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In August 1990, George Knapp, the reporter that first broke the story, uncovered a W2 for Robert Lazar. This slip represents payments, after deductions, for five days, (non-consecutive) working at the S4 base.  Lazar started at the end of December 1988.  And had only been at the base five times before the new year.

Note at the top of the slip is a field reserved for the O.M.B. (Office of Management and Budget.

Note Lazar's Employee number. E-6722MAJ. Compare the following badge, issued to Lazar by the security department at S4.

Lazar noted that he had 'Majestic' clearance.

This clearance level was 48 levels above "Q" clearance.

At the bottom of the badge were the different sectors that this clearance would admit entrance to. Notice the S4 indication in the lower left corner. The other three sectors are unfamiliar to Lazar. DS - ETL - WX.

Bob LAZAR...

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