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Between December 1988 and April 1989, the area known as Groom Lake, on the Nellis Air Force Range in central Nevada became unusually popular. The now infamous Area 51 and especially the Groom and Papoose dry lake beds were relatively unknown terms to the mainstream community from the mid 1970's to 1989.  The scientific circles knew it as  "Dreamland" or as the Skunkworks or simply as Groom Lake.  One night in May 1989, a reporter broadcast a story from a satellite link in Las Vegas Nevada. A young physicist spoke  under hidden identity, and told us of nine alien discs held near Groom Lake by a small, autonomous group of the American goverment. He used the psudonym "Dennis"  which turned out to be the name of his superior at the base.  A few weeks later he went on camera using his real name, Bob Lazar, and he has been the subject of world-wide curiosity, speculation and controversy ever since.

The following pages are the result of over five years work in an effort to recreate and illustrate the scientific aspects of an interstellar craft and the physics of it's propulsion system. This is a biography in database form, of the events and statements of Bob Lazar. The result is the most complete collection of information to date regarding this subject.

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Carved into the base of the Papoose mountain is a laboratory including nine hangars, each one housing an alien disc. It was at this base where Lazar worked.   In addition to the hands on experience with the Reticulan craft and propulsion system, Lazar and other scientists were briefed on programs relating to these aliens and their involvement with the human race.  The briefings presented an overview of aliens "externally correcting" our evoulution over the last 10,000 years and least 15 years of direct technology exchange between extra-terrestrial beings and the scientists at S4.

The content of those briefings and the hands on experience at area S4 make up the information presented here.  Select the image below.


The S4 installation is built into the mountain with the hangar doors built on an angle matching the slope of the mountain. These doors are covered with a sand textured coating to blend in with the side of the mountain and the desert floor. This was designed to hide the base from soviet spy satellites like the one that heads this site. In the illustration above, the satellite image was mapped to USGS altitude data. The small black rectangle represents the bus with the blacked out windows that drove Lazar and the other scientists from Groom Lake(Area 51) to Area S4. The bus drove pass all nine hangars doors  which are numbered one through nine respectively  before turning to the left aat the end of the ninth hangar and parking at an indentation in the mountain.  This is where the entrance to S4 is. See S4 Lab  or  Corridor Entrance.


The maps and studies above were mostly derived from a single shot taken by one of the former Soviet Unions spy satellites. The Image was taken on a Sunday morning, July 17th, 1988 of the forbidden Groom Lake on the Nellis Air Force range in Central Nevada.

An Alternate Image: Taken 1/60th of a second earlier from the same camera.

It was no surprise to the US officials who were hiding the "Dreamland" from the world, that the Soviets were spying on them from 180 miles above. A single satellite image covers a 50 x 50 mile area. The type of imaging technology used by this satellite is primitive by today's standards.

Prior to Lazar's appearance in the media, Soviet satellites were photographing the Area 51 / S4 area three times a month. After Lazar appeared on television revealing information about the project, the Soviets began photographing the Papoose lake region and S4 almost daily.

Basically, the satellite snapped a picture through filters and exposed the image on a single 12" square sheet of film. A cannister containing a roll or completed magazine was jettisoned to earth. Groom Lake was the primary interest to this satellite when covering the Nevada area.   An interest due in part  to the Stealth and SR71 projects which were built and tested at Groom Lake. With Lazar coming forward and identifying S4 in 1989, the survellance from this particular satellite increased from one every two weeks to one a day .  Actually, the alien technology wasn't housed at Area 51 at all. But rather, 15 miles south of Groom Lake, at the Papoose dry lakebed.


This is where the Alien technology regarding the discs and propulsion systems were kept. According to Lazar, Soviet scientists were also "allowed" to be involved in the program. During Lazar's time at the S4 facility, some of the Element 115, as well as a couple of scientists turned up missing.   It was never fully explained why, but soon after that the Soviet scientists were kicked out and the remaining scientists were issued guns.   Why the element turned up missing is still a mystery to the people of S4.  What is known is that the Element 115 was not considered anything unsual until its atomic number was identified.   A process spearheaded by Lazar during his first few months at the facility.   This was a major discovery since the dual purpose of the fuel and the possiblity of creating a dual fuel with earth elements would someday be possible.

Bob Lazar Gravitic Propulsion design:

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  The Reactor

The Reactor
The reactor is a closed system which uses the Element 115 as its fuel. The element is also the source of the gravity-A wave which is amplified for space/time distortion and travel.

The disc is one of nine, given to the American government in an "exchange" program in the early 1970's. The makers of the craft and providers of the fuel were from the Zeta Reticuli star system. What we exchanged for the technology is not known. A back engineering program began in 1979 of the  remaining hardware and technology.

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