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The Microwave Analogy

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Compare the similar graphical patterns the disc as a waveguide and Transverse Magnetic waves in a circular waveguide. Notice the form the gravity wave takes as it is guided up and around the disc. Notice also microwaves in TM11 mode, using cylindrical waveguides. Revolve this cross section and the result is a spherical waveguide which would be geometry of our sportmodel. The natural patterns are surprisingly similar. It is also interesting that the most disruptive of waves occur just outside the elliptical area. This disruption usually results in the air around the disc ionizing, producing the legendary silent bright light.

It became apparent to the scientists at S4 that no shape on this craft was aesthetically motivated.



This is the pattern cross-section when the disc achieves maximum distortion.  The shape of the disc is designed to guide the gravity wave up and around the disc to terminate at the tip of the waveguide terminator on the top of the disc.  This is the "antenna" like spike on the disc's topside.  This effect takes place 360 degrees around the disc forming a donut like "gravity bubble" around the craft.

During this effect, the disc in invisible to the eye.   Though it was there, you would only see the sky or terrain behind it.

Transverse magnetic waves in a circular waveguide in TM11 mode. Rotate this pattern and you have a spherical waveguide in remarkably similar   proportions to the Reticulan craft and the wave-guided distortion around the disc.

Microwaves, light waves, and gravity waves all behave similarly in regard to being guided and lensed.   Many models and graphic analogies can be derived from comparing these forms of radiation.

Assuming that nothing is aesthetically motivated on the craft, attention is drawn to the curved sections of the lower hull.

Gravity waves behave very much like microwaves or light waves in that they can be lensed or guided.  It is very possible that the only real modulator is gravity.  All other forms of electromagnetic waves such as light or microwaves etc, are simply ripples in that medium.  Imagine everything existing at one time with the electromagnetic waves our senses are privy  "illuminating"different vectors piercing through space-time.

The rings of Saturn existing as ripples in space-time. Light not really traveling in a linear mode, but rather a handoff of illuminated particles.

Let's assume that these vectors, or electromagnetic waves light up like veins within this modulating medium which pulses at approximately seven and a half times a second. From a visual sense, the universe repeats itself from micro to macro over and over again.  When we do visual effects to represent clouds or nebula we use fluid tanks of paint in varying degrees of viscosity and varying degrees of disturbance.  And it appears totally real to the viewer.  Thats because, physical property in the universe are simply put "universal". Assuming this, lensing gravity and lensing light and lensing or guiding microwaves would produce graphic and physical results just as most other physical structures within the universe show graphed similarities.

In summary, Could the shape of the crafts belly provide insight into the graphic perfection of this particular disc known only as the sportmodel?  If the gravity amplifiers as seen above are positionable, and it has been determined that the shape and substance of the craft does in fact "guide" the gravity wave around it, then why are the amplifiers pointing into such lens-like  patterns. Could this be a form of "gearshifting" procedure?

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