object.




In the morning of July 13, 1959 at 05:30, Eileen Moreland turned on the milking shed light, and walked across a flat paddock surrounded by trees to bring in the small herd of cows for milking, with a torch in her hand. It was a dark morning, cold, with no wind, with a thick cloud layer estimated at 2000 feet. She then saw that there was a bright green light among the clouds, which puzzled her because it was the wrong place for the moon. When she had arrived halfway in the yards’ meadow, she saw two large green lights “like eyes”, surrounded by an orange circle, igniting in the cloud and going down quickly. The worrying green light lit all the meadow, she looked at her hands and saw that she was bathed in this green glow too and thought that she should not be here. She then ran among the cows bathed in the green light into a group of pines on the other side of the meadow and stood there to observe.

Looking at the paddock she saw a flattish, saucer-shaped object slowly descending from about 50 feet above the ground and stop its smooth descent some 30 feet above the grass, hovering about 15 feet above a group of peach trees of 10 to 15 feet high. The ratio of height to width of the object was about 1:3, it was between 7.5 and 8 feet high and some 20 to 25 feet across. It had two circumferential rows of orange-green “jets” set into bands at the top and bottom of the main body. The jets were of brilliant orange color with greenish centers, and faded to the outside through orange to yellow. They made a faint hissing noise. They were located on metallic bands about 1.5 feet in towards the center from the upper and lower edges of the object.

The object hovered motionless about 40 yards out in the center of the paddock. When the craft stopped descending, the jets immediately shut off and reappeared at a slight angle. Each band of jets then began to counter-rotate at high speed, the top band from right to left and the bottom from left to right. The speed became so important that the bands of light became apparently continuous “like halos”. There was none of noises of a car or plane engine, instead, there was a loud humming and a hissing noise of the “jets”. The witness became apprehensive when she saw that there was a clear, glassy dome-like structure on top of the object, filled with a pure white light, the source of which was not visible itself, but seemed to arise from the center of the object. She saw that there were two figures seated one behind the other and facing the same way a little over an arm’s length apart. The two figures were dressed in almost skin-tight metallic-looking suits that crinkled and creased with each movement, and reflected the light. The figure at the rear stood up suddenly and leaned forward on his hands, as if to observe something between him and the other figure in front, possibly the brightly flickering light source. Mrs. Moreland thought that he must be a little over 5 feet in height. She could not see the face as he was not facing in her direction and the large silvered helmet covered from shoulder to shoulder. The figure then sank back to his former position while the front figure had not moved during the observation.

After a minute or two, the craft was slightly bent, the bands of jets turned off, then were re-ignited, without rotation. There was a strong hot air draught that reached Mrs. Moreland, and the craft rose vertically with its body always at a slight angle, accompanied by a very strong, almost unbearable high pitched whining sound, and it was lost from sight in the clouds. There was then a strange hot odor that Mrs. Moreland with compared with that of pepper and that thereafter was suggested to be the odor of ozone.

Eileen Moreland was so dumbfounded that she remained in the group of trees during one moment not knowing what to do. Then she decided to resume her normal tasks and gathered the cows, which had not reacted much to the object as only one or two did get up. She felt shaken a little shaken and embarrassed, not knowing at all what to make about what she had seen. She entered then the house and woke her husband, who had worked in night shift, and who did not make fun of her as she had feared, but asked her whether she had had phoned the police force or the Air Department. She told him she had not, and although she thought nobody would believe her she then phoned the police, who seemed interested. Her husband phoned the Air Force at Woodbourne.

An article about the sighting including descriptions of Mrs. Moreland was published in the Nelson Evening Mail newspaper. It created such interest that their farm was plagued by hordes of inquisitive sightseers, with people wandering all over the property, uninvited, leaving gates open, upsetting the cows and generally creating such a nuisance that the Morelands said that if this should happen again they would not tell about it. Drawings of the craft and occupants were made. She was visited by the police and a representative of the Air Force, R. Healey, Operations Officer, and F. Simpson, a pilot, as well as an aviation engineer, D. Thynne, who requested a detailed sketch of the object. The Air Force personal indicated that residual radiation had been detected where the object was seen.

It was later noticed that the row of fruit trees beneath the position where the UFO had hovered died and had to be pulled out. On the contrary, grass in the vicinity grew much faster, becoming several times taller and much greener than grass elsewhere. After several days, Mrs. Moreland’s hands started to swell and patches of brown color developed on her face. She showed these symptoms to her doctor. The swelling gradually disappeared, but the brown patches on her face persisted much longer, with the last spot, above her right eyebrow, disappearing only six years later.


Craft’s schematics based on  Mrs. Moreland drawings, redrawn by Bryan Dickenson, and confirmed by her on May 31, 1975.




Socorro, New Mexico, USA | 1964

On April 24, 1964 at approximately 5:45 pm, Socorro police officer Lonnie Zamora began pursuing a speeding vehicle just south of town. He then says he heard a “roar,” and he broke off his pursuit to investigate. He knew of a nearby dynamite shack and decided to go take look to see if it was the source of the noise. He also noticed a flame in the sky. He said it was a bluish orange and appeared to be descending. He says he could not focus on it because he was paying attention to the road. A part of the dirt road was very steep and he had trouble getting over it. When he did crest the hill he noticed a white object on the ground out in the desert and two people in coveralls near it. He said the object looked oval and white. It also seemed to be on two legs. He thought it might be a car wreck, so he raced down the road to help. He called dispatch to let them know he would be assisting in a car wreck.

When he got closer to the object he pulled his car around, stopped to radio in that he was leaving his car, and then got out. He fumbled with the radio handset, and just as he turned around, he heard a loud “roar (was not exactly a blast).” He said the object began to rise and it had a blue flame under it. He said the bottom of the flame looked orange. At this point he also noticed the object was smooth with no windows and it had an insignia on the side. He was afraid the thing was going to explode, so he ran. As he ran around his patrol car his leg hit the fender and he fell down. He glanced back and saw the object was still rising, and the roar kept getting louder.

Zamora got up and kept running from the object, finally jumping over a hill for cover. He said the sound stopped. He had planned on continuing to run, but he noticed the object was now moving away. It was only about 10 to 15 feet from the ground. It flew over the dynamite shack, just clearing it by a few feet. It flew off following the contour of the ground, never higher than 20 feet or so, until Zamora lost sight of it. Zamora went back to his car and asked the radio operator to look out of the window to see if he could see the object. The dispatcher didn’t see anything. Then New Mexico state police officer Sergeant Chavez arrived on the scene. Chavez asked what was wrong. He noticed Zamora looked out of breath and pale. Zamora told him the story, and they went to look at the area the object had landed. When they got there they noticed a burnt bush and impressions in the ground left by what appeared to be landing gear.

Zamora’s sighting made it into local newspapers and caught the attention of the U.S. Air Force’s Project Blue Book, their official investigation into UFOs. Investigators were impressed with Zamora’s credibility. They were also impressed with the physical evidence. A burnt branch from the bush and the soil at the site of the impressions were analyzed. However, nothing unusual was found. They also tested for radiation, but levels were normal. There was burnt cardboard found on the site, but Blue Book’s scientific advisor, Dr. J. Allen Hynek, said it was old. He felt it was probably blown by the wind under the bush that got burnt, and was not sturdy enough to be part of a hoax. He noted many bushes in the area had paper or cardboard brought in by the wind stuck under them.


Blue Book director Hector Quintanilla said, “[Zamora] is puzzled by what he saw and frankly, so are we. This is the best-documented case on record, and still we have been unable, in spite of thorough investigation, to find the vehicle or other stimulus that scared Zamora to the point of panic.” This case has continued to be important in UFO research, and occasionally finds itself back in the news. In 2009, a professor and former students from New Mexico Tech said they thought they might know who hoaxed it. They thought it was an elaborate tricked played on Zamora. However, they did not produce anything definitive.


The red ‘insignia’

Over the years, the craft witnessed by Zamora has most of the time been depicted with a red insignia based on a design released to the media in 1964.  However, recent findings indicate that in fact Captain Holder obtained Zamora’s agreement to not divulge the real design of the insignia he saw in red on the observed craft.  Therefore a modified one was submitted instead.  The main reason behind this request was that, if another witnesse came forward, it would be a way to validate whether he was telling the truth or not.  There is no written document today that shows the actual markings that Zamora saw that day.  Only verbal descriptions remain. [The design was an inverted V with three bars crossing it].  Ray Stanford discovered a copy of an important letter in the Archive’s Socorro files from J. Allen Hynek sent to Major Hector Quintanilla at the United States Air Force’s Foreign Technology Division at Wright-Patterson AFB, with Hynek’s own drawing of the insignia Lonnie Zamora reported [B2].  This drawing also depicts an inverted V with three lines, but with some changes in their length and placement.

A1, A2, A3 – ‘Decoy Insignia’ and alternative variations.


B1 – ‘Insignia’ rendered based on description given to authorized investigators by Zamora


B2 – Hynek’s own drawing of the ‘Insignia’


In January 2015, Ray Stanford revealed new evidence based on the data found on two handwritten documents about Hynek’s interview with New Mexico State Police Sergeant Sam Chavez, where one can clearly see the correct design of the insignia as described by Sergeant Sam Chavez based on what Zamora told him immediately after his arrival at the site. [B1]


Sketches of the object and the insignia on its side made by Zamora from the U.S. Air Force Project Blue Book




Victoria, Australia | 1966

At 11:00 am on Wednesday, 6 April 1966, a class of students and a teacher from Westall High School were just completing sports on the main oval when an object, described as being a grey saucer shaped craft with a slight purple hue and being about twice the size of a family car was spotted.  According to the witnesses the object descended and then crossed and flew over the high school’s south-west corner, travelling in a south-easterly direction before disappearing from sight. It descended behind a group of trees and into a paddock at The Grange which was in front of the Westall State School.

During the incident a young student, Victor Zakruzny, stood to the left close to the object, three other students stood around in close proximity to the second object. A teacher and at least a dozen other students crowded along the high fence to get a view. The two objects rose up from the grass and took off, one to the west and the other flew up and orbited a small plane before flying off to the south west, with students in pursuit. The UFOs were described as about 1.5 metres in height and approximately 5.4 metres in width. Also described as being a “grey saucer shaped craft with a slight purple hue”. It was twice the size of a family car, very round and large at the base but thinner at the top. Like an upside down saucer from a tea cup.
It was also reported that there were two other smaller craft of similar design that hovered over the dirt roadway at the front of the school, they did not land but just hovered above.  Additional reports suggest that the larger main craft which had landed in the paddock may have had some sort of problem and that the two smaller craft were there to assist it. One of the students, a girl, ran towards the craft that had landed and reached it before the other students had arrived. She was found in a collapsed and dazed state. An ambulance was called and she was taken to hospital. This student that was taken to hospital never returned to Westall High school. Her family moved out of the family home that night, never to return.


Victor Zakruzny’s sketch of the UFO:



Cuba / USA, Miami – Florida Keys | 1967

One day in March, 1967, the Spanish-speaking intercept operators of Detachment “A” located at Key West Naval Air Station in Florida heard Cuban air defense radar controllers report an unidentified “bogey” approaching Cuba from the northeast. The unidentified aircraft entered Cuban air space at a height of about 10,000 meters (about 33,000 feet) and sped off at nearly Mach 1 (nearly 660 mph). The Cuban airforce scrambled two MIG-21 jet fighters to intercept. The jets were guided to within five kilometers (three miles) of the UFO by Cuban ground control intercept radar personnel. The flight leader radioed that the object was a bright metallic spheroid disc with no visible markings or appendages. When a try at radio contact failed, Cuban air defense headquarters ordered the flight leader to arm his weapons and destroy the object.

The leader reported his radar was locked onto the bogey and his missiles were armed and ready to engage. Seconds later, the wingman screamed to the ground controller that his leader’s jet had exploded. When he gained his composure, the wing man radioed there was no smoke or flame, that his leader’s MIG-21 had disintegrated in mid air. Cuban radar then reported the UFO quickly accelerated and climbed above 30,000 meters (98,000 feet). At last report, it was heading south-southeast towards South America.

Within hours, Personnel of the Detachment received orders to ship all tapes and pertinent data to NSA and to list the Cuban aircraft loss in squadron files as due to “equipment malfunction.” At least fifteen to twenty people in the Detachment were said to be fully informed of the incident. Presumably, the data sent to NSA included direction-finding measurements that NSA might later combine with other site’s data to triangulate the location and altitude of the MIG-21 flight paths. If the AFSS equipment in Florida was sensitive enough, the UFO could have been tracked by its reflection of the Cuban ground and airborne radar.

A cat and mouse game

On March 31, 1967. William(Bill) Schroeder was stationed at the B Battery 6/65th of the US ARMY AIR DEFENCE COMMAND on the Florida Keys. Him and his cousin Denis Force who was serving at the time at the 644th Radar Squadron of the US AIR FORCE on Richmond Air Force Station in Florida tracked multiple UFOs over South Florida and the Gulf of Mexico. Denis was working a twelve hour shift from 7pm To 7am. He was speaking with his cousin Bill over the phone about 10pm, when he received a priority telephone call from NORAD Headquarters. They advised that four unidentified aircraft had been picked up on Canadian radar passing over mid Canada and heading south along the east coast of the United States at a very high rate of speed. He quickly notified the duty officer and waited for his radar to paint the four unidentified aircraft. The radar showed four aircraft coming into range at approximately 5000 mph and decelerating to approximately 1500 mph. He had Bill on the telephone and advised him as the situation developed.

Based on the testimony given by Bill to MUFON of the incidents he recalled…

My cousin called me one night on the net and advised me that something unbelievable was happening in South Florida. He opened the net so I could monitor the traffic regarding the incident taking place. I pulled my headset to my ears as I listened to various NORAD stations tracking a UFO just off the coast of Miami. At the time, Homestead was a SAC(Strategic Air Command) base, and any such traffic was a great concern to the Air Force. Although I was about 100 miles from the target under discussion, I had the capability to observe activity in the area with my own radar. I had only to take it off standby. As I was bringing up my antenna, the chatter continued, and referred to three more objects in the sky near Miami. It was also noted that civilian observers had now sighted the objects and the sighting was being reported on local commercial radio.

As my scope came up the first thing I noticed was three Marine fighters departing from Boca Chica Naval Air Station, heading North. The UFOs were clearly visible just Southeast of Miami. They appeared to be moving just East of North, skirting the Florida Coast. They then turned sharply West, crossing the Keys near Everglades National Park on the south tip of the Florida mainland. It only took the Phantoms a few minutes to reach the area of the bogies. I have no idea if the pilots sighted the targets visually, or electronically. The air channel was not part of the NORAD net. As the phantoms approached the targets they disappeared off the scope. Now there is only one way to disappear when being observed by a PAR (pulse acquisition radar). You must go straight up, or straight down.This cat and mouse game went on all night. Much to much to type in this report. Visual observations in Miami reportedly included the observation of one large object and three small ones. This I cannot verify, although I imagine the Miami Herald would have some record of it. To me, they appeared to be flying a search pattern. The way the Coast Guard would search in grids.

After about four hours(around 2:00 am) one of the unknowns began moving South directly towards my location. The target was really moving, probably twice the speed of anything I had ever tracked, around 1100 miles an hour. This would provide me with an excellent opportunity to lock onto the target with a different type of radar. This other type of radar has the capability of bringing back actual sounds of the target . Turbo prop, jet engines, or the thud of rotary aircraft could clearly be heard with this system. As the target approached it decelerated but was still super sonic. I brought the targeting radar into alignment with it and brought the unit on line. For a short moment, a very short moment, I could hear a high pitched whine, similar to a jet engine, but smoother and much higher pitch.

At this point the target obviously detected my lock and hit my sight with some type of electronic countermeasure[EMP]. It appeared to reverse the polarity of every piece of equipment on the sight, although I was never able to verify that. Needless to say this caused an instant shutdown of the system and erased a great many taxpayer dollars. As I was exiting the control center the launch crew stated that they had seen the object pass over. It was moving so fast that one of the guys swore it was a meteorite, but was flying level. When last seen the object was headed South towards Cuba. It was many years later that I read newspaper articles about a two week flap in the Miami area. I would also later learn about a Cuban MIG-21 that was allegedly destroyed during an encounter with a UFO in March 1967.


Falcon Lake, Manitoba, Canada | 1967

The sighting occurred Saturday, May 20, 1967, in an area near Falcon Lake, Manitoba, Canada, approximately 75 kilometres north of the American border in the rocky edge of the great Canadian Shield. Stefan Michalak was an amateur geologist and had worked the area many times. In his pursuit in finding silver deposits he traveled from his home in Winnipeg to Falcon Lake to try his luck. Around 12:15 p.m while working, Michalak was startled by the cackling of some geese, who were obviously disturbed by something. He looked up and was surprised to see two cigar-shaped objects with “bumps”. The objects now clearly a disc-shaped objects descent together from the SW at an angle of 15°-20° above the horizon. One stopped 10-12 ft. above the ground; the other continued downward, and landed on the flat top of a rock outcropping 160 ft. from him.


The one in the air when departed was changing colours from a bright red to orange to grey and so on as it flew into the west, where it disappeared into the distance. Now focusing his attention to the object on the ground, Michalak saw that it, too, was turning from bright red to orange to grey, until it finally was the colour of iridescence of hot stainless steel, surrounded by a golden-hued glow. The craft had no markings. Intense purple light shone from apertures around the dome of the craft. For the next half-hour he stayed near the rock, making a sketch of the object and noting various features. The craft was saucer-shaped, about 35 to 40 feet in diameter and approximately 8 feet high. Its upper cupola or dome was an additional three feet high. Michalak became aware of waves of warm air radiating from the craft, accompanied by the “smell of sulphur.” He also heard the whirring of what sounded like a fast electric motor, and a hissing, as if air were being taken in.

He noticed that a hatch on the side of the craft had opened. Initially, he could see nothing inside, because the light was too bright after adjusting his googles he can see like beams of purple light forming a column on the centre of the craft. Michalak approached to within 60 feet of the craft, and heard two humanlike voices, one with a higher pitch than the other. He was sure that the craft was an American experimental test vehicle, and walked closer to it, sarcastically asking, “Okay, Yankee boys, having trouble? Come on out and we’ll see what we can do about it.” When no response was heard, he tried Russian, German, Italian, French, and Ukrainian. The voices stopped. Suddenly, three panels slid over the opening, sealing it “like a camera shutter.” Michalak had noticed that the craft’s walls were about 20 in. thick, with a honeycombed look or something similar to what he described as “grate pattern”.

After the hatch closed, Michalak touched the craft with his gloved hand, burning the fingertips of his glove. The craft tilted slightly and started to spin rapidly. He was standing near a patterned ventilation or exhaust area on the craft’s side. When the craft started moving, a blast from this opening burned his upper abdomen and set his shirt and undershirt afire. He tore off the shirts and threw them to the ground, stamping out the fire. His outer shirt was almost totally burned, but he retrieved the remains of his undershirt. A hole also was burned in the front of the top of the cap he was wearing. He was left with burns on his abdomen and sickened, apparently as a result of inhalation of vapours from the machine. He looked up in time to see the craft depart like the first, and felt a rush of air as it ascended. The craft was turning orange and was clocking speed far exceeding known aircraft capability and disappeared in the direction from which it came

When the craft had left, Michalak noticed a strong smell of burning electrical circuits mixed with the original smell of sulphur. He walked over to where he had left his belongings, and saw that the needle on his compass was spinning erratically. He went back over to the landing site and immediately felt nauseous and a surge of pain from a headache. He reached the highway and requested help from a constable of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) who was driving by. The constable refused to help. He also failed to get help at the park headquarters and went back to his motel were he stayed the night before. After several hours, he took a bus to Winnipeg. While waiting for the bus, he telephoned the Winnipeg Tribune to request assistance, asking, at the same time, he said, that they give his experience no publicity. Michalak was met by his son, who took him to hospital for medical attention. The burns on his abdomen were diagnosed as superficial, and returned home. He continued to complain of nausea, headache, offensive odour from his lungs, lack of appetite, and rapid weight loss.

Two days after the alleged event, Michalak was attended to by a personal physician, whom he had not visited since Spring 1966. The following day he was taken to hospital to be checked for radiation trauma by the hospital’s Department of Nuclear Medicine. A radiation pathologist found no evidence of the effects of radiation on the burned area, in his blood, or on his clothing. He reported that the burn was thermal. A week after his sighting MIchalak was checked in the whole-body radiation counter at an Atomic Power Installation. This counter detects and measures gamma radiation from isotopes in the body. The test showed no count above normal background. MIchalak said he lost a total of 22 lb. over the next seven days, but had regained his strength and some weight 11 days after his sighting.

Fig.1  Michalack’s sketch of the object produced on site:


Injuries on his abdomen product of a blast of hot fumes from the aircraft.


Mendoza, Argentina | 1971

The observation took place on May 24, 1971, from a dentists’ surgery on the first floor of a building on the Calle Pedro Molina, right in the very centre of the city of Mendoza, with a wide open pace towards the south, extending as far as the promenades of the civilian quarter. We observed, in the direction of the Military Circle, far off and high in the sky, an unidentified object (stated Señor Julio Suárez Marzal)…
I remained alone in the dentist’s surgery, while Dr. Walter Griehl ran to get some binoculars, returning just as the object was disappearing. During his absence from the room, in just a few seconds of time, a whole series of events had occurred: I had seen the object come closer and perform the most curious movements.

The object is moving silently, floating and drifting along very slowly from east to west, at an altitude of some 1,000 metres and somewhat over 1 kilometre towards the S. E. from me (rough guesses). The colour is a pearly-grey, faintly bluish, dull. Its brightness make it stand out sharply against the deep blue of the sky. At once it starts to descend with a rocking movement, and I perceive that it is slowly revolving, at least so I judge from a small bright circular mark which stands out on its surface. The object rapidly descends toward where I am, and approaches eye-level, with the astonishing speed which characterizes the close-up as shown by the camera, as it registers a dizzying succession of gradations of approach.

Now the object pours forth a dense cloud, like steam in turbulence, which surrounds it and grows . As it draws nearer it grows larger. It worries me that I can’t see it clearly (the witness is here referring not to the UFO itself but to the bright point on its surface, a will be perceived by what follows). However. I imagine it must be some kind of view-finder adapted to a tubular axis. The UFO darts sideways at such speed that it suddenly vanishes; then surprises me by reappearing much lower down, where it immediately stop, rocking to and fro slightly. When it first arrived it was incandescent, of a dark orange colour, and without the cloud around it. Now it is a clearer pearly grey.

It is very near me, at about 70 metres, and at 16º , to the S.E. While remaining stationary it now seems to glide along horizontally, moving away and then imperceptibly approaching again, like a photographic close-up. At this point in its approach I see only those parts of it that interest me and I pay no heed to the total appearance, which moreover seems cut off visually. For about four seconds it is completely stationary in the air, silent, vibrating very slightly. This is the actual flying saucer itself, a solid object, a sort of metal. l have a magnificent view of it, with absolute clarity, bathed in the sunlight. I suddenly feel myself very much alone, I experience an indescribable loneliness at the weird realization of the presence of this strange reality.

After a quick glance to take it all in. my eye is caught by one detail: the bright point mentioned previously is now close, in three-quarter profile, like an external telescopic eye; it is a short cylinder, bell-shaped, the colour of old bronze, with shining frontal areas. Attached to the upper part, on the projecting, clearer portion of the cylinder, is a tubular central fin (we could call it a handle) of the same greyish colour as the whole surface of the craft. I examine the structure of this viewer in every minute detail, and while I am studying its strange upper part the saucer gives a slight shudder and climbs away obliquely, travelling off rapidly towards the N.E., leaving me as it does so with a general view of the said upper part of the viewer; it seemed to have several other details on it, and I could make out a reddish contour on the back portion.

To my surprise, having lost sight of the saucer for some four seconds, it reappears, and even closer, and now in complete and total view, making great strange rocking movements. The thing I had taken to be a sort of “eye”, a viewer, assumes the position of a focussing lens (or, as we would say, a “sight”) and follows any given point by mean of marked corrections, upwards, downwards, right, left, centre, with the speed and the touch of someone who wants to take precise and rapid aim because of the movements of the whole body of the flying craft, including too a pronounced to-and-fro rocking motion through about 35º .

The viewer is pointing towards the parabolic shortwave antennae of the Central Post Office. The sunlight shows up the viewer more clearly, and I can now actually feel the presence of someone who, with precision and intelligence, is directing the viewer’s movements from inside the craft. (This scene lasted ten seconds in the opinion of the witness, who is accustomed to film-making.) The two appearances of the stationary saucer could have been filmed perfectly, or recorded on colour stills, for the saucer was magnificently revealed by the sunlight, thus permitting the sharpest, clearest vision. The remaining views of the saucer were extremely rapid, dancing, so that the eyewitness could not hold it well in focus.

When I first observe the saucer, it shoots away from the foreground like a bullet vanishes in the sky, then reappears instantly afterwards at a height of some 1,500 metres and at approximately 29º, towards the S.W. It slowly floats, as at the outset, from east to west. It changes shape, as when a conjurer does his tricks: at one moment it is elongated, then it is a globe. then it looks like a little hat, then it is oval, as it drifts along with a rocking motion. Suddenly, as though taking its bearings, it quivers two or three times in rapid succession, then does a right-angled change of direction and moves off fast towards the south leaving an ever-darkening veil of vapour (which assumes a pale old rose shade) that hampers vision, till finally it i lost to sight. It is very hard to say what size it was, seeing that it represents the unknown. Perhaps 6 metre in diameter and 2 metres high at its centre, as arrived at by a few calculations and sketches.

I am now inclined to think that the saucer was also training its viewer on the Central Post Office from other position : namely not only when stationary, but also when gliding along horizontally, this time as though “filming”, to judge by the long halt and the direction in which the viewer was permanently set. Quite apart from its moments of immobility, of imperceptible horizontal approach, of rocking or slow floating, situations all of’ which enabled me to observe it with the closest attention, I must remark upon the utter difference between its way of moving and the way an aircraft moves. The aircraft seems to be pulled along, and to be making a great effort. On the contrary to this, the flying saucer moved about in various directions, with an agility that is inconceivable, like a butterfly, at an unimaginable speed, beyond our laws of gravitation.


Supporting letter from Dr. Walter Griehl to Sr. Julio Suárez Marzal

Mendoza, August 5, 1971. ” In accordance with your request, I give this public testimony, with the sole aim of furthering your investigations and your studies. that on the 24th day of May, 1971. at 12.10, In my surgery, you. Professor Julio Suarez Marzal. drew my attention, through the glass of the window. looking southwards, to an object which I saw and which, by the irregularity of its changing shape, was not identified; it was at an altitude of some 1,500 metres and at an approximate distance of ten cuadras.*. “It was moving slowly, silently, in a jerky manner. Its colour a dull bluish silver. Out of curiosity I went to get some binoculars from an outbuilding, and when I got back It had vanished.

Dr. E. Walter Griehl.
Dental Surgeon.
Reg. Licence No. 204”

*Old Spanish-American measurement, 1 cuadra = roughly 100 metres.

Julio Suárez Marzal’s UFO sketches:

Fig.1 The sequence of movements as the UFO floated down and overall appearance.



Maniwaki, Quebec, Canada | 1972

On an unspecified date in late summer or fall of 1972, a witness who insists upon remaining unidentified was walking near Lake Maniwaki in the Province of Quebec, Canada, when he came upon a huge cone- shaped object apparently resting upon the ground or else hovering very close to it. It was of very large size, 60 to 70 feet tall, and as he came into view it began to rise. He quickly opened his camera and snapped a picture of the strange aircraft on black and white negative film as it continued to ascend upward towards the clouds above. The photograph was made with a 35mm hand held camera in what looks like late mid- afternoon time.

This strange object was ice- cream- cone shaped, and of about the same profile and proportions as the Mesa, Arizona; Ipamari, Brazil and Cocoyoc, Mexico craft, but here the similarity ended. This one was flying with the point of the cone UP and the large end down. It looked metallic and was of a silvery color with 12 seemingly fluorescent or somewhat light-radiating globes positioned around the bottom that also looked metallic, and four more around the top that were of a slightly different color and also seemingly light radiating. The twelve lower globes around the rim of the widest part were of a sort of reddish-orange hue and the smaller ones around the top just below the point were a little more pinkish in color. The rest of the surface of the object was not marred by seams, mateing lines, rivets or fasteners, and had no ports or protrusions, or details of any kind, seemingly made all in one piece, and there were no markings of any kind visible.

The witness has now disappeared and nobody who knew him has been able to trace his whereabouts. There is no indication as to whether other photos were made or whether the witness had any contact with the craft. The original negative was sent to someone in the United states and has become “lost” .



Livingston, Scotland | 1979

On November 9, 1979, approximately between 10:00 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. Taylor, who was at the time working for the Livingston Development Corporation, parked his pickup truck at the side of a road with the intention of examining the progress of some saplings in the forest. Being unable to access the forest by truck, Taylor and his dog made their way into the forest on foot along one of the forest paths that lead up the side of Dechmont Law. Upon entering a clearing approximately 500 metres away from his truck, Taylor saw what he described as a large domed object totally motionless and silent hovering above the forest floor.He estimated the object to be about 20 feet in diameter.

It had a ring or flange of some sort around it, which caused it to appear like a brim on a hat. Protruding from the outside of the UFO were stems pointing up, and topped with propellers. The object seemed to be constructed from a dark grey metallic material which appeared transparent in places. Taylor later described the surface of the object having rough texture similar to that of sandpaper and suggested that by having transparent areas on its surface, the object was attempting to camouflage itself with its surroundings.

Taylor began to approach the object and upon doing so two smaller spheres three feet in diameter, which looked to be made from the same material, appeared to drop from underneath the craft and began to roll towards him. Taylor described the smaller spheres as having appendages, making them similar to sea mines in appearance. As the small objects moved towards him, Taylor described them as making a “plopping” noise as the appendages made contact with the ground. The small spheres maneuvered around Taylor and by using their appendages, attached themselves to each side of his trousers, just underneath the pockets. Taylor said at this point, he heard a hissing noise coming from the small objects and he began to choke due to a strong acrid smell which he believes was being secreted by them. He described this smell as “burning automobile brake linings” which caused him to cough. By now, Taylor was aware he was being dragged by the smaller spheres along the ground towards the larger object. He eventually fell forwards onto his face and lost consciousness.

Taylor later regained consciousness and upon doing so discovered the object had disappeared. Taylor then discovered he had trouble attempting to speak and could not get to his feet. He then crawled 100 metres along the ground and managed to stagger the rest of the distance back to where he had parked his truck. On reaching the truck he attempted to call for help on the truck’s two way radio, but struggled due to his loss of voice. Taylor then attempted to get back home in the truck, but accidentally ditched it in soft earth while trying to drive in his condition. Due to his vehicle being stuck, Taylor walked the rest of the way back home.

He arrived around 11:45 AM. When his wife saw him, she was shocked. He had mud all over him, and his pants were torn. He began to tell her of his ordeal with the UFO. His wife urged him to call the police, but Taylor felt that they would only laugh at him. Instead, he called his job supervisor, Malcom Drummond. Drummond called a doctor, and he drove directly to Taylor’s house. He was so eager to hear Taylor’s story that he questioned him while he was in the tub. Drummond and Taylor both felt that there should be physical proof of the incident in the forest. Since the doctor was coming to check out Taylor, Drummond headed to the scene via Taylor’s instructions, but he could not find the right location.

While awaiting Drummond’s arrival, Taylor complained of a headache and kept saying that he had been “gassed”. Drummond and Taylor both attended the scene of the incident a short while later the same day and discovered strange indentations in the forest floor which Taylor stated had not been there earlier that morning. One set were described as looking like rungs in ladder, the other indentations which numbered forty in total were suspected to be the tracks left by the smaller objects. No scorch marks were seen on the forest floor. Staff of the Livingston Development Corporation later took photographs of the scene.


On the research regarding this incident we noticed that the craft/object witnessed by Taylor is being depicted spheroid in most of the available illustrations over the internet. We based our renderings on the drawing made by Taylor’s son-in-law shortly after the incident took place aided with the verbal description of Robert Taylor. Also, it is important to know that we did not find in the official reports made by Taylor indicating that the craft was completely a sphere.

In a recently produced documentary by the National Geographic Channel where this case was featured, new information has been revealed. In 2012, 30 years after the incident, David Hammond, Bob Taylor’s son-in-law and author of the famous UFO sketch that was used to described what Taylor saw that morning stated that he believe that the sketch he created may have mislead people whether the UFO had legs. Taylor described the object hovering over the forest floor but Hammond suggested that the UFO should have been resting on legs based on the “tread tracks” found on the ground by investigators.

Based on these findings, we decided to depict the craft in our renders without the “legs” . Still, the fact remains that those rectangular tracks on the ground seemed to be made by the object. There is no evidence to this day stating that these tracks were made from a man made machine. There were no matching equipment tracks on the region when police made their investigation. Neither found evidence that a machine was entering and/or leaving the area due to the lack of tracks on the surrounding area.

Fig. 1]  Reproduction of the original drawing made by David Hammond.


Schmidrüti, Switzerland | 1980

At 11:00 am on October 22nd 1980, an extravagant looking craft came and hovered very low over the parking lot at the F.I.G.U. Center in Schmidrüti, Switzerland. From what Meier was told, this was one of a new series of ships that the Plejarens had recently developed. Because of its three tiers of decorative spheres it has become known as the Wedding-Cake UFO, or WCUFO. ”Billy” Eduard Albert Meier is the source of many controversial UFO photographs & videos. He presents a series of photographs as evidence to support claims that he has been in contact with extraterrestrials since he was five years old. The WCUFO pictures are in our opinion the most controversial one.

Of all the crafts that Meier has photographed the WCUFO is at the centre for a series of “authenticity” debates between the “Skeptics” and the “Believers”. We will not get into the details in here, but both sides have very convincing arguments. Billy Meier and his supporters claim that this is a craft that must be a minimum of 11 feet in diameter. However, research conducted by the IIG and other individuals located online have been able to identify several of the components used in the creation of this “UFO” which indicate that this is not a large scale craft, but is actually a small scale model.


Queens, New York, USA | 1981

On September 5th of 1981 around 10:00pm of the Saturday night, in Corona, Queens. At least ten people said they saw a bell-shaped UFO with flashing multi-coloured lights making a beeping noise while hovering through the New York skies. The object hovered over a tenement block, a triangular-shaped ray of green light shot out from the bottom of the object and shone on the face of a teen-aged girl observing the object from the window of her friend’s house. She cried to her companion that she felt she was being “taken” by the UFO before she was pulled away from the window.

The UFO was observed near 104th St. and 44th Avenue in Corona, Queens. It was described as bell-shaped with a flashing green light on top and swirling coloured green and yellow lights around the bottom edge. Centred in the bottom part of the “bell” was a green triangular light surrounded by white circling lights. It was also said to have triangular windows lit with white light around the upper part of the bell and was making a beeping noise. Witnesses described it as flying about 40-50 stories above their tenement homes. The mysterious craft  moved slowly towards the end of the block of 108th Street, then it came back and hovered over a three-story tenement building located at 10447 44th Ave. witnesses said.

As the UFO moved over towards 108th St., witnesses heard a airplane engine noise approaching. This airplane had two strong beaming searchlights, when the jet’ lights where beamed at  the UFO, at that moment the object shot out of sight.  Witnesses said they knew the jet was not a commercial airliner coming into nearby LaGuardia airport because the normal airport flight pattern was in a different direction. The noise of the jet was also said to be unusually loud, indicating it was flying lower than commercial jets.  Three members of the Colon family and their cousin Lewis Alya and Diana Martinez, who was hit with the green ray. and Diana’s grandfather waited until Sunday morning to tell their story of the UFO to Jayne Turconi, who delivers the “News World” and “Noticias Del Mundo” in the area. They did not call the police for fear of being considered “crazy.”

Throughout their story, they emphasized how terrified they were during the encounter.

Diana Martinez. 14. was at the home of Oneda Colon, 13, when she saw the object out the second-floor window. As she was looking with her head out the window, a green ray shot out from the triangular light at the centre of the object and shone on her face.  She then cried to Oneda. “Smack me. smack me! It’s taking me!”  Oneda hit her face and pulled her away from the light. Diana said, “For two minutes I looked away. Everything went blank for me.”  Oneda’s mother. Carmen Colon. 31, saw the UFO also. She said “The girls were screaming. So I ran to see what was happening and I saw it.”  Diana said. “The UFO was about ten stories high above the ground when the green light hit my face.” She said it appeared to be as wide as 2 1/2 city streets side by side(approx. 110 feet).

Jimmy Colon, 13, Oneda’s brother, said he saw the object when he was standing on the corner of 104th St. and 45th Ave. “It was about 5O stories high I above the ground, making a circular pattern around our area. The UFO rotated in circles. It had green light that beeped on and off.” The noise he described as “whoo-whoo.” sounding as the light flashed and stopping when it dimmed.  “It went around three times and then I came home and it disappeared. Before it disappeared it was still rotating but in the same spot and then after it had advanced a little bit. it slanted upward so fast I couldn’t see it. and it disappeared.” said Jimmy. He also said when the object stopped, it hovered over a power line.

Jenny Colon. 13. said she saw it after Diana and Oneda. She said the UFO took up an arc of the sky about three feet wide. “I saw a three-foot object with different colour lights swirling around the bottom with a green light lining on and off. It seemed to circle the area around our block. It went pretty last.” She said it lasted about 15 minutes.  The Colons’ cousin Lewis Alya also said he saw the object.  Other witnesses said they saw some coloured lights and heard the jet coming and saw the search lights from the jet.


Harry Lebelson, New York researcher for the Aerial Phenomena Research Organization (APRO) said that UFOs with similar characteristics, notably the triangular structures, were sighted in upstate New York in recent months.  Lebelson said APRO would probably investigate the sighting, perhaps using a dermatologist to see if the reported beam of light left traces of radiation on Diana’s skin.


Fig.1  Drawing of the object by witness Diana Martinez. (source: News World).


Alenquer, Portugal | 1982

On the morning of November 2,1982, Captain Júlio Miguel Guerra a flight instructor member of the 101 Portugal’s Air Force squadron was flying a DHC-1 Chipmunk for an aerobatic training. At about 10:50 a.m. at an altitude approximately of 5,000. He noticed below to his left, near the ground, another “aircraft.” This airplane seemed to have only a fuselage, it didn’t have wings and it didn’t have a tail, only a cockpit and it was oval in shape. In order to investigate, Guerra turned his airplane 180 degrees to the left in order to follow and identify this “object,” which was flying to the south. Suddenly the object climbed straight up to his altitude of 5,000 feet in under ten seconds. At first with some instability, oscillations, wavering motion, and then it stabilized remaining still.

This object seems to be a metallic disc composed of two halves, one on the top and another on the bottom, with some kind of band around the center, brilliant, with the top reflecting the sun. The bottom half was a darker tone that seems to be red or brown. At first it moved with his aircraft, then it flew at a fantastic speed in a large elliptical orbit to the left, between 5,000 feet to the south and approximately 10,000 feet to the north, always from left to right, repeating this route over and over. Right away, He realized it was an unknown object, and called the tower and told the controller that there was a strange object flying around him. He, and others from three or four other airplanes, said it must be some kind of balloon. Some of the pilots flying in other zones made fun of it, and He responded by asking them to come and see it with their own eyes. Two fellow Air Force officers, Carlos Garces and Antonio Gomes, communicated over the radio that they would join him to tag this ”object”.

When they arrived to Guerra’s location they stayed with him for about ten minutes while the object kept up its circular pattern, each loop almost the same as the previous one, and they conversed on the radio. Guerra was in the interior of the orbit and they were outside of it, so the object passed between the two planes. Because of that, they could estimate the size relative to the length of the Chipmunk’s fuselage. At various times the object had been very close to him and He was able to verify that it was round, with two halves shaped like two tight-fitting skullcaps. Carefully He looked at the lower half of this object and he noticed that had a hole or dark spot in the center. The middle band looked like it had some kind of grid, and possibly a few lights, but it was hard to tell since the sun was so bright.

After about ten minutes, Guerra decide to make an interception. He communicated to the two Air Force colleagues of his intentions. Since the object’s speed was much faster than Guerra’s airplane, He flew directly to a point along the trajectory of its elliptical course. The object came toward Him and flew right over his Chipmunk, positioning stationery right on top of his aircraft, like a helicopter landing but much, much faster, breaking all the rules of aerodynamics. This craft now was hovering, only about fifteen feet of him. Then without notice, flew off in a flash toward the direction of Sintra mountain to the sea. This was witnessed all the time by the two other pilots no far from Guerra’s airplane.

Right after landing, all three pilots filed detailed, independent written standard reports about the incident, and their planes were checked for damage, but they didn’t hear anything more about it from anyone in the Air Force, and they were not interviewed by the military. A little later, General José Lemos Ferreira, the Portuguese Air Force Chief of Staff at the time, authorized the release of all the records to a team of scientists and experts.

The scientific team studied all the data and the three pilot reports, after a meeting of all thirty investigators in Porto, in 1984, the group provided a written analysis of more than 170 pages. Among their findings, they determined that this craft was clocking more than 300 mph when flying vertically. They could determine its velocity to be about 1,550 mph when flying around Guerra’s plane. This speed is incredible, especially given the maneuvers it was making around the aircraft. The investigators did everything they could to understand this case, but they could not find an explanation for it. They concluded that the object remained unidentified.

Fig.1   A more finished drawing based on the original sketch submitted by Guerra of the UFO on his report.

Fig.2   Side view sketch made by investigators based on the description provided by Guerra and Garces.



Fig.3   Detail of some sketches that were produced to depict the events.


Fig.4   Another detail of the sketches included on the official 170 pages report made by investigators.



Braunschweig, Germany | 1993

On the night of 8-9 March 1993 Erwin Lohre, an artist and former military pilot, was sleeping at his family home in Braunschweig, north-central Germany. At around 12:30am, he suddenly awoke with a stabbing pain in the area of his spine. “I at once took a painkilling tablet and lay down again,” he recounted to Dr. Peter Hattwig, a UFO investigator. “Meanwhile, my wife had also awakened simultaneously.” Suddenly, we heard a clear humming sound coming from the sky. After three or four seconds this noise, which seemed “metallic”, as though produced by a centrifugal force, grew louder, and then, through the bedroom window, we saw a bright round shining object stationary at a height of some 10 metres or so above the birch trees to the east. There was a full Moon at the time. But despite that, our bedroom and terrace outside was lit by something even more powerful than the moonlight – a bluish- white colour like neon lighting. At the same time we both felt a strange metallic sort of taste on our tongues.

Up till then I had scarcely given a moment’s thought to UFOs, but it was now quite clear to me that I was looking at an unknown flying object, and I said to my wife: “Look! See what it is! They are going to land here!” Being a former fighter pilot myself, I wanted of course to see what was going on. But when I tried to stand up, I found that I could not move, and for my wife it was just the same. Also our two kittens, which sleep on the foot of the bed, were both sitting there, both upright, and looking as though they had turned to stone. Meanwhile, our bedroom window was being bathed, on and off, in a bright yellow beam of light apparently coming down from above.

I didn’t get frightened because I was so completely spellbound. Indeed, if anything, my feeling was rather one of annoyance because I was immobilized and unable to get to the window. But afterwards, my wife had a thorough fit of the shakes. The eerie apparition lasted altogether about 40 seconds or so, and then the vivid light ended abruptly. Then, some 30 or 40 seconds later, we saw the UFO fly over our bedroom window in a westerly direction and vanish. Simultaneously the paralysis ended for both of us. My wife was too upset to be able to sleep anymore, and so was I.

Then, about half an hour later, we heard the same sound again, coming from the other direction. Our bedroom has windows on the two sides, and so we got a full view of the UFO for the first time. From a distance of about 300 metres, we watched it flying straight towards us. Again we heard the same sounds as before, and for about six seconds or so we could see its shape absolutely clearly. The craft was shimmering with all the colours of the rainbow … the cupola was a bright, shining silver. The underside had three coloured apertures and a central light.

Then, just as the disc – which I estimated to be about 10 metres wide – was nearly right over us, something quite unbelievable happened. It simply dissolved into thin air – between one-tenth of a second and another – and it was gone, without any transition!

Lohre reported the encounter to a local newspaper. “After the newspaper had published the report,” he said, “25 people contacted me, including one whole bowling team that had been traveling home at the time. Unfortunately none of them was prepared to go public as eyewitnesses.” Dr Hattwig asked Herr Lohre if he had the impression that the craft was ‘seeking’ him personally. “Absolutely!” replied Lohre. “For it was hovering there right beside my bedroom window, as though they knew exactly where I was. It is true that my wife and I were both paralyzed, but unlike me she felt no pain in the spine.”



The day after the incident, a number of peculiar developments occurred. “At 4 p.m.,” recounted Lohre, “my wife and daughter and I – who were all in different rooms at the time – saw a light like a photo-flash in front of our TV sets, accompanied by a crackling sound. Then, an hour later, phenomenal discharges came from the TV sets downstairs. Furthermore, we found that our computer had acted up. We never found any reason for that, and it has never happened again. Then, at about 10 p.m., suddenly a tremendous banging started up inside our wardrobe, as though somebody was shut in there. But despite all our efforts and searching, we could find absolutely no reason for the noise. And every time we opened the wardrobe, the noise stopped. On and off the eerie happenings went on for a further eight weeks, and disturbed us badly.”


“After the encounter”- Lohre said  – “I had constant pain in the spine, and, a week later, using a mirror, I discovered on my spine, at the level of the buttocks, two red marks, about 2 cm apart. I went to see a doctor, who then found two black spots below the skin. He applied an ointment, and he referred me for a CAT scan (Computer tomography), but before I was able to go there two little black lens-shaped things came out of my back. I put them away very carefully, to show them to the doctor, but by the second day following they had simply evaporated.”

Dr. Hattwig asked Lohre what was his explanation for the little black things and the latter had none. Dr. Hattwig asked:  “Have you ever heard anything about UFO abductions?”. Lohre eyed Hattwig with an unbelieving look. As he was to admit to him later, such an idea was utterly new to him, and up till then he had never heard of anything of the sort.  But later on Lohre replied: “I did indeed read about it later on, and I did play around for a while with the idea of undergoing hypnosis, but so far I haven’t taken that step.”   This was a wise decision on Lohre’s part because regression hypnosis is known to be very unreliable.


Fig.1  Sketch produced by Erwin Lohre of the craft as it was seen briefly during the approach. “It shimmered with all the colours of the rainbow, white, green, red, yellow. The cupola was a bright, shining silver.”

Fig.2  Reproduction of other Lohre sketch of the lower side of the craft.

” The underside had three coloured apertures and a central yellow light.”






- Unearthly Disclosure by Timothy Good, ISBN-13: 978-0099406020, 2002
- UFOs over Brunswick by Dr. Peter Hattwig | German UFO Investigation Group DEGUFO, 1996


El Trigal, Havana, CUBA | 1995

In the early morning of November 27, 1995, Samuel Rodolfo Barreras was working as a security guard at a place called “El Trigal”, an urban area outside of Havana City. While inside his post shelter through the window, he noticed a bright light approaching his location from the sky. Samuel assumed that the light was an aircraft that was having trouble and was in danger of crashing. To his amazement, the light shortly became a hovering flying saucer above the roof of one of the building. While in awe watching the craft, he realized that he was completely paralyzed and was not able to move a muscle. The craft displayed some flying maneuvers in order to descend to the centre of a small plaza that was in the middle of this building complex were Samuel was guarding. Slowly, the craft descended hovering half a meter over the ground.

Due to shock, Samuel still was unable to move, but still remained watching out the windows while the craft was coming to a stop. He did not see any landing gear, the UFO was simply floating half a meter over the ground completely still. A minute passed and a hatch opened upward from the lower part of the craft. This door or hatch was not initially visible or noticeable by Samuel when the craft was hovering prior to stopping.

An entity emerged from the inside of the craft. Samuel described it as a humanoid in figure, around six plus feet tall but based on his mechanical movement he assumed that was some kind of “robot”. The entity walked from the ship in the direction of the location were Samuel was stationary. Samuel was growing in fear and tried to break a piece of the window to use their parts as defence weapon just in case, but it was impossible due to the paralysis that he was under. Luckily almost 10 meter away from Samuel’s location the entity made a turn in a different direction and decide to inspect another area.

Samuel observed this entity carefully. It was wearing a tight dark clothing that seems very “shiny”. He noticed the unusual shape of its head and it had very big dark eyes – he said, Samuel stated that he was not sure but its eyes seemed similar to a camera diaphragm. The entity stood still over 15 minutes while moving its head in different direction looking around, then retraced its steps back to the craft location and board it. The hatch closed immediately and some seconds after the lower part of the craft lit up with some sort of lights or turbines as Samuel described them based on the high luminosity and humming sound that was creating similar to bees but in a higher pitch.

The craft started a slow ascend while this circular array of blue fluorescent lights were gaining in intensity and power. Once the craft was an altitude parallel to the roof of the building, in a split of a second it took off at an impossible speed, it looked like it disappeared instantly from the location. Shortly after the craft departure, Samuel gained control of his body and was able to move, he quickly searched for a paper and pencil to sketch the craft that he just witnessed.

Matanzas Sightings | 1996

In September of the following year a series of sightings of a similar craft was witnessed by students and staff members of a school in Matanzas, a neighbour Province of Havana.

One night around midnight a group of girls were gathered in a section of the dorm chatting while watching the stars through the window. Suddenly a gust of wind rushed through the windows’ openings and a humming sound was heard as a bright light illuminated the whole dorm. A craft was seen cruising horizontally slowly close to the building with a red and white lights flashing in some sort of sequence. The girls were running across the room franticly peeking at the windows to get a better look at this craft. They describe it as elliptical in shape from its side view.
They knew that this craft wasn’t the usual man made aircraft like an helicopter due to the lack of noise considering how close it was flying from the building. Also they discarded an airplane due to the hovering capabilities of this craft.

During the next two nights this craft seemed to coming back to scout the area and was witnessed every single night by the students and staff of the school. Some of the students were able to get a closer look of this craft while flying over the building. They described it as metallic and silver in colour, round in shape with a circular array of light around its perimeter. The lights configurations varies from red and white to blue or red and white, all flashing in sequence. A student notice some lines under the bottom of the craft that was following a radial pattern. One of the interviewed students stated that the craft was similar to one that she saw in earlier years, when was flying over by Cardenas, another town in the Province of Matanzas.

Fig.1  Reproduction of the sketch produced by Samuel of the craft.

Fig.2  Reproduction of the sketch produced by Samuel of the head of the entity.

Fig.3  Reproduction of the sketch produced by one of the students of the side view of the craft.

Fig.4  Reproduction of the sketch produced by another student of the bottom view of the craft.


- OVNIS ¿en Cuba? – Documentary by Octavio Cortazar, Armando Linares & Hugo Parrado Francos- 1997


Yukon Territory, Canada | 1996

It was the last weekend in July, 1996 approximately 11:55pm. Sue and Sarah were on their way from Whitehorse to their home in the goldfields southeast of Dawson City. They were travelling on the Hunker Road driving up a steep hill towards King Solomon Dome, a beautiful spot where one can see for miles from the divide between the Klondike and Indian Rivers. There they spotted a very strange sight indeed, they could not believe their eyes! Suspended in the sky was a giant cigar-shaped “something”. It had a row of rectangular windows and was sitting there motionless and at a slight angle. Sue looked at her watch, and recalls that the time read 1:50 am, however she also noted that her watch had stopped. After driving between hills and round curves in the road they could now see much more detail of the craft which was almost directly ahead of them.


They noted a swarm of small “ships” buzzing around what they gathered to be the front of the object, these “ships” had not been there previously. They assumed the front was the end that slightly tilted towards the sky. The smaller ships appeared as bright hazy lights, 12 to 13 in number as they made an attempt to count them. They were going in and out of the big cigar-shaped thing! They drove on down the steep descent along Quartz Road into the valley before loosing sight of the objects behind a hill on the left hand side   after regaining view of the object again the “little ships” were gone. Apparently they had “tucked themselves away” but they couldn’t believe how close this thing appeared to be.

They passed a mining operation on their right hand side where the workers outside seemed oblivious to the UFO. They thought about pulling in and alerting the work crew but the need to return Sue’s son was much greater. Astounded they watched this thing as it started to go behind Haystack Mountain, this was 12 km away from them on the other side of the Indian River! With the mountain partly in front of the craft they realized the enormity of the object was totally unbelievable! This thing was huge! Its angle of tilt had also increased as it continued to descend behind Haystack Mountain. They were expecting it to shoot off into the sky at any second, up and to the left, as they perceived that to be the front of the craft. To their astonishment this thing continued to descend at the same angle behind Haystack Mountain. “How could this thing fit behind Haystack unless it sunk into the dirt” was their thought. They came roaring into their driveway honking their horn. Their son came running out, the sisters jumped out of the car and tried to look for words to describe the awesome event. They were beside themselves. Their son managed to get in a few words in edge wise. “Where have you been? It’s 3:30 in the morning!” he said. Apparently the sisters were missing 2 hours from their journey.


Sue Malcolm’s drawing of the cigar shaped object. Beside, a detailed drawings made independently by Sarah and Sue of the lights or windows.

Sue’s drawing at left and Sarah’s on right depicting the UFO disappearing behind Haystack Mountain. [This drawings were made independently]





www.ufobc.ca:  “Giant UFO over the Yukon Gold Fields”  by Martin Jasek


North Bergen, New Jersey, USA | 1986

On July 6 1986, Wall Street investor Ron Lee and artist Ninetta Nappi went out on the balcony of her apartment in the StoneHenge building in North Bergen, New Jersey to watch the sunset over the New York skyline that evening.  Immediately, Ron noticed an unusual object hovering over the Hudson River and pointed it out to Ninetta.  The object was motionless and neither of them could figure out what it could be. The object was large, metallic, oval-shaped and topped with a dome.  On its bottom were three sets of twin lights.  No sound emanated from the object. Based on artist Ninetta Nappi’s sketch of the scene, we estimated the size of the object to be between 200 and 250 feet.

The couple continued to observe it for nearly ten minutes until it started to glide away rapidly and rose up into the sky towards the South. Shortly after the object had departed, they heard a loud roar and, as they turned around, they saw a military jet in hot pursuit. Both of them stayed silent about their experience at the time it happened.  However, some years later, they agreed to be interviewed about the incident for an episode of the History channel’s series “The Unexplained” which aired in the mid-nineties.  Afterwards, they never spoke publicly about it again.

This was only one of many UFO sightings to take place in the North Bergen area of New Jersey.  Several UFO incidents occurred over the years, some as early as 1948 and several in the immediate vicinity of the Stonehenge building.  In fact, some estimate that North Bergen has had the most reported sightings of any region of the United States over nearly forty years. Probably one of the best-known cases in this area was that of one George O’Barski who claimed that he had witnessed a hovering UFO in North Hudson Park near the Stonehenge building back in 1975.  There have been many sighting reports since then of unusual flying objects or lights in the North Bergen sky.



Fig.1  Reproduction of the sketch produced by Ninetta Nappi of the sighting.



Pic.2  Stonehenge Apartments building where the sighting occurred.



- History Channel Documentary “The Unexplained” | 
- Special thanks to Arthur Engh for his contribution



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