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As it turned out during Lazar's time at S4, the element 115 became the primary source of interest regarding the study of the Reticulan propulsion system. A major part of this was due to Lazar's work. Before he and others arrived, the study assumed any nuclear reaction would work.

They thought the element was simply a more efficient reaction, and had not considered that an effort to place it on our Periodic Chart might yield the key to the gravity amplifiers.


It became apparent to Lazar that the effort to understand how the amplifiers created a gravitational field was hitting a roadblock. He decided to backup and look again at the basics, -the fuel.

The missing link in the current logic was the inability to determine where the gravitational field was coming from.  It wasn't until Lazar conducted some experiments using the element 115 to actually bend a laser beam, did the focus shift to the dual purpose of the fuel. Only gravity can bend light and therefore it was at least accessible enough to amplify and abundant enough since the gravity wave naturally extended past the perimeter of the atom.


Notice the peculiar shape to the tip of the machined fuel element. It took a tremendous amount of milling and waste to produce this configuration. The reactor is designed so that this piece is inserted into a tuned tube in the center of the reactor as indicated to the right. (2) A miniature version of a particle accelerator, built into the base of the reactor, fires protons at tremendous energy into the tip of the element.


Transmutation occurs, and small amounts of antimatter are radiated, down the tuned tube and towards a target gas.  (3)  The antimatter and the matter collide, instantly converting to energy. (4)  The heat from the reaction is converted in a near 100 percent efficient thermal electric generator.


The Reactor

 The power from this output is then used to access and amplify the gravity A-wave that exists in the same Element 115.  This is what we mean when we say the fuel is dual purposed.











The power source is a reactor which uses element 115 as its fuel.  In this reactor element 115 is used as a target and is bombarded with protons in a small, highly sophisticated particle accelerator. When a proton fuses into the nucleus of an atom of 115, it is transmuted and becomes an atom of element 116.


Although we too can transmute elements here on earth, it is typically not done in this fashion, or at anywhere near this level of efficiency. Furthermore, we have yet to produce anything heavier than element 112. The Reactor...

This cycle begins as soon as the flared end of the waveguide is placed over the top of the reactor, and essentially putting a load on the system. (1).

By the way the transmutation process occurs, some of the element is constantly upgraded from falling down to 114 from 115. The remaining portion of the element follows a normal decay path into lead.  As the element is upgraded from 115 to 116, the surrounding element, downgraded to 114 will in turn transmute back up to it's original number of 115 protons.

With this series of actions and reactions occurring, a single milled wedge of the element could last for 20 to 30 years.

The milling process, which you no doubt went through to get here, was conducted by Los Alamos National Lab under the guise that it was a new form of armor.

Lazar had friends at Los Alamos dating back to the time that he worked there.  It was speculated that the shavings from this milling process never totally returned to S4.


Following were the "givens" as presented to the scientists at S4.

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